How to use a solarium: tanning useful according to the rules

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23 May 2016

how to use a solarium healthy, smooth and beautiful tan in vogue today.However, lie in the sun for hours, achieving the desired skin color, often impossible;and the summer season ends very quickly.Still, the ability to maintain a tan year-round there - a great alternative to the sun can be a solarium.Only here dermatologists all over the world are sounding the alarm because of ignorance or non-compliance with basic rules, more people from tanning receive more harm than good.The danger is that the harmful effects are not seen immediately, and accumulated over the years;follow the rules that's why it is so important solarium.


When the solarium can not

tanning - is a kind of cosmetic procedure, and as each procedure, such a Sun there are contraindications.Despite the fact that all current models of solariums are equipped with powerful filters, delay some harmful radiation, there are limits, and quite serious.The first is some disease in which, by the way, a natural tan is also harmful, as well as artificial.You c

an not visit a solarium during the course of certain medications, as well as over-dry or irritated skin.The best way to protect yourself from possible problems after the tanning session - consult a professional cosmetologist who will advise potential frequency and the duration of those visits.


Terms healthy tan

But do not think that the sun - to risk their health.With the right training, are not calculated the duration of the visit and a proper skin care Care as a habit Skin Care as a habit after tanning such sessions can benefit, not harm.Serotonin (so-called "hormone of joy") was produced in the world;This substance is able to cope with depression Depression Depression , strengthen the nerves and improve the overall quality of life.In addition, during the Sun produces vitamin D. It is only important to know and comply with certain rules.

solarium before the skin to clean and protect.To clean the shower with a neutral approach in respect of alkaline gel, and just before the session is necessary to put special agent for tanning - it moisturizes the skin during tanning, and protect it from direct rays.Choose a suitable lotion or cream will help specialist, as the choice must be done individually.The thin skin of the bust is better not to open or to use in this area is particularly powerful tool.Zone areolas must be protected by means of disposable labels-Stikine.A measure of mandatory eye protection - goggles, and those who wear lenses, it would be better to remove them during the session.

After tanning session to take a shower without soap, suitable to lubricate the skin cream after tanning;but for the best effect to drink a glass of fresh carrot juice - Vitamin Vitamins for everyone Vitamins for everyone A contained in this drink helps to tan quickly emerge.


duration and frequency of visits - caution and moderation

optimal duration of tanning - the key to excellent results without any harm to health.Pick up it must be personally - depending on skin type, the degree of it to sunburn and the desired result.Start solarium need one - two minutes, even if it seems that the skin is quite ready to more Length tanning.Otherwise, in the long term you can get burned, not less strong than by staying too long in direct sunlight.A gradual increase in the duration of sessions of the solarium will only be useful - to help improve health and give the skin a wonderful dark shade.

What solarium better - vertical or horizontal, can be said clearly.Modern vertical solarium with blowing air during the session is usually more powerful than the horizontal.Therefore, when tanning sessions in solariums vertical type need to be very careful.Another disadvantage is that at a more rapid tanning of the whole body in a vertical tanning less tan legs, so leg skin need to use special tools.In general, the vertical tanning achieve the desired skin tone can be for a shorter period than in the horizontal.

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