Chicken breast, composition, use, chicken breast and slimming

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06 July 2016
chicken breast

chicken breast - one of the few food products that are very supportive doctors and nutritionists.In any system of balanced nutrition chicken breast is given pride of place.In a number of diets such as the Atkins or Duke Qurna breast is the foundation of the diet.

This product is also in honor of the athletes as a source of protein and the elderly as one of the easiest to digest food.

No, probably no cuisine in the world where there would be food with chicken breast.This part of the chicken is valued above all else and is therefore almost twice as much as a whole chicken or that other part.

Ingredients chicken breast

Calories 100 grams of chicken breast is 113 calories.In energy terms a large part accounts for 84% protein (23.4 g), fat 15% (1.9 g), 1% carbohydrates (0.4 g).

a result of heat treatment calorie chicken breast and its nutritional value may change slightly.So calorie breast after cooking slightly decrease due to the digestion of fat in the broth and make about 95 calories.A fried chicke

n breast can "weigh" about 200 calories from fat, which is fried.

Chicken breast is rich in vitamins and minerals.And the word "rich" is not an exaggeration.200-gram serving of chicken breast provides the daily requirement for vitamin PP, half the need for vitamin B6, phosphorus and magnesium, almost half of the daily requirement of vitamins B3 and B6.

And the content of cobalt breast has no equal among the food.In 100 grams of boiled chicken breast contains 120 percent of the daily requirement of this trace element.Chicken breast contains a significant amount of choline, sulfur, chromium, zinc, vitamins A, H and PP.

Advantages smoky breast

main advantage of chicken breast - high protein content.100 grams of chicken breast yield 22 grams of pure protein.The higher protein content is given only seafood.

The benefits of protein in the body known to all.Our body can not synthesize their own most of the amino acids, which are the main structural component of all metabolic processes.Protein deficiency is extremely negative impact on all functions and organs.The lack of protein can cause as the tendency to colds and obesity.

Another important quality of chicken breast - a minimum fat content.Athletes who aim to build muscle mass, give preference to chicken breast.If you dial the required amount of protein from the other more fatty meats such as beef and mutton, not to mention the pork, you get a significant "bust" of fats.That will not only increase muscle mass, and fat.

Use chicken breast

chicken breast

Chicken breast is a source of beneficial micro-and macro, vitamins and other biologically active substances, which makes chicken breast not only dietary, but also healthy food.

broth chicken breast treated with cold.This broth enhances the body's defenses, strengthens the immune system.Generally speaking, any chicken broth has a certain healing power saturates the body with vitamins and minerals.But the broth of chicken breast, unlike broth, brewed from other parts of the chicken contains a minimum of fat, but because such a broth can be drunk in any quantity, without fear of harm to the body.Broth chicken breast is often the first product, which is allowed to eat after heavy surgeries.

chicken breast and broth from it - better nutrition in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Digestion chicken breast does not require the expenditure of effort and energy.It gently envelops the gastric mucosa, absorbs excess gastric acid.Another reason for diseases of the digestive tract to eat chicken breast - high content of vitamin E, which is involved in the processes of fermentation in the digestive tract, ensure the normal work of the digestive system.

chicken breast provides the body with almost all the B vitamins B1 is involved in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, increases metabolism, regulates the function of the digestive system.B6 also helps to generate carbohydrate processes affect the decrease in fat depots.B2 is involved in the processes of biological oxidation, contributes to energy production and has a significant impact on the ability of the eyeball to focus on objects located at different distances.

The chicken breast high in potassium - a mineral, have a significant effect on the heart muscle.Chicken breast cardiologists recommend to everyone who already has problems with the cardiovascular system, as it reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and improves the overall cardiovascular system.

Choline, part of the chicken breast, adrenal glands and improves the function of the kidneys, and moreover, improves liver and reduces the load on the liver.

Regular consumption of chicken breast will positively affect the appearance.The skin becomes smooth and healthy, shiny hair and thick, and nails strong.

Slimming using chicken breast

chicken breast - the best product to get rid of excess weight.This product provides the body with everything you need, including protein, which the body to digest spend up to one third of the received energy.

There are many diets for weight loss, which are based on the consumption of chicken breasts.There are radical diets that involve eating almost one chicken breast.There are also more rational, balanced composition and safe for health.

balanced diet

Transferring such a diet is easy, because it contains a list of permitted products.Duration - at least three weeks.

essence of the diet: every meal should eat 200 grams of chicken breast, boiled or steamed.In addition to the breast during the day are allowed to eat 300 grams of raw vegetables, 400 grams of steamed vegetables without butter (with the exception of potatoes and other root crops) and 200 grams of cereals, cooked on the water without sugar.Allowed to eat a couple of savory fruit: apples, plums, pears.

fall under a total ban sweet, flour, sweet drinks.Because alcohol is allowed a glass of dry wine once a week.Beer, alcohol and sweet water is prohibited.This diet is quite effective.Another advantage of this diet - chicken breast for a variety can be replaced by other low-fat sources of protein: lean fish, low-fat cottage cheese or boiled chicken proteins.

seven-day diet chicken

It's quite a tough one, but a week of such a diet really lose up to 4-5 kg.Usually such diets (or its variants) begins the famous Dukan Diet is based on a high protein intake and a significant decrease in carbohydrates.

Daily boil 2 liters of water 800 grams of chicken breast, add the broth celery and carrots, a little onion and herbs if desired.The soup is divided into 5-6 pieces and eat during the day.The advantage of this diet - in the excellent results and the simplicity and accessibility.

Among the shortcomings - a number of significant restrictions on health.Diseases of the kidney, liver, heart and gastrointestinal tract.Especially critical to pure protein diet kidney, which will have to operate in emergency mode.


chicken breast chicken breast, as well as other components of chicken contains histamine, the strongest allergen.Therefore, chicken breast can cause allergic reactions.As a calm note that allergy to chicken protein does not occur spontaneously.

should be noted that a good diet chicken breast can be extremely harmful if the bird stuffed with antibiotics.Learn how to clean this perspective poultry, it is impossible to rely on the honesty of the manufacturer.From this standpoint, preferably from chicken domestic chicken.But overgrown chicken, tend to have a very tough meat.

Low palatability - is another drawback of chicken breast.