Winter Coat - a few tips for buying

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01 July 2016

winter coat winter coat classic cut, which warms you and when it looks stylish and elegant, is one of the basic things in every woman's wardrobe.But how do you choose the most winter coat that is right for you, your figure and your style?

Every woman must necessarily buy quality winter coat.In the cold months coat - the first thing that people see, and it means exactly what it creates the first impression first impression in business and in personal relationships The first impression in business and in personal relationships about you, no matter how elegant your clothes underneath.It makes no sense to wear beautiful clothes under the rubbish, inelegant or unfashionable coat or jacket.On the other hand, many women run out to the store in sports sweat pants, throwing over the long coat - and look at it very effectively.A stylish coat can save the day and your fashionable reputation, even if the rest of your ensemble poor.

not buying, and investment

quality winter coat emphasizing the advantages of your figure, is quite expensive, but if you make the right ch

oice, you'll be wearing it for years, so consider buying a coat promising long terminvestment.

  • Choose coat of durable fabrics - cashmere, alpaca and wool blend, or a new high quality synthetic blends.
  • Pay attention to the poorly sewn buttons, sloppy seams, hanging threads, uneven floors, or looking out lining - if you find any of these signs, put your coat back on the shelf and go.
  • Take your coat on the maximum amount you can afford.
  • Buy coats only if it sits perfectly on you.
winter coat

Choose simple shapes and basic colors

  • As winter coat - it's an investment, do not choose too trendy or trend model.Yes, you need a fashionable coat fashionable coat: Fall-Winter 2011-2012 Fashionable coat: Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 , but you do not want to have a couple of years when your winter coat out of fashion, whispering behind your back, "This style or colorI was all the rage two years ago.It is a pity that it is no longer relevant. "
  • Therefore, choose a coat classic cut - it has little influence on fashion trends - and a neutral color that goes with most of the clothes in your wardrobe.If you wear a lot of black and rare - dark blue, for God's sake, do not buy a blue coat.Select the model of black or gray What color goes gray: a diverse and versatile What color goes gray: a diverse and versatile .Buy dark blue coat only if that color is dominated thing in your wardrobe.If you prefer the warm earth tones, choose a model brown, chocolate, mustard or olive color.
  • pay tribute to fashion trends and supplement your winter coat accessories - new scarves, hats, gloves or a brooch.
winter coat

Choose a coat-type figure

to buy a coat that you slimmer, but does not add extra weight, choose a style that suits your body type and proportions of the body:

  • Low growth

woman of small stature looks better in the coat, the length of which reaches to the knee: it highlights the leg from the knee down and visually slim, making it seem higher.The long coat miniature lady just drown, and 7/8 length coat will look like the thing to put on someone else's shoulder, and it in fact it will look even worse than it is.

  • Tall

woman above average growth should be sought coat with proportions that correspond to its high growth.Perhaps she would have to look for a particular breed, as even long maxi-coat is too short to look at it, and 7/8 length coat will be enough for her.

  • large size

Owners total figure should not wear clothes of A-shaped silhouette, which usually looks at these women in the country - it seems that the lady hastily threw the tent.Instead of sketching on top of the clothes brezentopodobnuyu jacket holders feminine forms are visually reduce its volume by resorting to the help of a long coat on the figure.Do not hide your shape and do not be ashamed of - this is the best strategy of behavior of large women.

winter coat
  • large / small chest

Women with large breasts look better in a single-breasted coat, and a double-breasted cut is best suited for women with small breasts who want to create the illusion of a lush breasts.

What else do you need to consider when choosing a coat

addition to the growth and characteristics of shape, the choice of coat should also take into account other important factors: the climate in which you live and your lifestyle.

  • If you often have to sit down or get out of the car, choose a shorter coat, so that it is not shy about your movements.
  • If you move mostly on public transportation such as bus, subway or train, you need a length of 3/4 or 7/8, to not worry about what you can step on the floor and fall.
  • If you go on foot, and many live in conditions of extreme cold, you have a maximum length and a warm coat, which protects you from the elements.