Nose Piercing: beauty or the victim

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06 June 2016

  • nose piercing: beauty or the victim
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nose piercing piercing nose since ancient times been a part of traditional Indian and African cultures, but at the end of the twentieth century, the fashion spread throughout the world.This is one of the most common types of body piercings, the second most popular after navel piercing.Usually one nostril pierced, but sometimes make a puncture in the wall between the nostrils.If you are considering working to make the nose piercing, it should first learn about this procedure a little more than just - "I want to, because I like it."

Why not pierced nose "gun»

nose piercing should always be done by a professional.Typically, a puncture is made with a sterile needle, is then inserted into an earring.This is the safest form of body piercing, with the lowest probability of infection.There are special devices to puncture, which immediately put in decoration, they are called "gun."Puncture them faster and cheaper, but the danger - he is worse than

heal and can cause scars.In addition, the "gun" can not be good enough to sterilize, so there is a risk of transmission of diseases such hepatitis or AIDS.

it hurt?

nose piercing can cause some pain, but not very strong.It all depends on your pain threshold, perhaps discomfort persist two or three days.Do not get too nervous because of possible pain - there are cases where people lost consciousness during piercing - not from pain and fear.

Which metal for jewelry and when you can change the jewelry for nose

nose piercing Metal piercing nose should be chosen very carefully - it depends on how fasthealed puncture.Ornaments from substandard alloys can cause complications.Commonly used gold, stainless steel, titanium or niobium.Many people are beginning to change the decorations in the nose before the puncture completely heals.This can lead to infection or overgrowing holes.For a complete healing may require 3-6 months.Ask your piercer when you can change the decoration.

not touch the piercing with dirty hands

should be very careful not to touch the puncture dirty hands.People often wont touch the piercing, twist it, and so on.In the hands there is always a certain amount of bacteria, and so can easily infect the puncture site.Always wash your hands before touching the piercing - and do it only to wash the puncture site.It is recommended to do this twice a day with brine.

How to cure the infection

If the first days of the puncture site has a small swelling, redness and soreness is normal.But if the symptoms persist for a long time, a sign of infection.Some of the injection site is wiped with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, but it may instead cause more inflammation and scarring.Therefore, in this case it is better to consult a doctor.

How to hide a nose piercing

in office with strict requirements to the exterior of employees you may have problems with the nose piercing.If you simply remove the earring at work, the opening may be delayed.Can be used for decoration disguise skin color or tone cream Tone cream - mask the flaws Tone cream - mask the flaws .However, this can lead to infection and scarring.

nose piercing looks interesting, but care should be taken that it was safe.Minors can only do the piercing with parental permission.In no case can not be done at home or piercing trust is an inexperienced person.Contact the proven salons, complying with all safety requirements.

There are different types of nose piercing and various types suitable for this jewelry.

Different kinds of decorations for different kinds of piercing

first kind of piercing Piercing Piercing nose - a puncture nostrils.This tradition has long existed in India and Pakistan, there nostril piercing is a status symbol.But lately, nose piercing has spread around the world.For the nostrils using two kinds of jewelry - rings or nostrily.Nostra - a shackle special curved shape, which is held by bending the nose or scratch it.

Another type of nose piercing - a piercing septum between the nostrils, called the septum.Many people think that in this case, the piercing passes through bone or cartilage, but it is not - there is a portion of the soft tissue, and pierce it.For such a large variety of body piercing jewelry.There are even special invisible decorations that are hidden in the nose - you can wear these when you go to work or come to visit their parents, they are not visible from the outside.Among the notable jewelry - rings, semi-circular rod in the shape of a horseshoe with two balls on the ends, and various other options.