What can you tell us about your hair?

By Admin | Beauty / Hairstyles
18 May 2016

hair your hair say a lot about your lifestyle, behavior, state of health and your relatives.How can they tell?

Genetic features

hair contain your DNA chain, which, in fact, your genetic passport.DNA is only in the hair follicle, at its root, rather than throughout its length.To the DNA can be decrypted, the hair must be carefully removed without damaging the root.It is desirable to explore recently taken sample.However, the hair on the head and on the body have less genetic material than blood or semen.

How it can be used?Law enforcement agencies, for example, can use the following DNA obtained from hair collected at the crime scene to identify the suspect.Some Internet sources recommend using a DNA test to establish paternity, or other form of kinship, or even to confirm the infidelity, if the hair were found on the "scene of the crime."


brittle, falling out in large quantities or slow growing hair have reported shortage of vitamins and minerals in our body.If you drink a lot of

alcohol for a long time adhere to a strict diet, or just your diet is unbalanced, you're putting yourself at great risk

How can I fix it?Talk to your doctor, who will determine the possible lack of nutrients in your body.Good hair - is not necessarily a good indicator of the functioning of the body, they often become the last character, indicating the occurrence of any problems.Hair grows slowly, and with a shortage of vitamins, especially B vitamins, is gradually changing.Selection balanced nutrition helps for several months to resolve the problem.

medicines and drugs

Toxic substances are absorbed by the body and partially penetrate the hair and nails.That is why scientists can find traces of drugs (sedatives and stimulants) and drugs (marijuana, heroin and cocaine), and to determine whether a person is tried some drugs.This also applies to certain pesticides and heavy metals (such as lead and mercury).

Forensic examination considers the hair highly informative materials to help determine the best use of medicines or drugs after a long time.

What can be done?Remember that when you are taking.Hair grows at a rate of about one centimeter per month, and the longer they are, the more information is stored.You can take medication voluntarily, or you could poison ... The investigation will tell.


In 2008, American scientists from the University of Utah found in hair Hair: structure, particularly the growth and development of human Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development chemical elements contained in the water, which he drank.

isotopic composition of tap water characterizes the geographical area in which the source is located.For example, the water in any city may contain a certain amount of uranium, and it is perfectly visible through the hair residents.

What to do?Of course, to determine the exact address of your hair is impossible.But do not forget that the hair grows an average of one centimeter per month.Therefore, if you travel abroad, or lived for some time in another region, scientists have determined it is up to 15 days.Of course, this will require quite long hair.And do not think that such an analysis is made a matter of minutes - this only happens in the television series.

Health and Disease

Some diseases are reflected in your hair.For example, alopecia (hair loss in certain areas of the body) may indicate various malfunctions hormonal or immune system disorders.Oily hair can also point to hormonal problems, or simply be a consequence of pregnancy.Stress, diabetes mellitus Diabetes or lupus lupus - what kind of illness and whether it is possible to win? Lupus - what kind of illness and whether it is possible to win? can lead to sudden hair loss.

How to prevent it?These symptoms do not help criminalists, but really are a red flag for you and your doctor.The abrupt change of the hair (hair is greasy or brittle) or large amounts of hair loss should alert you and get to see a doctor.The doctor will make the necessary tests or prescribe additional examinations and determine the nature of such changes.


Your hair can tell a lot about your physical features.Of course, you can determine the color, possible traces of color, perm or straightening.But even a small fragment of hair can tell a lot about its owner.If we consider the cut of the hair under the microscope, we see that its cross section is not perfectly round.Hair Caucasian oval, thick hair of Asians and nearly round, while African hair type flatter.

What does this mean?As little hair, accidentally left behind you, you can determine your nationality and the likely color of your skin, your face type, eye color ...