Dumplings "grain ears" comes from China

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19 May 2016

pelmeni Many believe dumplings true symbol of Russian cuisine.Meanwhile, similar dishes have many peoples: the combination of meat with the test in general is extremely popular in the national cuisine.But in Siberia dumplings have become a cult dish.A plate of ravioli heats, gives strength and, importantly, blends perfectly with the national drink.


history ravioli

pelmeni believed that invented the dumplings in China, and there are small boiled cakes began a march around the world.In China, this dish is called Jiaozuo (stuffed with pork and vegetables, usually cabbage), Wonton (with meat, mushrooms and young bamboo) and baozi (large dumplings of dough that are steamed).

Similar dishes are present in the national cuisines of many nations.Buryat posture and Uzbek manti Manta big "brothers" Manti: big "brothers" dumplings dumplings boiled in steam.Georgian khinkali spicy boiled in water before serving and sprinkle with black pepper.Tibetan momo do not only with meat, and vegetables, cheese, even with pieces of chocolate bars.U

zbek chuchvara different from dumplings small size and composition of the meat, which never add pork.

Italians cook ravioli Ravioli: a treasure of Italian cuisine Ravioli: a treasure of Italian cuisine and tortellini, the Germans - maultashe Jews - kreplach.Ukrainian housewives cook dumplings, and Poles and Lithuanians prefer sorcerers - small dumplings of very thin dough.

The characteristic features include Russian dumplings fresh dough without the addition of yeast and baking soda;the relatively small size (from a half to four centimeters in diameter) filled with meat and onions.Very often in the filling added a mixture of several kinds of meat, such as beef and pork or beef, pork and lamb.In the Far East and dumplings often cooked with fish.


Symbol Siberian hospitality

pelmeni ravioli name comes from the Komi language in which "pelnyan" means "ear of grain".According to William Pokhlebkin popularity ravioli in Siberia due to the fact that the meat in those places was always available, and flour situation was much worse.No wonder that saved precious product by rolling the dough as thin as possible.Therefore, for this region is not characterized by lush pies stuffed with meat and dumplings, minced meat which is greater than the test.

played its role and what method of cooking dumplings - decoction - was characteristic of Russian cuisine.And because the dumplings are perfectly stored in frozen form, without losing the taste, they have become quite indispensable.Dumplings molded in large quantities as a family, were frozen on wide boards in the cold, and then poured into canvas bags.These bags were taken along on trips or little used harvesting throughout the winter.

Dish coveted them, and the poor and the rich.The latter were, however, their quirks.So, Vladimir Giljarovsky, for example, mentions the fruit ravioli in champagne, which were presented in Moscow a rich Siberian gold mines.


Secrets of cooking

pelmeni finished dumplings, which are sold in stores, it can hardly be called a revelation for gourmets.Even the most expensive varieties of dumplings are usually prepared from the meat of poor quality in the cheapest meat dumplings can generally hardly be: standards allow only dvadtsatiprotsentnym content of meat products in the semis.Self-made dumplings much tastier.And make them a snap.

You must first take care of the meat.It is best to take a beef mixed with pork fat in a ratio of 2: 1.It is also possible to take 5 pieces of beef and pork three parts two lamb.In addition, minced meat must add the chopped onion, salt and black pepper.

Each family secrets.Someone puts in minced grated on a fine grater raw potato (just one kilogram of meat), someone - chopped cabbage, someone adds mushrooms for flavor, while others simply add a little water to the stuffing was pliable andsoft.Rusks, semolina or bread in the stuffing for ravioli is usually not added.

The dough is made from flour, water, eggs and salt.Sometimes it is added milk or oil.For the dough get soft and elastic, use very warm, but not hot water, which is mixed with salt and egg, then add to the flour pours slide on the table.After the dough is necessary to "rest" for half an hour.During this time, stand out gluten flour and the dough is smooth, durable and convenient to use.

Roll out the dough for dumplings must be as thin as possible.Then, with the help of glass cut circles of dough, put them lumps of stuffing and close zaschipyvayut.Many people prefer to use special metal Pelmennica: a pair of motions rolling pin - ready immediately thirty to forty hexagonal pelmeshek.

Cooked dumplings can be frozen for future use or just cook in boiling water.It is best not to boil the dumplings in the water, and in a meat broth with the addition of roots, bay leaf, pepper and spices.Very tasty obtained dumplings, cooked in a mushroom broth.At the very least, you can use bouillon cubes to make savory meat extra flavor.


lodging option

Traditionally in Russian dumplings are eaten with vinegar, black pepper, butter, sour cream Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine .The modern kitchen is a dish often flavored mayonnaise, ketchup and even soy sauce, adding traditional dishes new flavors.

In the twentieth century there was a tradition to fry cooked or frozen dumplings until golden brown in oil.Tasty and dumplings, baked in sour cream, sometimes with additions - mushrooms, vegetables and greens.And if not enough dumplings, the perfect solution would be a strong rich broth with dumplings - a satisfying, beautiful and tasty dish.

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