Beautiful lips in all weathers

By Admin | Beauty / Makeup
18 May 2016

nice lips smooth, soft and seductively luscious lips - one of the most important indicators of beauty.But in the winter to maintain the beauty of the lips is not easy, since at this time increases the tendency to dry the skin, causing the lips to crack and bleed.

particularly sensitive skin of the lips so lips virtually defenseless against the vicissitudes of the weather and react instantly to even the most minor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and even a change in diet Diet: food, without which you can not do Diet: food, without which you can not do .Sudden changes in temperature, warm in the cold room and on the street - that's the main reason for peeling and cracking of the skin of the lips.

not neglect skin care Care as a habit Skin Care as a habit lips, make it an integral part of your skin care program, if you want the lips remain soft and healthy.

First of all, start to use lip balm.It is very effective, but one only balm for most people is not enough.

Those who smokes or is the wrong way of life, should find professional products for

the hygiene of the lips and at least once a week to visit the beauty salon.Inside perform peeling lips with papaya enzymes, make a gentle massage of the lips and inflict a moisturizing mask.

During peeling exfoliates dead skin cells and opens a new, clear skin collagen mask helps to restore the damaged surface of the lips, as well as nourishes and moisturizes the skin layer, freed from dead cells, which ensures a good protection from its "birth".

At home, the skin of the lips can be improved with the help of professional cosmetics.Before going to bed apply a thin layer of lip balm and leave for 15 minutes, then remove the remnants nevpitavshiesya balm soft cloth.

Remember that the skin of the lips does not contain the pigment melanin Which foods contain melanin - the skin care Which foods contain melanin - skin care , therefore, without adequate protection, it burns quickly in the sun.Therefore, hygiene lips requires special attention - before going out be sure to use a lip balm with sunscreen.

not lick and bite her lips.Drink plenty of fluids, how to moisturize the skin, especially lips.Take vitamin supplements and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Follow these simple tips - and your lips to maintain the beauty and health throughout the winter.