The patch for weight loss - a wonderful tool or just another hoax?

By Admin | Women Health / Dietary
26 April 2016

slimming patch If every "miracle" slimming really would make that advertising promises, the problem of overweight and obesity rapidly would have lost relevance, and turn to the dietitian would be reduced, at least in thethree quarters.Of course, not all products are designed to get rid of extra kilos, cope with this task.What do we know about the patch for weight loss?

How do you know that the ads fool you?Experts give about this simple piece of advice: do not believe in the effectiveness of the products, if you are trying to convince that they will help each person completely, and if you promise that you will lose weight more than 900 g per week.Some experts also recommend skeptical about any agents that act through the skin, including, and patches for weight loss.

On the other hand, many nutritionists advise to take the time and do not make categorical conclusions.There is no reason to believe that an effective tool for weight loss you can not enter the body through the skin, and get a good result in this c




In most cases, slimming patches contain only natural ingredients.The structure of one of these patches - Ezee Slimming Patch - contains extracts of bladder wrack, Garcinia cambogia and menthol.The manual is recommended not only to wear the patch, but also to reduce the calorie content of your diet by about a third.

the other ingredients of the patch are extracts of bladder wrack, yerba mate, as well as 5-hydroxytryptophan - an amino acid that is often used as a means to suppress the appetite.One package contains thirty-patch and a new patch is necessary to stick to the skin each morning.The structure of some of the other patches are included 5-hydroxytryptophan and bladder wrack extract in combination with L-carnitine - a natural substance that helps the body process fat faster.



Advertising patches for weight loss usually promises that the use of the patches helps suppress appetite How to suppress appetite - important skills How to suppress appetite - important skills and easily avoid fast foods and sweets.Some patches other than that, supposedly, speed up metabolism and help burn body fat faster.With regard to specific numbers, with the help of some patches can save up to 2.5 kg per month by other - about 1-1.5 kg per week.In addition, it notes that many people who use patches for weight loss, feel more energetic than ever before.


What really?

Doctors believe that someday scientists may be able to develop an effective patch for weight loss, but that day will not come soon.The patches for weight loss that you can buy today, they are not considered as tools that can greatly contribute to weight loss.In addition, the more incredible promise give manufacturers, the greater the probability that the patch will not be of any benefit.

There is currently no evidence that bladder wrack - common ingredient patches for weight loss - can actually stimulate weight loss and suppress appetite.So far, as oral or transcutaneous application of this substance has not been studied properly.

few years ago published a report on a study that women who used the patch containing extract of bladder wrack, on average, lost weight by 2.7 kg for four weeks.However, experts have called the results of the study inconclusive and even suspicious.

Firstly, the study involved only twelve women, and the results have not been published in scientific journals.Secondly, the people who wrote the report on this study appears to have problems with math.The report has a table, according to which the subjects lost weight in the first week, an average of 1.3 kg, and in the next three weeks - to 0.95 kg per week.If this is true, for all the time they needed to lose weight by 4.15 kg, not 2.7 kg, as stated in the report.In any case, lose weight more than 0.5 kg per week can be harmful to health, and it usually requires strict diet and intense exercise.

Sami ingredients for weight loss patches are also a concern.The most common of them - bladder wrack, should not be taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding Breastfeeding: notes Breastfeeding: notes , as well as to people who have problems with thyroid function.It may also be associated with infertility - at the moment it is known that bladder wrack reduces the likelihood of conception.Since some substances in the bladder wrack may affect blood clotting, slimming patches should not be used for those who will have surgery.Discontinue use of the patches should not be less than two weeks before the operation.

view of the above, the majority of experts are inclined to believe that the patches for weight loss can not replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, and in some cases can even harm the body.Those who are considering the use of such patches should see a doctor - he may recommend either the most secure patch or an alternative and more effective way to lose weight Ways of losing weight: it does not harm the health Ways of losing weight: it does not harm health .