Mushroom soup - fragrant tenderness

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27 June 2016

mushroom soup puree Soups assumed dish everyday, familiar, useful, but at the same time somehow dull.Meanwhile, there are a lot of really delicious recipes for soups.Such dishes as luxury mushroom soup, can turn the most ordinary dinner in celebration, and time for the preparation of this dish goes not so much.

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accepted that soups appeared in France, although these dishes have recipes in many nations.Once grated cooking soup was a daunting task - cook was required carefully grind all the ingredients to make a velvety soft texture and uniform taste.However, since he invented a blender, puree soups considerably simplified: Now this dish can be prepared in minutes.

Pureed soups are widely used in baby food Baby food - what to feed the baby? Baby food - what to feed the baby? .These dishes are easily digested and have a high nutritional value, so soups are recommended weakened and people recovering from illness.Many recipes for soups, mashed potatoes are recommended for those who want to lose weight: they are low-calor

ie and at the same time satisfying.

When feeding pureed soups to decorate with greenery and a small number of neprotertye products from which the dish is prepared.Also, to soups, mashed potatoes served small crackers or toast.To improve the taste of the soup can also be adding in a bowl of butter.It is best to eat freshly prepared soups, in hot form palatability of such foods deteriorate.

Technology soups, purees

mushroom soup puree Underlying pureed soup is broth, vegetable broth, water or (more rarely) milk.The most exquisite dishes are kind of creamy soups, whose composition must include lush natural cream.

pureed soups preparation technology is simple.All components of the soup, cut into small pieces and boiled until tender and then crushed into a puree and bred liquid.Ready soup should resemble the density of liquid sour cream or sour : untold riches of Russian cuisine Smetana: untold riches of Russian cuisine .To thicken the dish in it add starchy vegetables or a small amount of cereal.

If desired, you can cook the soup in another manner.On the basis of the broth should prepare white sauce, which turned into a puree added cooked ingredients, and then brought to the boiling soup.Thus prepared dish has a soft velvety texture.

To make mushroom soup mushroom soup : Forest tale Mushroom soup: Forest Fairy Tale -pyure best use of mushrooms.Delicate taste of these mushrooms are available year-round great harmony with the taste of a variety of vegetables, cereals and dairy products.If you wish to add the button mushrooms can be a small amount of wild mushrooms, for example, white.This addition will give the soup a special bright flavor.

soup with mushrooms: a step-by-step

and a half liters of water must take five hundred grams of mushrooms, three medium potatoes, stalk leeks, fifty grams of butter, one hundred and fifty grams of cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg.Mushrooms, potatoes and onions to be chopped onion stew in oil, mushrooms and potatoes, boil for ten minutes.Add to the soup leeks and boil for another five minutes.After that, using a blender to grind the contents of the pan to become a homogeneous mass.

Cream should be heated, not boiling, and add with constant stirring the soup puree.In the finished soup, add salt, pepper and nutmeg, turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and give authentic for five minutes, then bring to the table with fresh herbs and garlic croutons or conventional.

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