Cap-tablet - the elegance in simplicity

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25 June 2016

  • hat-tablet - the elegance in simplicity
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Hat tablet hat-tablet - the famous accessory, the former is particularly popular in the 50s and 60s, andIt has a very interesting history.At one time it was considered a symbol of refined taste and high fashion, and it is now firmly associated with the image of Jacqueline Kennedy and style of this lady.One of the most famous hats tablets - a headdress of wool ivory in which Jacqueline Kennedy attended the inauguration of her husband.Although she was not a great lover of hats, simple in form and very stylish hat pill for many years to become a part of its corporate identity.

stylish accessories

Hat tablet hat-tablet represents the epitome of the classical style.Put her - and she gently and almost imperceptibly features will give your face more expressive and femininity.Like other vintage hats can be worn at different angles and with different decorations, such as brooches.Cap-tablet combined with almost any clothing, and very fits not only

in the classic style, but also in the glamorous, avant-garde, preppy and eclecticism.

believed that the hat-tablet comes from the headdresses worn by soldiers in ancient Rome.They were called «pilleus», which is somewhat in tune with the modern English name «pillbox».

Historically hat-tablet was military head of boron;she often rested on the head by a rope or rubber bands, held under the chin.Such caps today included in full dress uniform of many countries.

Hats-pill civilians are no special rubber bands, but they are often complementary veil - black, white or other colors.Veil gives the image of softness and a certain mystique, but a hat-tablet with a veil need a very elegant outfit, otherwise you run the risk of looking ridiculous.This hat can be a part of the bride's dress, especially if arranged wedding in retro style.In general, the hat-tablet ideal for a variety of celebrations - it is much more convenient than the wide-brimmed hat, and more tolerant to various liberties in style.

How to make a hat-pill

Hat tablet hat-tablet ideal for creating vintage image, vintage and, as you know, today in vogue.If the cap-tablets that are sold in stores, you can not afford or do not like, you can make a headdress Hats: the variety of fashion accessories Headgear: the variety of fashion accessories own.For this you need a night off, 2 pieces of felt measuring 23 by 31 cm, lightweight fabric for lining, and clean the empty bank (with a diameter of 9-10 cm) Spacer fabric and adhesive.

  • bank to attach the felt and trace it with a pencil or white.Next draw a second round, and another one - in the liner fabric.It is the top of your hat.Cut a circle of felt and fabric cushion.Attach the fabric to one uncured Felt circle iron and iron (if the adhesive side is activated by heat).Then attach the felt circle to the wrong side and sew the lining of all three circles together, making the seams as close to the edge.
  • Using a ruler, draw on the remaining piece of felt two long rectangles of the same size and the same one box - in the liner fabric.For one piece of felt Attach uncured tissue, then apply a second piece, face up, and sew all rectangles.
  • With the pins attach the rectangle to the circle inside out.The rectangular portion should be fastened to the edge of the circle around its perimeter.If you have a machine and you are good to know how to use it, sew the cap to the rectangular part of the round.You can also do this manually, using a small part of the stitches.
  • Cut the excess part of the rectangle, leaving a "tail" of a length of about 6-7 mm.Connect the ends of the edges of the cap with a special adhesive fabric or a neat little stitches.You can also use a sewing machine.
  • Now sew comb hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development , which will hold the hat-tablet on his head.Cut a small piece of felt, sufficient to cover the upper part of the ridge.Attach a ridge to the underside of the cap-pill, so that his teeth sticking out from under the edge of the hat, top, place a piece of felt and glue or sew it to the hat.If you sew, make it so that the stitches were not visible on the outside of the cap.
  • Remove the hat.If desired, decorate it to your taste with feathers, ribbons, lace Lace in the modern wardrobe Lace in the modern wardrobe , or veil.

shape and size of the hat you can experiment.For example, cap-tablet may be oval, or large enough to be worn on the head, like an ordinary hat.For the manufacture of hats can also use a different color or fabric texture.