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12 June 2016

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Magnificent century of the Turkish cinema in the world, not much is known: full-length movies sometimesflash in the program of festivals, on TV projects know only ardent fans.Turkey is not among the countries - leaders in the production and distribution of TV series, however, this situation is a greater interest in the telenovela "Magnificent Century", acquired for broadcast TV "Home".

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main character melodrama Roksolana (Meryem Uzerli) "Magnificent Century" abducted from their homes and taken prisoner in Istanbul, where presented as a gift to the sultan.Roxolana fiercely resists his fate concubines and toys at the court, but quickly realizes how life in the harem.She is not only beautiful, but also the mind, she prudently builds relationships with other concubines, teachers and the sultan to gain power and get all owed her privileges.

Magnificent century

Roxolana becomes the wife of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnific

ent (Halit Ergenç) and takes the name of Islam and Hjurrem.Envy and hatred surrounded Inozemka who dared to climb so high.Behind Hjurrem trailing conspiracies, and the other wives of the Sultan are dreaming to get rid of upstarts quickly.Life in the harem is akin to the real war: only cunning, intelligence and luck save those who are struggling for power.

Magnificent century

history history

series "Magnificent Century" based on real events, which have become for the Turkish history of something akin to love Peter I toformer maid Martha Skavronskaia.Roman polonyanki Sultan and widely reported in the literature and cinema.In 1997, the screens out the Ukrainian serial "Roksolana" directed by Boris Nebieridze Olga Sumy in the title role.Now, viewers have the opportunity to look at events from the point of view of Turkish filmmakers.

«Magnificent Century" in style and execution reminiscent of women's novels in paperback.Intriguing story Roksolany served in an expensive package: the show is filled with beautiful scenery and costumes, everything is thought out to the smallest detail to meet the age and bring aesthetic pleasure to the audience.The creators of the series is clearly not limited to the financing, and therefore is not stingy to choose dress and image for each girl harem create different quarters in the "palace" of the Sultan, spend a good casting.Actors invited to the show, are well known in Turkey and abroad: nebahat çehre, Nur Aysan, Okan Yalabık, Selma Ergeç, Halit Ergenç and others.

Magnificent century

Scriptwriter "Magnificent Century" is Meral Okay.When the writers have to deal with historical material, initially clear how the start and end the story, the plot is ready, do not need to invent anything, just have to register the script for each scene, fill it with meaning and dialogue accents that story was interesting.In this case, the content of the show bright dialogue and plot-components quite a bit: if the characters and say, this is not always carries some information about their character and rarely becomes the basis for subsequent events.Hence a contradiction: the action develops in the series, but it is not clear how and why this happens.The actions of the characters on the screen seem to be random and contradictory, and the overall picture is divided.

historical accuracy of the "Magnificent Century" quite small.Turkish Prime Minister condemned even in their time series for negative biased view of events that are important to the national identity of citizens, but fans of the series this was just more.

Magnificent century

story in the first person

From the first series is easy to guess that the Turkish "Magnificent Century" - a "soap opera" in one of the best of its manifestations.Each series lasts for ninety minutes, the characters overcome one internal conflict and smoothly pass to another without solving at the same time any problems.Acting is far from being at the highest level, especially Meryem Uzerli game, playing the role of the protagonist.To her unbalanced, power-hungry Roksolana difficult to feel positive feelings.At the beginning of the series is quite tense confrontation scene characters, however, the second series of ten passions subside, as the interest of the viewer.Turkish "soap opera" is different from a similar Russian national colors.

Magnificent century

«Magnificent Century", filmed by experienced directors and siblings Durulom Taylani and Yagmur Taylani, has currently two full seasons - only sixty-three series.Start of the third season of the popular television series is scheduled for autumn 2012.The series was broadcast in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and now bought and transferred for display in Russia.

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