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12 June 2016

virtual hairstyle In the early '90s, when the personal computer at home was a huge rarity, some of his happy owners brag to your friends amazing program with which you can try on different hairstyles.Before you decide on a short cut Short haircuts - comfortable length Short haircuts - comfortable length , you could see perfectly whether it will look oval face with a long, fit whether bright blonde to face passionate brunettes, or vice versa, whether the frail blond look soas sexy, if locks are painted in rich dark brown.Today, in spite of the ancestors of modern programs such as "virtual stylist" we smile condescendingly, making a discount on the imperfection of computer technology 20 years ago.

Currently, the possibility of such programs to try on different hairstyles, significantly expanded.There is a huge line of hairstyles, various packings, in any desired color.

virtual hairstyles you can try on line - that is, to upload your photos to the site by doing simple manipulations with the designation of the eyes and facial contours with which t

he program will be easier to recognize the shape of the face and adapt to her hairstyle.

there such an option only with the use of a separate program on the disk, which must be installed on your computer and experimenting with styles much as you want by downloading photos and for serious purposes - before going to the salon for a fundamental transformation, and a joke - just having fun,trying on hair styles in the Baroque style, presenting itself lady of high society, who lived a few centuries ago.The most popular modern program - "Virtual Stylist."It is regularly updated, has a lot of opportunities in the form of hairstyles for both women and men, the creation of a make-up, as well as fitting accessories that will blend in with the new hairdo.

Due to the widespread popularity of programs fitting the virtual hairstyles, some sites have decided to become a mediator between consumers wishing to change the appearance and, in fact, the program itself.For example, you can not use a particular program on their own because of laziness or lack of understanding of technical subtleties you may need to create a professional image in the computer space that you need before you create the wedding styling, hairstyle fit under certain clothes.Then, at your service for a nominal price will be people who are on the other side of the monitor, will create the image according to your wishes and send your photo.The bottom line is most harmonious way (you can see the face, hair, clothes, shape, and you can appreciate all the complex) and professional approach (your photo is processed retouch).

major shortcoming of most programs of this type is a preference for fitting in the same plane, that is, the full-face photo is needed, and hairstyle is chosen in accordance with it.Some still remain primitive program, do not allow the perfect hairstyle for a person to adapt, so do not get to see more or less correct picture with correct proportions.There are still programs that use hair, like a painted cartoon and try this on your live person - the same thing that the paint on the hair with watercolors on his photos.It deals specifically with the technical features of the program.

But the main and the biggest drawback of compact beauty salons Beauty from hairstyles to krioliftinga Beauty, from hairstyles to krioliftinga is their expressed virtuality, that is often full remoteness from real hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development, with whom we deal on a daily basis.Living master barber will cut in accordance with the peculiarities of the structure of hair, their color and thickness that transcends guess the computer program.You can look perfect with a new styling on the screen, but when you go beyond its real embodiment, may be disappointed, because your hair is in the best of its ability, it can not accept.

fans to experiment with images can recommend the services of a virtual stylist, not really relying on him in anticipation of a radical haircut or color.Approximately vote, whether you color and length, not whether the hairstyle emphasizes the roundness of the face or thinness, and the rest rely on the master in this beauty salon.

Eugene Zhirkina