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23 May 2016

Djufaston reviews of doctors Duphaston is used for treatment of various diseases for over forty years.Over the years, the world has gained enough clinical experience on the use of this drug as in gynecological and obstetric practice.This is an effective drug, which thus has little side effects and contraindications.

history duphaston

first Belgian pharmaceutical company Solvay Pharma launched the drug in the late 60s of the last century.Today, the company joined the international pharmaceutical group Abbott, but still continues to produce djufaston Djufaston: Assistant desperate Djufaston: Assistant desperate .In our country, the drug was first recorded in the early 90s.Today issued and generics (similar to the original drug) duphaston, including in our country.Active ingredient dydrogesterone duphaston included in the standard of care for women during habitual miscarriage, developed by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Features duphaston

Duphaston is a progestogen (progestin) - incomplete synthetic analogue of the natural

hormone progesterone the female sex.All the synthetic progestins or are based on progesterone or androgen androgens (the hormones have similar chemical formulas, since they are synthesized in the body of cholesterol Cholesterol Cholesterin , i.e. are steroid hormones).

Djufaston made based on progesterone, but has some differences in the chemical formula.These changes allow you to save all of the positive therapeutic effects of the drug and minimize its side effects and contraindications for use.

So, unlike natural progesterone djufaston do not contribute to thrombus formation, no significant adverse effects on the liver and does not cause drowsiness.Unlike progestins, androgens produced by it does not cause changes male pattern and female female fetuses and no effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism and does not cause weight gain.

But as for the latter, is not so simple: most women even after prolonged use of the drug does not mark an increase in weight, while some increase in weight, there are even considerable, which is probably due to the individual characteristics of the metabolic processes in the bodywomen.

duphaston The therapeutic effect is associated with a selective effect on the mucous membrane of the uterus (the endometrium).When taken in the second half of the menstrual cycle after ovulation it inhibits proliferation (proliferation) of endometrial proliferation phase and translates into a phase of secretion - mucus secretions and nutrients needed for normal pregnancy pregnancy - nine months anticipated Pregnancy - nine awaited months .

What doctors say about this drug

Obstetricians speak positively about this drug.But from the layman on the Internet in recent years began to receive negative feedback.This is due, apparently, to two factors.

first cause negative statements about duphaston is obviously insufficient qualifications of some obstetricians and gynecologists, prescribers djufaston all in a row without prior examination of the woman.What surprised if in some cases the drug is ineffective?If djufaston applied strictly on the evidence, (and this can not be done without the prior survey), its effectiveness is really high.

second reason is more complicated.On the Internet, recently a number of similar statements that djufaston an adverse effect on pregnancy and the fetus.Write women who are or have been victims themselves duphaston, or have been intimately familiar with such victims.The uniformity of expression and the complete absence of this kind of information from physicians (including pediatricians) suggests custom-made nature of these reviews.

As long as such statements are not supported by experts with the identification of specific adverse effects on the body of pregnant women and the fetus, and their mechanisms, all of them are incorrect.Such statements sometimes even misleading professionals, leading to what is not assigned djufaston sometimes even in the case where it is vital, for example, in the first trimester of pregnancy when progesterone deficiency and threatened abortion.

Djufaston - is an effective synthetic progestogen, which has very few contraindications and side effects, as confirmed by many years of clinical practice.However, this drug should be used only on prescription with all the indications and contraindications.

Galina Romanenko