Diet for pregnant women - a healthy life begins before birth

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01 May 2016

the diet of pregnant women Pregnancy - an important event in the life of every woman.During this period, she carries a huge responsibility not only for your health but also for zdorovё unborn child.Therefore, the value of proper nutrition during pregnancy is difficult to overestimate.

kid, being in the mother's body grows and develops.He is completely dependent on the maternal organism.After mother's bloodstream next man gets all the nutrients it.At the same time with useful ingredients child can get to it and toxic compounds.Therefore, the expectant mother must be very attentive to the composition and quality of edible products.

Naturally, during pregnancy should be to completely eliminate alcohol.The common misconception that pregnant women can consume alcoholic beverages rather weak and in small quantities, is fundamentally not true.Even a small amount of ethanol (alcohol), taken into the body, may adversely affect the health of the child, especially in the higher nervous activity.Also, pregnant women should give up c

offee and strong tea.The use of these drinks is the baby of a certain kind of stress, and his nervous system to this totally unprepared.Not only that, in the use of coffee in the blood of the unborn baby arrives caffeine, so also in the mother to the fetus occurring adverse change: accelerated metabolism, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure.Such abrupt "jumps" in the mother's negative impact on the child.It is proved that children whose mothers during pregnancy has not indulged in a cup or two of coffee can develop an addiction to caffeine.Tea can be consumed, but not strong brewed.If a woman, being pregnant, decided nevertheless to give up these drinks, then it should be done gradually, since abrupt cessation of "Tea and coffee" mode stops the intake of which have become familiar to the child of substances and can cause a negative reaction similar to the so-called "withdrawal syndrome".

Pregnant women should be excluded from the diet foods to which they ever experience an allergic reaction.During pregnancy, any, even the most minor hypersensitivity reactions carries a risk to the fetus.For the same reason, do not take risks by eating unfamiliar exotic fruits.Avoid drinking large amounts of cow's milk and dairy products: milk protein may also be an allergen.

Power expectant mother should be balanced and varied.Thus, a diet for pregnant women should abound sufficient quantity of fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain a variety of vitamins Vitamins for everyone Vitamins for everyone and trace elements.In addition, these products are high in fiber, which stimulates the intestine, preventing constipation.If it is impossible to use fresh fruits and vegetables should be replaced juices.The best option would juices, baby food intended for Baby food - what to feed the baby? Baby food - what to feed the baby? , as they have no preservatives, dyes and other additives is extremely undesirable.It is also recommended to include in the diet of pregnant women are more greens.

Do not forget that food should be moderate.Therefore, do not overeat, in the mistaken belief that the two body needs twice the amount of food.Of course, a pregnant woman in any case should not go hungry.Food should be taken regularly in small portions throughout the day.It is better to make diet and strictly adhere to, which will control the composition, number and frequency of food intake.

in the body of a pregnant woman should do plenty of fluids, as water scarcity poses a threat of premature birth Premature birth - Recognize the signals of the body in time Premature birth - Recognize the signals of the body in time .

The above recommendations are just common diet.However, each pregnancy is unique.Therefore, first of all, it needs to comply strictly with the recommendation of a physician who will take into account all the peculiarities of pregnancy and determine the best diet for the mother.

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