Clothing for different types of shapes - either an apple, or pear

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01 July 2016

Clothing for various types of figures If you want to look as good as possible, it is important to understand what kind of clothes most suitable to your type of figure.The only way you will be able to find a suitable wardrobe, which allows you to create a beautiful and balanced image of the elegant and confident woman.

Choosing clothes

When you buy clothes, always remember about your figure type and match the things that are good for you are sitting.Whatever the particular body, too tight clothes or hanging bag should be considered naiposledneyshuyu place.

Another general advice - do not buy clothes just because it is fashionable.Not all current models are suitable for different types of shapes.You can find the classics with modern details or add to a wardrobe a few items, the relevant trends.

Clothing for various types of figures

Clothing type figure "apple»

This kind of figure is called "apple", "inverted triangle" or "O".This woman with shapely legs, broad shoulders and big bust.For this type of figure will approach the following combinations:

  • Short skirts with tunics
  • tops with V-neck and slightly flared trousers with normal waist
  • blouses with slightly prisborennoe waist and flared skirt
  • Jackets by one button and slacks Slacks: elegance without giving up comfort Slacks: elegance without giving up comfort
  • Solid Dress A-line
  • wide trousers and tops with plunging neckline

For this type of figure fit dark tops that helpto balance the upper and lower part of the figure.Solid ensembles create a more slender silhouette.Suit bright accessories at the neck, such as a scarf or large necklace, they also help to balance the silhouette.

combinations of several layers, such as a short-cut blouse under a jacket, is also a good choice for the type of figures "Apple".Avoid tight, heavy fabrics and choose tops length below the waist.

Clothing for various types of figures

Clothing type figure "pear»

Clothing type figure "pear" (sometimes this type is called a "triangle" or "A") should balance the figure with heavy hipsand slender upper body.To do this, fit such a combination:

  • Solid skirt just below the knee and blouses with patterns
  • Slightly flared jeans with tops with a plunging neckline or a crew neck
  • Skirts A-line and blouses with the smell of a three-quarter sleeves
  • Straight trousersjackets that end just above the hips
  • wraparound dress - plain or with simple prints
  • Bright tops with dark trousers or jeans

Women with this type of shapes can wear dark pants and skirts and enjoy a rich selection of colorful tops with interesting prints- such combinations create a harmonious silhouette and draw attention to the upper body.

Also pay attention to the tops, which can be balanced at the expense of detail, such as lush and decorated with lace Lace in the modern wardrobe Lace in the modern wardrobe sleeves, wide cut-outs, or a hood, as well as decorations on the shoulders, which visually increase the width of theregion.

Do owners of this type of figure is often very narrow waist, so that they can wear pretty belt to accentuate it.It is necessary to avoid low sitting or too large zones, not to attract undue attention to the hips.

Clothing for various types of figures

Clothing type figure "box»

Women with this type of figure is often envious of others - they are more slender build than others.But such women often want to look more feminine.Here are some clothing options that will help create the illusion of forms.

  • pencil skirts with jackets with a belt
  • blouses with ruffles and other bulky items and flared trousers
  • polo shirt with slightly flared trousers or jeans
  • Dresses with form-fitting bodice and ruffles at the waist and lush bottom
  • Layered ensembles
  • flared skirts with tops with a V-neck

Also, women with this figure can wear dress-cases, which create the illusion of a more feminine figure.Contrasting combinations, such as tight jeans and bulky sweaters also help break up the vertical lines.

One of the secrets of creating volumes - the use of accessories.For example, to help narrow waist or short necklace large.Details such as ruffles or build on a blouse, also contribute to the illusion of volume.

Clothing for various types of figures

Clothing type figure "hourglass»

This type figure with a thin waist and feminine forms can afford almost any clothing.To emphasize its advantages, can choose from the following options.

  • Flared jeans and tops with plunging neckline
  • slit skirt three-quarter length and blouse with a smell and a V-neck
  • The fitted jacket with straight trousers
  • dresses in the style of the fifties
  • Slightly flared jeans and T-shirts with vertical notches
  • Fitted dress strapless

Choose clothing that accentuates the waist and hips.Too loose clothes will look baggy.Such type of shape more suitable fitting or softly draped fabrics, but not dense, heavy materials.Women with this type of figure can easily wear pants with a high waist.

How to determine the type of shape

Even if you do not exactly fit the description of one of the most women could be related to one of the basic types.They can be used as a general guide to the selection of clothing to look and attract attention in proportion to their merits.

  • «Apple" or "inverted triangle" - broad shoulders, a large bust.Overweight mainly in the abdominal area.
  • «Pear" or "triangle" - narrow shoulders and slender torso.Overweight mainly in the thighs or legs.
  • «Rectangle" - thin athletic, less-defined shapes.Excess weight is not concentrated in any one area.
  • «Sand hour" - a narrow waist, full breasts and hips.Extra weight may be in the chest and hip zone.

If you can not choose the type, for example, you have two types of features, use fashion tips for one, and for another.Or select the one whose features are more visible.

Show off your style

Knowing what things you are, you can create your own style and use those fashion trends that adorn you.Every woman is beautiful in its own way, and the right thing can transform you and make even more beautiful.