Whirlpool - pleasant treatment

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06 June 2016

hydromassage Any water treatments give pleasure, and in some cases serve as a preventive and therapeutic agent.Fill the bath pleasantly hot water to drip into it a little bit of essential oil or dissolve the salt - what could be nicer?Perhaps only a Jacuzzi where bubbles gently massage the skin and relax the body soothing wildness.But in the modern hydrotherapy Jacuzzi ends.There is such a procedure as the whirlpool, which is many times superior to the efficiency of self-service bath.

Whirlpool (aquamassage) - massaging the body immersed in water.It is held in the bath, and can combine the elements of a manual (hand) and the massage douche, moreover, during the procedure the air impact occurs skin with oxygen enrichment.Whirlpool is a modern physiotherapy spa-procedure, which resulted in favor of the multilateral body gets.It can be resorted to as a preventive solution, or for medicinal purposes, combining aquamassage other spa-treatments.


slender figure and delicate relaxation

Why do so many people

love to luxuriate in a bath with fragrant foam, essential oils and sea salt?Even in ordinary water a person a feeling of relaxation, which can not be compared to a stay in a horizontal state, for example, on a soft bed.Water envelops the body, which seems more easily, quickly relieves fatigue accumulated during the day, relax muscles, decrease pain.Aromatic oils or salts enhance its impact.Whirlpool performed by a qualified technician, provides a restorative effect, or a focused effect - withdrawal headache Headache Headache , muscle tension, elimination of edema, reduction of local fat.

non-invasive procedures (as there was no interference in the body), high efficiency and a small number of contraindications makes hydro universal procedure for people of all ages and health.

It can be and should be treated the people who are subjected to daily stress, depression, suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, excessive irritability.The muscles of the lumbar, shoulder girdle, which are usually stretched to the end of the day, relax in the body there is a pleasant lightness.

intensive massage, which is combined with manual, gives excellent results in the elimination of fat and cellulite Cellulite Cellulite .With diet and exercise to lose weight can only be uniformly reducing body fat.Whirlpool provides local weight loss in problem areas, elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the skin regeneration and elimination of "orange peel".This procedure is recommended for people who are not overweight, but their skin is no different elasticity, its dot the unsightly cellulite bumps and holes.


Hot Therapy

hydro massage can not only solve the common problems of the figure.In combination with other physiotherapy he is able to help people who need treatment and recovery.

One of the indications for the course are hydro disruptions, acute or chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.Gaps and stretching muscles, bone fractures, joint inflammation can be treated with water that does not cause any pain or any discomfort unlike traditional manual massage.Whirlpool recommended as rehabilitation after surgery on the extremities.Precautions can be used for prevention and therapy of varicose veins, as well as the fragility of the blood vessels which receive tone and elasticity during exposure to the water jets.Chronic back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis amenable to therapy whirlpool.Some skin diseases are also indications aquamassage.

course whirlpool recommended held twice a year.

session can take place both detached as well as in combination with other spa-procedures that it will complement in the prevention or treatment of a particular condition.For example, hydro-massage courses is part of weight loss, and then he adds courses of intensive anti-cellulite massage with the indispensable diet and moderate exercise.This treatment may be added seaweed wrap (thalassotherapy), a vacuum or a traditional manual massage.

If the patient is contraindicated with the active intervention of the physical effects, hydromassage can complement chromotherapy (light therapy), cryotherapy (cold therapy).

contraindications hydromassage does not exist, but that does not mean that we can neglect the this procedure.Choosing a competent qualified person ensures the effectiveness of the course, while a beginner or an unscrupulous therapist can harm health.Pay particular attention must be taken to its choice, if necessary, recovery operations for varicose veins Varicose veins - when to consult a surgeon? Varicose veins - when to consult a surgeon? , requiring very careful handling, inflammation of ligaments, joints and muscles.