Easter eggs and decoration: spring tradition

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25 June 2016

Easter eggs and decoration For Christians all over the world and decorating Easter eggs - the very symbol of spring renewal, the triumph of life.The holiday is celebrated in a big way: prepare special dishes and decorate eggs.The store sold a lot of kits for painting and decoration egg shell, but a creative approach will help to create a truly attractive holiday symbols.


symbol of life

Even before the rise of Christianity, the egg was considered a symbol of life, fertility.The ancient Greeks thought about the question that was before the egg or the chicken, was born in Rome, the expression «ab ovo» - «from the egg," which means "from the beginning" and in Russia it was customary to lay an egg in the foundation of the house, went to constructionwell, and living in this house was happy.With the spread of Christianity spread well as custom paint and give close eggs for Easter week.

course, eggs appear on the tables not only for Easter.This useful dietary product contains proteins, fats and many vitamins, minerals and

amino acids securities.Attitude to nutritionists eggs ambiguous: some advise clients egg diet for weight loss and other high cholesterol scare Cholesterol cholesterol in the yolk.But, anyway, the eggs in kind or in dishes occupy a significant place in the diet of modern man.And at Easter eat egg Painted afford even those who normally indulges in this product.



Easter eggs and decoration Easter eggs can be divided into two groups: painted (so-called "Krashenki") and painted, painted by hand, "Easter egg."Painted eggs are the easiest to prepare.You need only buy egg white, not beige.It can be used as synthetic dyes that are sold on the eve of Easter in each store, and natural.For example, a beautiful brown and bronze color scheme gives the egg onion peel.If you use the peel red onion, eggs will be rich maroon or purple What color goes purple: a new look What color goes purple: a new look .

golden yellow What color yellow is combined: beautiful and dangerous What color is combined yellow: Armed and Fabulous gives turmeric egg broth.If you soak the eggs in the juice of boiled beets or cranberries, acquire shell pink hue.To make the balls deep blue hue will need red cabbage juice mixed with water and vinegar.Also it can be used for coloring colored rags, multicolored silk thread, even candy wrappers.You can stick an egg cut paper tune in after the paint over the egg and remove the paper - on a color will stand out shell of a snow-white pattern.

Sometimes the eggs are cooked right in the water with the dye, in other cases, the egg must first be boiled in salted water, then soak in the paint.Often, the dye is added vinegar, which dissolves the calcium in eggshells and makes porous shells.

Painted eggs rubbed with oil or wax and polish cloth to give them an attractive sheen.And to make the egg more beautiful, it can be further decorate.


painted eggs

Easter eggs and decoration How to paint eggs?Ideally, of course, to use natural dyes or food dyes, but to create with them a beautiful delicate patterns is unlikely.The usual paint or markers can penetrate the shell and paint the egg white.Of course, this does not necessarily cause the poisoning of those who taste the "Easter egg", but hardly a colored egg in divorce cause someone appetite.

good option can be a label.They come in several forms: decals, thermal and conventional small stickers.Decals are familiar to all from childhood: it is necessary to wet a picture and move the thin film deposited on the image with the paper base on eggshells.Iron-on transfers are glued into the cylinder film coated with a patterns.This cylinder is put on boiled egg and dip it a few seconds in boiling water.The high temperature film becomes soft and clings egg from top to bottom.The thus-obtained "pysanka" look extremely decorative.With conventional labels even easier to handle: even a small child to cope with in order to remove the label from the paper base and paste it on eggshells.Sometimes the written

eggs are so beautiful that they even have pity.To create these works of art is best used on boiled eggs and empty egg shells.The contents of such shells is used for cooking, and the shell is painted, varnished and covered with patterns.Of course, for such decorative painting eggs can be used not only food colorings, and a variety of paints.


decorating eggs

Easter eggs and decoration colored eggs look very pretty, but they can be made more attractive if the show imagination.It can be used to decorate almost anything.For example, you can cover the eggs sparkles - and they literally shine.And you can just tie each egg satin ribbon (for better safety record ribbon edge glue) and tie a beautiful bow.

very elegant look eggs smeared with glue and roll in beads, sequins, sequins.You can create original compositions of beads, ribbons, laces.But the best way not decorating boiled eggs and empty egg shells or plastic imitation.


«False» eggs

Easter eggs and decoration on Easter table is appropriate to look any meals, which are shaped like eggs.For example, a snap to prepare sweet or salty jelly eggshells.When the gel hardens, the shell can be carefully removed.

perfectly complement a festive meal and cake in the form of eggs.Make them very simple: cut out oval biscuit pieces, covered with a white fondant and make the yolk bright yellow mermaids or canned apricot halves.These cakes will look great if beautify their first spring flowers or greenery.Connect your imagination.

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