Trendy colors: how to find something that suits you

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27 June 2016

fashionable colors women who prefer to dress discreet and neutral colors have to muster up the courage to wear this year, the actual daring and spectacular colors.Shades of gems, such as emerald, amethyst, ruby ​​and blue "electrician", orange, coral, fuchsia and yellow - are just some of the eye-popping colors, which have gained popularity in this season.

Although bright color How to wear bright colors: 7 Tips How to wear bright colors: 7 Tips , certainly attracts attention and can increase your self-esteem is very important to find a color that suits your complexion and figure - a shade that slim and notstresses figure flaws and visually add you extra kilograms and centimeters.And the color should fit you tsvetotipu seasonal (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

introduce color to your wardrobe, step by step

If you're not used to wearing bright, eye-catching colors, it is recommended to introduce color to your wardrobe gradually.Join the fashion trend at first with the help of accessories fashionable colors.Scarf coral shades or orange b

elt perfectly complement your clothes classic colors.Then move on to the plain things more daring colors (or more shades of bright color).Finally, the most daring can combine different colors and prints in one ensemble.

How to use color correct shape

thinking about how to make color work for you, proceed from what part of your body you want to show, and what - Hide.It is generally recommended to wear darker colors on the problem areas and use bright, contrasting colors to draw attention to your merits.

fashionable colors

So, women with wide hips and small breasts look great in bright and colorful blouses, tops and shirts in combination with a dark skirt or trousers.Stylists in one voice say, that in order to look more tall and slender, you need to choose an outfit the same color from head to toe.This also applies to accessories, including bags and shoes.

How to wear colorful clothes: a few tips

  • White and almost all shades of pink visually expand the shape.
  • Black and dark blue visually slim.
  • yellow, orange and lime green tint, usually visually add a few kilos.
  • charcoal, gray and dark brown slim.
fashionable colors
  • neutral and pastel shades such as caramel and blue (not pink), perfect disguise figure flaws.
  • Monochrome outfits, especially in dark colors, a "flatter" shape.
  • shiny fabrics, fabrics with sheen add volume, while the matte fabric can be used to mask the shortcomings of the figure.
  • Black by wearing it close to his face, ugly shades of its color (especially older women), but in the lower half of the figure looks great on almost any.
  • Blue "Electric" - the universal color that suits all skin tones, and moreover, it is one of the most important colors of the season.
  • Red is best combined with beige skin tones and very pale skin.
fashionable colors
  • combination of black and white looks very impressive, but too old-fashioned.To fix this, add its bright accent color, such as red belt or beige shoes.To revive the color monochrome ensemble, add it blue, pink or red.
  • Do not worry if the shades of a particular color to your ensemble can not be combined with each other.Now it is very fashionable.
  • If black does not suit your complexion (old), try to shade a few shades lighter than, for example, coal or dark blue.
  • Light brown and beige, as a rule, is not suitable for brunettes and redheads.

Find your color

correct color clothing can make a huge difference, as it will help you look younger How to look younger than their years - hard work on a How to look younger than their years - hard work over a , healthier and more beautiful.Many experts believe that most people can wear any color, the main thing - to choose the right color saturation.The easiest way to learn their colors - practical.Go to the mirror and attach a piece of cloth of a certain color to the face.Carefully look at the face and the color - if the skin looks fresh and healthy, stresses Tissue eye color?If the answer is yes, then the color is really yours.If on the contrary, it seems that the skin looks dull, grubeyut features, highlights the shortcomings of the skin, dark circles under the eyes - this is not your color.

fashionable colors

Traditionally brunettes recommended brighter, more vibrant colors, cool colors, while girls with blond hair Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development Hair: structure, characteristics of growth and development often go pastels, cold, but moresoft shades.

But be careful - the color can be both warm and cold, it all depends on the shade.Pink - always cold orange - always warm, but, for example, brown and purple and can be cold and warm.Sometimes it is difficult to identify in the shade of nuance, but you can resort to some tricks.For example, yellow is able to make the dress warm when it is placed next to a cold shade, while the blue, on the contrary, can be "cool" image.Do not forget that by combining the colors of the clothes, you should try not to cross the line in three colors, otherwise you risk to look tasteless.