Alginate mask: from the depths of the sea in the beauty salons

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08 June 2016

  • Alginate mask: from the depths of the sea in the beauty salons
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Alginate mask Many beauty salons offer clients the miracle algae mask for the face and body.Such masks - a relatively recent invention, but the procedure is becoming increasingly popular.What is the secret of alginate mask, and to whom this procedure is best suited?



alginic acid was discovered in the late nineteenth century.This viscous rubbery substance extracted from brown algae in any of terrestrial plants alginic acid does not occur, but in the kelp it very much - up to thirty percent.

alginic acid and its salts (alginates) are widely used in medicine as an antacid in the food industry - as versatile thickeners and stabilizers.Such use is not accidental - one of the alginic acid is able to absorb two to three hundred parts water.This property of alginates steel used in cosmetology.


Amazing mask

wraps and masks with alginic acid are considered to be very effective anti-aging agents.Such

drugs rarely cause allergies and are suitable for almost all women, regardless of age and skin type.

Alginate masks come in several forms:

  • Without additives.Such masks effectively remove inflammation and makes the skin supple;
  • blue clay.This tool is recommended for oily and problematic skin.Mask cleanses and disinfects the skin, it tightens it improves blood circulation and metabolism;
  • with collagen.After these masks younger looking skin becomes firmer, wrinkles are smoothed, and "broke" the face oval becomes clearer;
  • C vitamins.Typically, alginate is added to the basis of vitamin C, which gives the skin radiance and improves the complexion.A combination of vitamin Vitamins for everyone Vitamins for everyone C with rutin strengthens blood vessels and get rid of rosacea;
  • with chitosan.This mask is recommended for aging, dry skin.The skin moisturized and tightened, the cells are better supplied with oxygen;
  • With phytoestrogens and germinated wheat germ.Such masks have a marked rejuvenating effect on aging skin;
  • with herbal extracts.Plant extracts rejuvenate, moisturize and tone the skin and help in the fight against rashes, irritation and early wrinkles;
  • sulfur, zinc, and anti-inflammatory agents.These masks are recommended for oily skin prone to the appearance of rashes and acne.

Alginate mask is rarely possible to buy in a regular store - these funds are intended for skin care salon.Beautician can determine the optimal time of exposure to the skin mask in each case.Furthermore, independent masks using alginate may cause some difficulties - for the procedure need an assistant, who will be able to act quickly and, at the same time accurately.


Who needs masks from seaweed

unique properties of alginate masks make them universal remedy for skin rejuvenation.Alginic acid has been successfully retains moisture, thus eliminating skin dryness and wrinkles smoothed small.In use, the mask tightens the skin a bit, adjusting the oval face.At the same time reduces the pores, and wrinkles become less visible.

Light pressure mask has on the skin massage effect.The result is increased production of collagen, improves blood circulation and metabolism, the skin becomes elastic and young.In addition, the mask removes the skin from toxins improves complexion, removed the signs of fatigue, smoothes skin texture.

Can long list indications for alginate masks: it dermatitis, and rosacea, and pigmentation problems, and the first wrinkles ... and contraindications to the use of means quite a bit: cancer and idiosyncrasy.It should be noted that intolerance can cause additives to mask it - if the use of the basic version, which does not contain anything other than alginates, this mask will be perceived by the skin well.


How to use

Before applying the mask the skin is carefully cleaned, and after it is applied to the emulsion, serum, cream, or other means designed to solve these or other problems with the skin.Under the influence of alginate mask these funds penetrate deep into the skin, and their efficiency is greatly improved.When the agent is absorbed, care should be taken protection of eyebrows and eyelashes: they beautician applies a fat cream.After that comes the turn of the alginate mask.

Alginate mask is a powder that is mixed just before use with a conventional or special water solution.Finished mask the consistency of thick cream or gel Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine .It dries very quickly, freshly prepared composition, for five to seven minutes, so by mixing the powder with the solvent should begin when a person is fully prepared for the procedure.Mask quickly applied to the skin for cosmetic lines.

Within ten - twelve minutes after applying the mask on your face freezes: it forms an air- and moisture-proof film and the visual is like a layer of rubber.Bit mask tightens the skin, while not delivering any discomfort.This process is called hardening alganitnoy mask kneading.

Unlike most masks agent is not washed off with water and removed from the face of the film-like mask, a movement from below upwards.At home use should be considered that the mask can not be disposed of down the drain - this can cause clogging of the pipes.

effect of skin rejuvenation Five tips for skin rejuvenation: how to cheat age Five tips for skin rejuvenation: how to cheat age often noticeable after the first application.Yet cosmetologists are advised not to be limited to one mask, but simply a course of at least ten procedures that can be done from one to three times a week.After such a course face will look fresh and young, the skin smoothed, acquires and velvety soft.