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24 April 2016

female friendship about friendship Female friendship 4 myth Female friendship: Myth 4 there are many anecdotes, and some people even believe that true friendship between women does not exist.However, the results of numerous studies suggest that female friendship plays an important role in the lives of women.In particular, communication with friends helps to reduce stress.


Female friendship scientifically

As part of the stress response in women produced numerous chemicals that have been linked with the preservation of friendly relations between women.This discovery greatly influenced the knowledge of modern science about the stress that had accumulated over decades of research.Before that, it was believed that stress triggers the production of chemicals that cause a person to remain in place and fight, or run away from a source of stress as possible.It is an ancient mechanism that helped and helps to survive not only the man.People living in the bosom of civilization, this reaction manifests itself not as wild animals, but its

basic principle is the same: we will quickly assess the situation and act in one of two possible ways, in different variations, valid from the standpoint of social moralityand laws.

But it turned out that women know how to respond to stress not only the flight or fight.Among the many substances that are released in the body of a woman under stress, there is a hormone oxytocin.It dampens the reaction of fight or flight, and makes a woman take care of children and / or contact with other women.This activity leads to the development of even large amounts of oxytocin, which calms the woman and helps her to cope with stress.In men, the fight or flight response is more pronounced because testosterone, which the body produces in men more than women, appears to block the effects of oxytocin.Estrogen, however, can make the effect more pronounced oxytocin.

This helps explain why it is so important for women to communicate with their friends, and this is why men often do not understand: the fact that they are different to cope with stress.Moreover, the researchers assume that female friendship may explain why women in virtually all countries of the world live longer than men.Close ties with others, frequent contact with them contribute to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol Cholesterin cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Men often experience stress alone loneliness - this is not new, or why am I still alone? Loneliness - this is not new, or why am I still alone? , and in the long term, this increases the likelihood of dangerous chronic diseases.


What are friends

This classification is rather conditional;One woman may relate to several types, or possibly to none of them.In addition, some types of the most pronounced in the friendship between the adolescent girls.However, many of them are found in adult women.

  • leader.This friend once in the life of every woman there - except, perhaps, those who themselves are leaders by nature.Girlfriend leader - a strong, vibrant personality who absolutely sure in their exclusiveness.It invites all parties, listening to her, and she always decides with whom her friends.It can greatly improve the social lives of their friends, or completely destroy it.She constantly appear interesting ideas, most trips and hikes in the clubs and bars are made on the initiative and it is good if it is - a reasonable and sufficiently cautious man;if the leadership qualities combined with a penchant for risk-taking behavior, the friendship with a girl could end badly.
  • cloth.She is always ready to listen and help, but she rarely speaks to his friend requests.She was always willing to go where called, shows no initiative, does not argue.In teenage girls such companies may hurt, but they rarely become real outcasts.In adult life, a woman can change, but it may remain friend-cloth, and it is not a derogatory term, but simply a description of a friend, which is very useful when you want to complain about the failure, pour out his heart - she readily absorbs the pain of others, and substitutes his shoulder.Typically, adult woman takes on this role consciously, because understands that he can not and does not want to be the leader, or anyone else: it is often really like to listen to others and support them in stressful situations.To become a true friend with whom you can go and explore, it lacks firmness, but it is so much, and it's not a bad option.
  • Ambulance.This relationship not only listens, but you come running to the rescue and help in word and deed.She can call in the dead of night the most, and she replied;it can rely on - to their friends, she is ready for more.Her only drawback might be that if she sees that you are ready for the sake of friendship into smaller sacrifice than she, a friend - Ambulance greatly disappointed, and perhaps forever disappear from your life.
  • user.A friend of this type is incredibly sweet and attentive, and because of this, to end the relationship with it is difficult.And this despite the fact that she's always something to you need.She makes friends with a purpose - you may have a connection which theoretically will help her get a dream job, or a brother who she likes.At the same time it works so gently and carefully, that you do not immediately notice the trick.By the way, she herself may sincerely believe that to truly be friends with you, and do not see anything wrong with that, to derive some benefit from the friendship.Indeed, it does not harm anyone, and nice to talk to her, but still in a relationship subtly present false, and eventually they get bored.
  • Trophy.Girlfriend trophy - the one with whom to be friends for some reason, prestigious and cool.The people who surround her, rather, not friends, and entourage.As a rule, she is very friendly, but it is the friendliness of the surface;she does not let anyone into his soul, and can hardly even anything to sacrifice for the sake of friends.
  • Mirror.They say that opposites attract, but sometimes women have friends who are almost a mirror image of themselves.Sometimes a chat with a woman very similar can be difficult and frustrating - like to see themselves from the outside - their friendship so many lessons can be learned, and gain a deeper understanding that it is truly priceless.
  • real girlfriend.It can be almost any character, it can be like you or be your complete opposite, but if you find it, you really climbed.This friend - a person who accepts you for who you are, take care of you, and always tells the truth, even if it is unpleasant.Over time, it becomes almost a member of your family, your husband and children know each other, you often spend time together, but in time to communicate with her is just getting interesting.