Fur in your wardrobe - fashion verdict

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01 July 2016

narualny fur wardrobe fur products will be a wonderful addition to any, even the most fashionable and luxurious clothing.There are many ways to wear fur, and fewer ways to update the image using fur garments and accessories.Not only do the fur nice and warm, it can still be a very profitable investment.

Types fur

  • Luxury fur cape, or boa boa

This is a great accessory that will instantly transform you from turning nondescript prude in spectacular fashionable lady.It is best to look boa Mongolian lamb, preferably a bright, contrasting color, such as purple or lilac.Fur capes emphasize elegance dress.Fur cape sable, fox or mink sweater worn with both trousers and tweed, and the long evening dress.

fur capes or boa will be appropriate in many cases.Boa on a thin neck or around the shoulders instantly make your image elegant and glamorous.You can find vintage stoles and capes of fur in many boutiques and shops of the commission, or buy a new fur stole in the tested product.

narualny fur wardrobe
  • fur gloves

Such glove - another great way to incorporate fur in the winter wardrobe.Gloves fur replaced the leather gloves and look elegant even when picked up in tone to the main street clothes Tops: with special warmth Outerwear: with special warmth .Gloves may not be completely sewn fur, such as fox and mink fur, and only finished with them that looks spectacular in conjunction with the women's coat.Gloves with fur trim not only protect your fingers from the winter cold, but also add elegance winter ensemble.

narualny fur wardrobe
  • Fur coats

fur coat never goes out of fashion.Despite its high cost, the coat will always be in demand, as it is luxurious and elegant outerwear, the most adapted to the cold winter.But do not think that you can only wear a fur coat in the winter.The following example of many of the Hollywood stars, you can wear a fur coat in the offseason, over a light dress or shorts, as a coat - it not only protection from the cold, but also an indicator of status.

Poncho Poncho from natural fur can be worn alone or over other clothing.Originally looks poncho rukavami- "kimono".Trim collar and sleeves poncho is sometimes made of a different color and quality of fur.Since the foundation can be made of fine fur, and finish - from a volume or vice versa.

narualny fur wardrobe
  • Vest

Another fashion trend, a fur vest can be worn over leather coats, cashmere coats and drab.Fur jacket and vest can be worn over sweaters, dresses, jackets.It may be the life of the insert of leather or other materials.Popular models like fur vest without a collar and a collar.Vest rabbit fur or mink looks very impressive with jeans.Stylists strongly recommend wearing fur vests with high boots or ankle boots with laces.For hands were freezing, complete ensemble of long gloves that cover the elbow.Fur vests can perfectly complement a variety of large or small jewelry bag with a pendant.

If outerwear and accessories of fur you can not afford, you can buy a detachable fur collar and cuffs for a winter coat.This is a more economical way to incorporate fur in a closet while his little update.Furthermore, removable collars and cuffs fur can be worn not only with the coat, but with the jacket or jacket.Stoles Fashion Scarf - stylish accessory Fashion Scarf - stylish accessory retro look great with close-fitting jacket.Mink, fox, chinchilla, sable and rabbit - for any fur scarf.The spectacular total look of a long scarf shorthair smooth shiny fur, but a shorter scarf can be fuzzy and fluffy.The most urgent today model scarf - pipes, which at first glance could be mistaken for the coat collar.Stoles-pipe should be wearing a coat classic cut in a range of colors.

fur in clothes


When you purchase any product made of natural fur, pay attention to the quality of its cut and sew.Stick to the rules: the lower seams, the more durable the product.Buying fur coats - noble and fashionable vintage charm Fur - Fashion nobility and charm of vintage , as far as possible, take a look at the lining (if it is not sewn tightly).Check for defects in welds sleeves, yoke, collar and underneath.Qualitative tailoring guarantees high wear resistance.In order to extend the life of your fur, it should be cleaned in a professional cleaning at least once a year.This will help preserve the appearance and insulating properties of your fur for many years.When buying fur accessories do not chase fashion, choose items that can be worn for at least a few seasons.Do not store near heat sources, fur, because the heat can ruin the beauty of fur.Remember that you can wear a fur coat or other articles of fur for years only on the condition that you will properly care for them.