Snacks for the New Year's table: a real holiday

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02 June 2016

appetizers for New Year festive, and especially New Year's table is impossible to imagine without a variety of snacks.Snacks for the New Year's table feature bright, spectacular design and particularly interesting delicacy taste.For holiday matched the most delicious and original recipes to snacks, not only saturated, but also brings joy.


Features festive snacks

appetizers for New Year The New Year festive meals and generally differ from day to day?Many homes on weekdays snacks do not pay enough attention.In the best case to be served hot soup or some salad, and in some cases cost and without it.At the festive meal snacks are essential.They are the real decoration of the table, and it is often the organizers of holiday appetizers to focus on.

The celebration is unthinkable without various snack table.Requirements imposed snacks serious enough: food should be varied and ornate, causing appetite.Snack table is designed not only and not so much to saturate much to attract attention, stimulate appetite, to surprise and delight the e



favorite holiday

appetizers for New Year New Year many people call favorite holiday.People with childhood appreciate the special atmosphere of Christmas, Christmas tree and the smell of tangerines, shiny toys and treats that are prepared in many homes only in honor of this holiday.By tradition, New Year's table should burst with viands.It is believed that the more food on the table, the happier and richer will be the coming year.So to save on food, it was not accepted: on the table exhibited the most delicious, the most rare delicacies, intricately decorated dishes.

If snacks are usually played a rather modest role, anticipating only a main course, the starters for the New Year's table is the basis for the meal.Often, visitors are no longer sufficient strength to hot or dessert, but the starters will certainly pay tribute to all.This primarily on the table exhibited cold snacks Appetizers: from cutting up lettuce Appetizers: from cutting up lettuce , which you can prepare in advance.

Snacks New Year decided to cook a lot, and they usually make a variety for all tastes.For many, this holiday is associated with traditional salads as "Olivier", "Herring under a fur coat", "Mimosa".In addition to these classic Christmas snacks, most housewives consider it their duty to put on the table and a new, original salads.It is also required a variety of fish and meat cuts, fresh and pickled vegetables, fish specialties.Of course, a set of dishes varies according to the individual preferences and tastes, but as a rule, on New Year's table has at least one meat, vegetable, fish and mushroom appetizer.

snacks to celebrate the New Year usually differ spectacular design.In recent years it has become fashionable to give design festive dishes special attention to every dish created an appropriate atmosphere.


timeless classic and new trends

appetizers for New Year Many seriously argue that without the "Olivier" New Year comes.Indeed, this salad has become a real symbol of the holiday, such as Christmas tree decorated and fragrant tangerines.Some houses were awarded other similar relationships salads, for example, "Herring under a fur coat" or "Mimosa".One can endlessly talk about the dangers of heavy mayonnaise salads for health and shape, but is it worth to disregard the traditions?

Even classic salads give the opportunity to experiment.In the New Year, you can try the most interesting and expensive version of the classic dishes.For example, a salad "Mimosa" can not cook with canned fish, and with salted salmon.And to the usual "Olivier" is to try to add the capers that in the "Soviet" version of the salad is usually not placed.You can not change the composition of the salad and serve it in an original way, for example, in batches.Very convenient lodge salads tartlets shortcrust pastry or puff pastry : lacy splendor Puff pastry: lacy splendor .

No matter how tasty classic dishes worth a try for New Year and some new snacks.It may be a new salad recipes which are published on the eve of New Year celebrations various publications.This can be a snack, which previously failed to meet in a cafe or at a party.Finally, creative hostess easily invent your own original dishes that will surprise guests great taste.It is necessary to give preference to non-traditional and not had time to pall flavor combinations.

It is advisable to have on the table a variety of snacks with different types of dressings.For example, you can file a mayonnaise salad;Caesar salad";vegetable salad dressed with oil;salad with a piquant sauce.Other snacks should also be diverse, not to go hungry nor guests vegetarians or guests with allergies or those who have to follow a diet.


Luxury jewelry

appetizers for New Year Today, as in the shops you can buy almost any product is difficult to surprise guests tasteful dishes.Therefore, special attention is paid to the decoration of dishes.In the New Year, and the design should be appropriate.The most popular motifs - this Christmas trees of all kinds, snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas decorations.

example, to decorate the salad is good to use sprigs of dill.From the finely chopped green tree shaped silhouette, which "dress up" pieces of vegetables, such as carrots, beets, corn, sweet pepper.Eggs make great snowmen of bright vegetables - spectacular "Christmas balls".

Although the Chinese calendar New Year comes only at the end of January-February, the symbol of the year is also very often used for decoration of dishes Decoration dishes: effective submission Decoration of dishes: a spectacular submission .You can decorate salads and snacks small symbol of the year (for example, mice or sheep egg and vegetables) or in the form of the symbol spread snacks on a plate.Generally, the Internet can find a lot of interesting ideas for decorating the snack table.At the same time it is not necessary, carried away like ornaments, forget about good taste: the excess, but sloppy decor makes is not the effect that you want.For starters admired, not ridicule, should try to decorate them carefully, or opt out of complex ornaments.

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