As a lengthen lashes ways to become more beautiful

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11 May 2016

As a lengthen lashes The long eyelashes is a kind of magic - they do look irresistible attractive.Therefore, the same magnetic charm they have for many women.Not everyone got a gift from nature, but there are simple and accessible to all ways to make eyelashes longer.Some are simple and take less time (and money) than others.But in any case, the result will be long, thick lashes.


to lengthen the lashes, you need to first of all decide on the method, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

example, the use of false eyelashes is very easy, and the result will be visible immediately.But know this: you have to practice before you learn how to do it properly.False eyelashes are sold in the shops of cosmetics and in special departments of many department stores.A matter of taste: buy tapes with eyelashes, lash bundles or individual cilia.Carefully choose the color - it must match the natural color of your eyelashes.Gently apply a special glue to the edges of artificial eyelashes and glu

e them to the lash line.Make sure that the glue did not get to your real lashes.If necessary, trim the false eyelashes sharp scissors - they should look natural.If you hurry, or you have no desire to learn it, the same thing can be done in a beauty salon Beauty from hairstyles to krioliftinga Beauty, from hairstyles to krioliftinga .The whole procedure takes less than an hour, and with sufficient skills - even less.

Home remedies

lashes will become longer if every day at bedtime to lubricate them with oil.Best of all - castor or olive.Moisten a cotton pad in the oil, close your eyes and strike lashes.Another good tool - almond oil, it not only lengthens the lashes, but strengthens them.Repeat daily for two weeks.You can also use the ointment based on vaseline;they are more comfortable to put a soft toothbrush.Use your fingertips to curl lashes - just slightly raises them.You can do this and tweezers eyelash curler - pinch their eyelashes 5-7 seconds, then release.Be careful not to allot the forceps before unclench staples - or can tear several cilia.Improvements are seen after 2 weeks on thin lashes after 4 weeks - on thick.

Cosmetic products

in stores and pharmacies is quite a wide range of funds, which should accelerate the growth of eyelashes and make them thicker.There are a variety of serums and conditioners eyelashes, comprising a mixture of glycerol, fats and alcohol.Use of, as stated in the instructions, at least 2 times per day.The effect is noticeable after an average of 45 days.

How to grow long eyelashes

short and sparse eyelashes - an occasion to reflect not only on its beauty.Like the hair on the head, they are an indicator of overall health.It should be particularly concerned if before your eyelashes were longer, thicker and grow faster.In any case, be patient, because the eyelashes grow very slowly.It may take more than one week before you will notice positive changes.

  • Review your diet.A healthy diet will provide your hair, including eyelashes, everything necessary to make them look healthy and beautiful.Foods high in vitamin Vitamins for everyone Vitamins for everyone A, B, C, D, E and accelerate hair growth Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development .Greens (the darker the green, the better), eggs and nuts - delicious leaders on the content of these substances.
  • Go to the ophthalmologist and eye check.Eyelashes can be thin and fall out due to some eye infections.After you pass the necessary treatment, lashes will be as long and thick as before.
  • Talk to your doctor.It happens that the lashes fall out of a variety of diseases - such as disorders of the thyroid gland.Once you've cured lashes start to grow, as before.
  • Ask your doctor about the various means of stimulating the growth of eyelashes.There are good ointments, making them longer and thicker.But keep in mind, some of them have unpleasant side spectacular: they can cause inflammation of the eyes and skin discoloration in places where you apply the ointment.In addition, if you apply it is not entirely accurate, hair can start to grow where they do not need you.So be careful!