How to choose the warmest winter coat: a guide to action

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01 July 2016

how to choose the most warm winter coat Storing heat in the winter cold - is a science, and clothing manufacturers to meet the needs of customers use the scientific approach of winter clothes do not look too awkward and at the same time are able to maximally protect the wearer from the cold.When choosing a winter coat, you must take into account the purposes for which you get it - for skiing, which involve heavy traffic, or for quiet walks, when I want to look fashionable and stylish.What winter in your region - rain, snow or frost and dry?Having determined this, go to the store outerwear - manufacturers made sure that their products meet the highest requirements of the consumers.

Winter is just around the corner.It's time to get out of the closet winter wardrobe items and determine if they need to be cleaned.Ask also, if you are willing to serve the last year gloves, hats and scarves.We all want to look fashionable, even if it is a winter wardrobe Winter wardrobe: what and what to wear Winter wardrobe: what and what to wear .And then there's need to think about how to

be stylish and not freeze.Thus, all dependent on the choice of winter clothing.

Many women prefer classic wool coat.Let's say right away: wool - this is probably the warmest material most suitable for the cold season.Although this type of clothing is not too cheap, the money invested by you, will be repaid as a classic is always in fashion, and a coat of high quality material will serve you for a long time.We advise to look for something cozy merino wool, cashmere or camel hair Cashmere: trendy chic Cashmere: fashion chic .No less popular and so-called boiled wool - it is soft and very warm.

Did you enjoy female leather coat or sheepskin coat.Today, you can find a coat of leather in different colors and styles.To again rational to spend money, it is advisable to choose a leather coat classic style.Remember, leather is very expensive.Very soft and pleasant to the skin is considered to be a lamb, but over the years a coat will be softer and more pleasant.

how to choose the most warm winter coat

If you are a lover of winter sports or want to buy something a little more freedom in terms of style, there is a possibility to choose a winter feminine jacket.In the clothing stores have a vast selection of a variety of jackets from a variety of manufacturers.Some of them are more focused on active forms of recreation - skiing or snowmobiling.But there is a trendy winter jackets for women, for example, from the designers of the company LAMB, Juicy Couture and Rock & amp;Republic.

The buying guide

If you need something very warm, we advise to choose a jacket or coat on the fluff.According to experts, natural jackets are the most warm compared to the rest of winter outerwear Tops: with special warmth Outerwear: with special warmth .Top down jacket may be waterproof, then it will not even afraid of wet snow or rain, which often come in the winter.Index down should not be less than five hundred and fifty (it is usually indicated on the label).The higher the score, the better the down and, consequently, warmer jacket.

how to choose the most warm winter coat how to choose the most warm winter coat

If you want to look slim, you should choose a wool stylish coat that will warm you and will protect even in cold and wet weather, in it you'll never look clumsy asin down jackets.These coats are usually durable and justify the money spent on them.Choose from boiled wool coat - she pricked, very smooth and soft, although it is more expensive.You can buy a coat of mantle tissue wool lining, it's also a good choice.

how to choose the most warm winter coat how to choose the most warm winter coat

buying a jacket, pay attention to the fabric top.For rainy weather the best option would be a synthetic waterproof jacket on a natural lining, which will not allow you to overheat.For fitness and jogging is useful soft jacket, but also waterproof.If you're counting on a dry and cold winter, the best choice may be a jacket - it is light and very warm.

how to choose the most warm winter coat how to choose the most warm winter coat

Make sure your coat or jacket will protect you from wind and rain, and will be warm enough in cold weather.Pay attention to the seams - it is desirable that they were double it - extra protection from the cold.Not bad, if you will coat coquette into fly-away - it protects in windy conditions.Required and the valve on the clasp because lightning is not a barrier to wind and moisture.

Pay attention to details: the interior of the pocket can be fleece, and if you suddenly forgotten gloves, hands will not be cold.

Make sure that the store where you purchased your coat or jacket, ready to take the thing back, if you suddenly realize that it does not suit you.Put upgraded to one of the coldest days, and you immediately realize you made a successful purchase.