Home perm "lazy" curls

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25 April 2016

home perm Women love me, so tend to fearlessly experiment with your way, even with that part of it, where you need experience, skill and caution.This applies primarily to the hair that after unsuccessful staining and zavivok can either come in a deplorable state, or fall in large quantities.But even these horror stories are not afraid of self-confident ladies wishing to whatever was to save money and do it yourself.Home perm Perm hair - important proper care Perming hair - important proper care - this is a long no-nonsense, her many years women have made and continue to make, doing without professional advice.


How to make a perm at home

home perm If your hair healthy and strong, before you can wash your hair perm.This rule applies if you intend to light or biozavivka Biowave - how much it is safe for the hair? Biowave - how much it is safe for the hair? , which are less damaging hair and cares for them.Weakened hair is washed two or three days before the procedure to save up for their sebum able to protect the structure.Make sure that the scalp is no open wounds.If they are

, you can not do perm.Spend a test for allergies, causing a bit of structure to the skin behind the ear.If there is no adverse reaction, you can begin to curl.The skin at the hairline better protect cream.


Stages procedure

Priority action depends on the length of hair and their condition.

  • can first apply the composition to the hair curler, and then cheat on their curlers.This method is called direct.During your stay curlers on the head hair should be one or two more times to moisten the composition that is certainly not the best way affects their condition.
  • indirectly - cheat first, then wet the composition with a sponge.Since the hair is less damaged, this method is great for curling short hair and medium length.
  • If your hair is long, use the combined approach.First, hair is wetted with the composition at a distance from the tips of about half the length or less, and then they are wound, and the composition is applied to hair.
  • Then put on a plastic cap with insulation, the composition is aged for about 30 minutes.Time can be increased or decreased by 10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the curl.Check out how the curled hair - unscrew a couple of curls.If they are tight, elastic, "chemistry" went well.When assessing the results, keep in mind that persons are wound hair is always better than the back.This is because in the front area of ​​the head hair is often exposed to mechanical stress, which weakens them much more than the hair of the occipital area.If you want to avoid the apparent unevenness, wrap the hair from behind, taking a thin strand.


Basic rules

home perm Perm is uniform, if all is well wetted hair structure - do not leave gaps and try to wind and wet hair quickly.It is important to wind the hair, keeping the right strand, forming a beautiful smooth curl that will not izlamyvatsya.When the wind hair on the bobbins, twist them around its axis, or in the end did not get spiral curls, and a lock that izlamyvaetsya in different directions.Fix it permed not possible.You will have to wait until the locks grow back, shave them, and for corrective purposes may need regular stretching utjuzhkom.

It is important to rinse the chemical composition from the hair, from which have not yet withdrawn curlers.Carefully rinse the hair under warm running water for at least 5 minutes.Then apply on the hair fixative, and hold for 5 minutes, then remove the curlers and again apply a fixer for 5 minutes.Rinse with warm water composition with a small amount of alkali catalyst to an acidic basis.Clean hair gently pat with a towel and apply a nourishing cosmetic and podlechivat effect.This will close the exfoliated flakes during the procedure, giving the hair shine and seal them.

Stock up on beauty products for hair care Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development permed.Do not neglect the professional treatments that will help your hair to be strong and beautiful.Any "chemistry" - a stress to the hair.And stress can increase significantly if it is done at home.