Juliana Margulies has no regrets about the past,

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02 June 2016

Julianna Margulies left "ER" to carry out, at last, his dream - to work in cinema.In 2001, the screens released film "The Man with the Champs-Elysées", and on 1 January 2003 - the thriller "Ghost Ship," in which 36-year-old actress played a major role.She has no regrets about the past and looking forward to the future:

"Ghost Ship" - chilling thriller, makes the viewer press in the chair.You find it difficult to work in this film?

I had a lot of crying, running around, shaking with fear.But my character Maureen - a very strong woman who can overcome all difficulties and honorably get out of the situation.I tried to be as

Any thriller comprises two main elements - suspense and fear.You coped with their own fears?

I was the only actress in the film crew and very proud of it.Damn nice to feel a surge of energy.Very rarely in the films she appears not as a victim but as a strong person and not a caricature looks.I hope I was able to show my best side character

Ron Eldard ( bride Juliana - Sec ) plays the role of a man who takes care of your character.Is it difficult to work together with the person you love?

On the contrary, it gave me a lot of pleasure.However, I admit, when we boarded the plane to fly to Australia, we were not sure that the right decision.Ron has worked with me in the "first aid", he starred in 17 episodes of the series and at the time we agreed that we will never talk about work at home

role sister Hathaway opened the doors in front of you ...

But I do not regret that I left the series.When I left, I read the script for a year, looking for a suitable role well and then started to work nonstop

You Think with your former colleagues?

recently had breakfast with Eric La Salem, New York.And I live not far from George Clooney.We worked together for six years, were common memories, friendship ...

you could go back to "ER"?

I do not think that's possible.When I left, I came a completely new team and if I suddenly decided to come back, it would violate the existing balance.In addition, the series has now become quite different.No, I do not regret anything!

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