When baking cakes: you need to know

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14 June 2016

When baking cakes eve of Easter cakes are baked even in families who do not consider themselves believers.According to the statistics of previous years, every fourth atheist decides to cook Easter cake, painted eggs and some other typical dishes.At the same time, some even go to church, that consecrate Easter cakes and eggs.Knowing when to bake cakes, you need to catch a church service.And if to consecrate Easter foods are not going to cook everything is possible even in Easter Sunday.But baking cakes requires the knowledge of certain subtleties, no matter where they are baked.

When you need the oven cakes

If the owners of the house are preparing to go to Easter service, you must pre-calculate the cooking time.By the time the cakes to leave the house, they have to cool completely and glaze them - harden.Eggs take in the morning to paint the Great (aka clean) Thursday.A bake cakes on Saturday morning.The consecration takes place or Saturday evening or Sunday morning.But if you expect that with a basket sent

to the evening service, which then passes into the evening service, everything you need to prepare in advance.

cakes cooking time is different and depends on the recipe.

classic yeast dough Yeast dough Yeast dough for the cake, which is suitable for a long time and twice kneaded by hand, getting ready for five-six hours.Then cakes are baked and after the oven cools.Hot cakes make the fresh air is impossible.Easter falls on a fairly cold season, and the air still hot from previous baking zacherstveet quickly.There are recipes for cooking cakes which takes more or less time.When calculating the time generally believe that it will take at least two hours after as cake Easter cakes - recipe for an old, but proven Easter cakes - an ancient recipe, but checked removed from the oven.But it is better if the time of applying the glaze before all other manipulations with them pass from four to six hours.

How to bake cakes

The recipes cakes are usually out all the necessary actions.But for the lady who bakes cakes for the first time in my life, there are many unknown nuances.Thus, the dough into cakes does not tolerate haste and rough handling.It may fall from the draft and from sudden shocks.But do not be afraid of what once stumbled to the test in his hands, the result is not achieved.Typically, the dough is ill-suited when the room always someone comes in, slams the door.

Deposit lush dough in a good meal.On the cakes comes flour, to the best of rest in bed.Yeast dough from flour milled recently fits poorly, and during baking may fall in or crack.Flour is sifted to its particles are better dispersed in the dough.Better Sift flour twice.

Other products also prepare before making the dough.What is stored in the refrigerator should be slightly warm.Cottage cheese is ground to the test no formation of inhomogeneous lumps, interfering approach.Raisins and other additives are mixed beforehand with a small amount of flour, then they will be distributed in the dough evenly.

baking dish must be made of thin metal.Suitable tin shape and made of special coffee cans and steel and aluminum.Special fire-resistant glass baking dish is also acceptable to use, and enamelware for baking cakes used, probably nine times out of ten.For the dough does not stick to the walls and not burnt, pave form should be oiled paper.For this cut circular piece of paper on the bottom and on the right wall.Inside edge of pieces of paper should be based on overlap and protrude slightly above the outside edges of the form.Then get a high cake and smooth.

put in the oven cakes of the same size, separate large and small separately.

This is due to the fact that often desirable to look into the oven to check the readiness of the test.When ready take out the little cakes can be hurt and hurt more.But this does not apply to all types of dough.Precocity yeast, for example, does not respond to drafts and shakes as well as prepared for complex technology with the addition of a large number of eggs and sour cream Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine .Moreover, the cakes have to move on the oven, turn the different sides.

If the dough into cakes rises too much, you can stop it by covering a piece of paper or foil.To do this, wait until it rises a little higher than we would like.Under the weight of the tip of the leaf falls off a little bit.When the top is lit, you can remedy the situation in two ways.Either wet covering the top sheet of paper, or putting it in the oven vessel with water.Burnt the tip can be cut and disguised as a glaze and sides, security paper, can be scratched with a knife.Worse, if the cake is bad propeksya on the sides.Finding it can be fast, before it gets cold, cake back in the oven without the form.