Ways of losing weight: it does not harm health

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20 May 2016

how to lose weight most effective and safe weight loss methods are not related to hours of training and strict diets.The human body does not like rapid changes.For example, if you have a lot of years not playing sports, it is not necessary to run from Monday to start five kilometers a day, or every day for a couple of hours to do in the gym (besides such drastic lifestyle changes do not work out just about anyone).You should not strictly limit yourself to food, if you're used every day there is something nutritious, like Pizza Pizza : features Italian cuisine Pizza: features Italian cuisine , biscuits or ice cream.Such a radical change in the first place, will quickly lead to a decrease in motivation, and secondly, they may face serious health problems.Stretching muscles, sprains, vitamin deficiency Vitamins for everyone Vitamins for everyone and minerals - is too high a price for an unsuccessful attempt to lose weight.What sort of ways you can get rid of the extra kilos without doing harm?


Energy needs and weight loss

body uses food as an energy sourc

e.Surpluses are formed when a person eats more food than he needs, stored as fat.In some people, due to the rapid metabolism of fat is deposited more slowly and in smaller amounts, but if they are regularly overeating, overweight and they will.

To reduce weight, it is necessary that the body began to use fat reserves.The two main ways to achieve this:

  • Reduce the number of calories consumed;
  • increase the level of physical activity.

In most cases, doctors recommend wishing to lose weight to combine diet with exercise.


Change your lifestyle gradually

how to lose weight great way to start with small steps and not to attempt to immediately jump over the abyss.Because one extra biscuit a day your weight for the year could rise by about 2.3 kg.If there is at least one cookie, throughout the year can be reset by the same number of kilograms.

to small and gradual change also applies, for example, the replacement of whole milk and low-fat cottage cheese to daily breakfast (for those who still often skip breakfast), non-fried foods in the afternoon, and so on.Pay attention to any detail.For example, you drink coffee with cream and tea with sugar?Do not add these drinks anything - so they will be practically no calories, but at the same time you will discover new facets of flavor tea and coffee.How can I rarely cook meat or fish - cook or bake them to retain the maximum amount of nutrients, and at the same time does not add extra calories diet.

Those seeking to lose weight, do not need to think about how to quickly get rid of the extra five or ten kilograms, but the constant change in their eating behaviors and lifestyle in general - only if you no longer have to worry about excess weight.


Increase physical activity

how to lose weight Even if your diet remains the same, but you'll spend more time on physical activity, your weight will gradually decrease.Even small load - for example, twenty-minute walks - will bring a lot of good if you do them more than three times a week.If the thought of visiting the gym does not cause disgust, the better - go to the nearest sports club and buy a subscription for six months or a year: during bouts of laziness, which are bound to be, you will be sorry for the money spent, and you are less likely to throw a workout.

Choose the types of loads that you like the most.If you like to work in a group, you might like aerobics and various team sports.However, he prefers to train yourself fit jogging, swimming, exercises at the gym, cycling, or squash.

the weekend go for long walks or bicycle rides.You can go for shopping, camping, or in an unfamiliar city walk in still unexplored streets - one of the best ways to relax and at the same time to increase muscle tone.

Remember that your favor is every step.Use the stairs instead of the elevator, do not drive a car, if you take your time and you need to overcome a short distance, and so on.Do simple exercises while watching TV - then the figure of the enemy, he can become a friend.In short, if you have the opportunity to move - move.After a while it becomes a habit, and you will begin to gradually increase physical activity.


Reduce calories

how to lose weight Those who do not lose weight, you can lose weight using only exercise, but overweight people this way is not suitable.On overweight say when the body mass index (BMI) greater than 25. When a person a BMI greater than 30 are diagnosed obesity;people with a BMI over 40, obesity is life threatening.

to the body, who had overweight, and began to lose weight, you need to significantly reduce caloric intake.This does not mean that it is necessary to resort to extreme measures.Diet, in which a person receives less than 1,500 calories a day, may be hazardous to health.In addition, radical diets often have a so-called yo-yo effect: once a person reaches the desired weight, and returns to a normal diet, the weight comes back quickly, and sometimes added to it a few extra kilos.To the weight began to decline, nutritionists recommend to reduce the calorie content of their daily food intake by 300-500 kcal.In typical cases, people who adhere to this rule, begin to lose weight by 400-800 grams per week.Losing weight at a pace not hurt, and give stable results.As a rule, the more people the BMI, the faster it loses weight in the first week.

Calorie their diet can be reduced by following these rules:

  • Drink water instead of soft drinks and juices store (they usually contain a lot of sugar);
  • reduced by a quarter or a third portions of food that you eat in the afternoon;
  • not eat lunch and an additive, especially for dinner;
  • Avoid high-calorie snacks - chocolate bars, candy, chips, and so on;
  • Limit consumption of alcohol, or even give up alcohol.

these recommendations is to adhere to the fact that it is not trying to lose weight - it will bring significant health benefits.

Do not skip meals in the hope that it will help you lose weight faster - on the contrary, because of the large gaps between meals, the body will store fat, for fear that he will again have to starve.In addition, fasting Fasting - this is natural Fasting - this is natural slows down metabolism, and this is not conducive to rapid weight loss.


Consult an expert

Those who do not lose weight is obtained using the above methods, as well as people with severe obesity should consult a dietitian.He can conduct a survey and develop an individual program for a patient to lose weight.