Secrets of the perfect wedding hairstyle - responsible approach to the selection

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12 June 2016

the secrets of the perfect wedding hairstyles Wedding - one of the most important events in the life of every woman: the bride should be beautiful in everything from dress to hairstyle.However, if you do not take care of the wedding hairstyles in advance, the hair can be a real problem - to prepare for the celebration must be in advance.

Keep your hair in good condition

Because of weather conditions, pollution, indoor air dry hair needs extra hydration and nutrition to stay and look healthy.Regardless of what will be the wedding hairstyle - traditionally high or loose soft waves curls - hair needs a healthy glow and smoothness that can be achieved regular hair care Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development and the use of special sprays, gives the hair a light sheen.

advance to choose a hairstyle

At least three days before the solemn event you need to finally decide with wedding hairstyle Wedding Hairstyles 2013 - pretty styling and accessories Wedding Hairstyles 2013 - pretty styling and accessories - consult with a hairdresser and stylist can take quite

a lottime.Like the wedding dress Wedding Dress: types of cut Wedding Dress: types of cut , at the wedding hairstyles is the process of "fitting", which allows you to select from several options proposed that a hairstyle that will look perfect.

In preparation for the wedding, you can choose not only the installation option, and hair ornaments that complement the wedding hairstyle.To select the advance could evaluate and friends, you can take a picture of the resulting hair, showing her friends.

Once the hair is chosen, you must agree in advance with the hairdresser, who will be responsible for creating hairstyles wedding day.

Choose a hairstyle that will withstand any weather

If the wedding ceremony is held outdoors, you should choose a pre-wedding hairstyle that will not suffer either from a sudden rain or by strong winds.The best option would be the traditional smooth updo, and further strengthen the hair, you can use a professional hairspray.

Choose shade of hair length and two weeks before the wedding

the secrets of the perfect wedding hairstyles Two weeks dyed hair does not lose its saturated color and shine.In addition, this period will enable even at the last minute to make any changes in hairstyle or the selected shade of hair.

will make sure that the hair remained perfect

In order to preserve the beauty of the wedding hairstyles for the whole holiday and evening, it is necessary from the outset firmly fix hair.Reliable "basis" perfect hairstyle - curls by using hot curlers.In order to separate the strands do not get out, you can lock them zakolkami- "invisible", and during the day to use hair spray with strong fixation.

Common mistakes wedding

One of the most common mistakes often make brides - wrong choice of hair color or style of wedding hairstyles.It must be remembered that the best shade of hair - is the shade that matches the skin tone.You can change it only slightly, to add flavor to the image, however, dealt with the radical changes right before the wedding - a huge mistake: most likely, the bride will feel strange and uncomfortable.