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06 June 2016

epilation Hair Removal will help get rid of hair permanently, as it destroys the roots.It is this difference in depilation of hair removal in which the hair is destroyed only at the body surface.Today hosts various types of hair removal, find the right way to remove hair can help cosmetologist.


What happens to hair during epilation

Hair removal, regardless of its type always leads to the destruction of hair follicles.However, our hair does not grow at the same time, some of them are growing, and some sort of relaxing, closing from all external influences.Therefore, during the hair removal procedure is destroyed only part of the bulbs, the bulbs with time remaining "alive" and the hair begins to grow.

completely destroy the hair in a particular area can only be with a few hair removal procedures which are carried out with the growth of hair.On average, it takes between one to two years - a lot depends on the type of hair removal and hair growth characteristics of this person.

Hair removal can be c

arried out in different ways: in the form of electrolysis, hair removal, laser, ultrasound, hair removal enzyme.There is also such a thing as bioepilyatsiya, it is hair removal wax.Wherein the hair roots are not destroyed, and damaged.But with regular use of this method a few years the hair may stop growing.


Indications and contraindications

indications for hair removal is the increased body hair skin and body as well as hair removal in the armpits and bikini area.

Hair removal is contraindicated in violation of the integrity of the skin in the affected area, appears in this zone any rash on the skin, tumors (benign and malignant), birthmarks, keloids (large pink prone to growth) scarring.Additionally, contraindicated hair removal for patients with diabetes with impaired immunity of varicosity (for hair removal on the legs), high blood pressure High blood pressure - one of the most frequent pathologies High blood pressure - one of the most frequent pathologies , arrhythmia or angina, any acute illness and exacerbation of chronicdiseases, mental illness, during pregnancy.


Features of certain types of hair removal

Electrolysis based on conduct electric current through the hair follicle and destroy it.Electrolysis procedure should not last more than 10 minutes.This is a rather painful procedure, so it is performed under local anesthesia.Sometimes electrolysis is complicated by the addition of the infection and the development of pustules, and the latter may leave behind small scars.

Enzymatic hair removal - is the impact on the hair roots enzymes (enzymes) plant.Enzymes applied to the skin and then act on them with heat, which promotes the penetration of the enzyme into the bulb and the destruction of the protein from which the hair is produced.In other proteins, these enzymes do not normally impact.After enzymatic hair removal is usually removed the remnants of hair wax.

Ultrasonic hair removal on the contrary, applied after bioepilyatsii wax, so it is believed that it is of secondary importance.Before applying the ultrasound gel is applied to the skin, the molecules of which with the help of ultrasound to penetrate into the hair follicles, destroying them partially.

Laser hair removal - in this case, a laser energy, which heats the hair follicle penetrates into and is absorbed by the melanin Which foods contain melanin - the skin care Which foods contain melanin - skin care (hair pigment), destroying the follicle.The more melanin contained in the hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development (the darker the hair), the easier this way to destroy the hair follicles.Very light and gray hair in a way impossible to remove, as they do not contain melanin.But very swarthy people should not pursue laser hair removal: Due to the presence of the skin in large amounts of melanin they can be burned.Laser hair removal is more effective than electrolysis and hair removal enzyme.However, she will not be able to destroy all the follicles in one session.

Photoepilation removes, both dark and light (including gray) hair.In this form of hair removal on the skin affected by pulsed light high power.Light energy is absorbed not only melanin and hemoglobin.Last solders small blood vessels that feed the hair follicle, which leads to its death.Laser hair removal is very effective, however, for the complete destruction of the hair at the site of the body require several treatments.When it is complete on the skin during the day can keep redness and swelling of the tissues, which are then tested, and the skin is clean.Sometimes complicated by the appearance of photo-epilation brown or white spots on the skin, which also eventually pass.

During one session of hair removal to get rid of hair is impossible, that there would be no man in beauty salons.

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