Together under one roof: mission possible?

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23 April 2016

  • together under one roof: mission possible?
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relationship you have been together for a long time and perhaps even married.Maybe, but it does not matter: at this stage, a stamp in the passport already has absolutely no value: you firmly holding together a common home, children, parents, friends and pets.And yet - a habit.Yes, those awful habits!So, you all right: you do the house dog, shopping, children, and the car, and he earns money (or vice versa in different proportions, the options you mention yourself).After that most of the work, he comes home, he was always where you expect it.Idyll?Yes, except for the little things.Common words, these little things can be expressed in this way: you do not always tuned to the same wave.And that's why it does not need to be afraid.

To be honest, I believe - and I know the man I fully support - that women, in a sense, too worried about the relationship.We (women), notice what is not discussing what is not, and we think that it would be,

we tread a different (while do otherwise is not going).And - attention, danger!- I suspect that even the slightest problem can be the first step on a road that could lead to a parting Parting : punctuation rules Parting: punctuation rules .It makes no sense to deny that some situations a devastating effect on relationships.However, many of them - at least five set out below - not worth it for them to lose a minute of sleep.

1) You are repeating the same stupid quarrel.

not known why, but our parents talking about a relationship of two loving people who forget to tell us what actually lives under the same roof - is not only a community of the spirit, the body and, as a consequence, common children.In fact, co-existence - this is the same repetitive debate.Well, you know what I mean.In every relationship there is a dispute that both of you are driving so often that you can put it on tape and put her to play the next time, when there will be a quarrel.This simple but very effective method would allow you to save time, energy and avoid irritation, elevated tones and inflated persons.

Maybe it's you rebuke him - to one hundred thousand times!- The inability to throw his socks just in a basket of dirty laundry, not a diameter of 10 meters from it.Or maybe this is it again (Oh, God) says to you that certainly need to put a plate on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher, but not at the top, as you do, because the top - according to the instructions!- Is designed for cups and small cups.This allows maximum use of the interior of the car, thus saving water, electricity and soap worth several rubles.Usually the conversation your favorite starts with his arms crossed (and view professional) watching as you do actually work.Oddly enough, you do not feel absolutely no appreciation for his advice.What is even more strange, you hold on to start the cups and small cups in his very big and clever head.

aware of the complexity of the situation, I call my old friend Stas."I belong to the people who say that every thing has its place, and there it ought to be" - Stas starts from afar, a specialist in public relations - "Then it will be easy to find, is not it?The problem is that my girl never puts his things in place and constantly asks me whether I had seen the endless A, B and Z. And I certainly have not seen!It pisses me off.And I always rush to her with the words, you need to put things in place.She resents me because I do not want to help her.Sometimes it comes in the conclusions to the fact that I happen to her unhappy in general, the global sense - he adds.- Although the case only that its manner of handling things I do not like. "And it might not be like never before.

The simple truth is that no two people, even perfectly compatible even boundlessly loyal to each other, that will constantly show a perfect match, like diamonds in the luxury Swiss watches.Nonsense, that annoys you before - for example, that it does not pick up after five rings - will irritate and further.One consolation is that the same can be said about nonsense, acting on his nerves.(I still do not know, whose long list of nonsense!)

Perhaps the worst (read nervous ladies are not recommended) to the extent that, as the years on your calendar coexistence (undoubtedly heroic!) Will replace one another, youYou will find each other all the new disadvantages.Which, of course, will spill over into the new family quarrels Family quarrel - how to neutralize their destructive potential? Family quarrel - how to neutralize their destructive potential? .

2) From time to time you do not communicate

Let's say that women rarely have thoughts left unspoken.Usually we say everything we think, to whom we think.That is, if the beloved is in our society, for us it is natural to share our thoughts with him: their progress and intermediate results.Apart from distractions about just interesting things and examples from life, to better illustrate the situation.We call this thinking together.Or else talk.And if suddenly in the presence of the beloved woman, more like a sphinx than carefree chirping canary, that this very man is better to ask her what had happened.Frankly, the lesson for many nebezboleznenny.For example:
She: I can not believe you let me continue to sit there.He
(perplexed): How?She
(sliding on it a look that can turn any man into a statue himself insensitive people in the world): Why do not you hug me?He
(even more confusion, but just one sentence previously this was not possible): You want me to hold you?
she: (silently and reproachfully looking at him).

Many men say that every time they are quiet in the presence of their halves - that may be a consequence of the crisis of life, job troubles, or (God forbid!) The results of terrible starts in Formula 1, halves seems that thoseponder in what order better to collect and take their stuff."My job involves constant interaction with people - gives me a verbal confirmation of my guesses Vlad, a marketer with whom we work together - so when I get home, I often silent simply because they've said everything I could, for a dayforward.However, my girlfriend is not easy to understand, and often she meets me reproach in how I became closed.But, you know, my taciturnity in no way connected with my feelings for her! ".I understand something, but I know what you do not know Vlad, namely his girlfriend to explain it would be extremely difficult."Sometimes I get frustrated, or scroll in his mind working situation - he continues.- But I do not want to disturb or upset her that.Moreover, it only my girl, not an analytical computer. "Yeah, a serious flaw!Besides, it explains a lot.Why, I ask in the end, do not you live with analytical computer?"Well ... - Vlad lost: the question, obviously, is not subject to the problems of market research.- I, you know, well, I love it! ".

I understand something else: it is obvious, if a person with whom you live, no more communicative than the Statue of Liberty, you have a reason to think about how to develop your relationship.But the silence of attacking your mate from time to time, definitely should not be a sad occasion for reflection.In the end, women, too, have something to think about.Methods of hair removal Hair removal Epilation , for example.You're not going to describe to him the pros and cons when he suddenly, interrupting your thoughts on this vital topic, asks you what do you think?You will not, I hope ?!