As a declaration of love, and when to do it

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17 April 2016

as a declaration of love is believed that love can not remain silent, and if you love someone, it is necessary to shout to the whole world, or at least talk about this object of love.It sounds very romantic, but in real life it is necessary to choose the right time and circumstances to a declaration of love, otherwise this point it may be forever associated in your mind with a sense of unease and bitterness of failed hopes.


How to understand that the time has come to recognize

  • you understand.In all circumstances, the partner is trying to see the situation not only with her but with your point of view.When you are upset, he did not just say the standard phrase of consolation, and tries to find out what happened, and often together with you looking for a solution to the problems.It shows that you care about this person and maybe he'll really love.
  • He shows his feelings.Many people - especially men, it is difficult to talk about feelings, but they can show their actions.A loving man offers you a ride to dinner wit
    h his parents, where he was not invited, just to save you from a long and tiring bus ride;sometimes he meets you after work and leads to the restaurant, because he knows - you are tired and do not want to cook;it gives you exactly the colors that you like, in the car include your favorite music and often call just to see how you do business.Such actions can talk about feelings more than words, and if the partner behaves time for confessions certainly come.
  • you hear.When you say your partner is listening?And if you listen, you really hear?If he does not head in the clouds when you have something to tell, not distracted by operating the TV, and his questions and comments you can see that it's actually you heard it could be a sign that the time has come for a declaration of love.
  • He is happy with you.He seeks to spend with you as much as possible, and when you are together, it is often smiling, laughing, in a good mood good mood Secrets of positive Good mood: Secrets positive and a lot of ideas as to what you can do today, tomorrow and in the futureweekend.
  • compliment.He says that you look good, notice that you have changed the hairstyle, praises your reading, humor, lateral thinking - in short, you are constantly in all the new dignity and lifts your mood and self-esteem.
  • He take care of you when you are sick.Even if you ask him not to come, because I do not want to infect, it still will bring fruits and medicines, and will watch movies with you, entertain with stories of life and reading aloud.It does not allow you to once again get out of bed will correct blanket remind medication - in general, it will be taken care of, as a parent of a sick child.So just behave sincerely loving man.
  • His family and friends love you.This is a very important sign that says that your partner tells you to family and friends only good, and they see that he is happy with you.
  • He is interested in your views on any occasion: from the itinerary for next weekend to the political situation in the world.He did not order a pizza Pizza: features Italian cuisine Pizza: features Italian cuisine , do not ask you what it is you love to give you watch your favorite TV series, even if he wanted to watch hockey, choose a movie for an evening view according to your wishes and so on.
  • He appreciates you.He says he is proud of you, show off your achievements (for example, the fact that you have been promoted or have grown amazingly beautiful cactus) in front of friends and all of his behavior indicates that he realizes how lucky he was with you.
  • He talks about the future.If your partner shares with you the plans for the future and wondered what plans you have, it is said that he wants your future were common.


As a declaration of love

  • Select the correct time.It is not necessary to call a man at two o'clock in the morning or in the middle of the day to say the cherished words - it is unlikely to appreciate it, even if he is waiting for recognition.Do this when you have a good time together - at dinner, or for a walk in the morning when you wake up next to her beloved.Do
  • recognition alone, or by telephone, or by e-mail, but not in the presence of strangers.Confessing love in public (there are many options - from romantic words on the big screen in the bar or nightclub to confessions spoken into the microphone at the height of the party), you put in the awkward position of all, including the one who addressed the recognition.Always keep in mind the possibility that a person can not respond to you in return, and your recognition will be an unpleasant surprise for him.
  • speak face to face, call or write?Ideally, of course, confess your love, when you look the person in the eye, you can hug him and take his hand.This will allow you to share with your partner a wonderful sense of intimacy that occurs after the first declaration of love.But if you do not have the courage to make a confession during a personal conversation, it is quite possible to speak about their feelings on the phone or in an email.
  • voice clear.If you want to confess his love, and say, "I love you.""I really like you", "you're a lot to me", "I am very happy with you," and similar phrases - this is not a declaration of love Declarations of love - a cherished phrase Declarations of love - a cherished phrase , although to hear those words, of coursealso very nice.However, if you want to tell the person that you love it, please be daring and say exactly that, without euphemisms.
  • not tell if you are unsure of his feelings.Confess your love, when you are not sure that you love, even worse than doing it when you are not sure they like you.So you give false hope to another person and put himself in a very awkward position;do not rush, give yourself to understand their feelings and take an informed decision.
  • Do not insist on an answer.Once you have made a confession is not necessary to ask a partner, whether he likes you.Perhaps he needs the time to understand what it feels to you, and maybe he knows exactly what his feelings are not as strong as yours, - in any case, it is better not to put pressure, but just wait.