Essential and nonessential amino acids

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06 July 2016
essential and nonessential amino acids

For normal work and life, our body has to regularly replenish the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are responsible for the internal organs and the flow of the various internal processes.Among the most important substances in which each of us needs to include amino acids.They are organic compounds that contribute to the formation of protein molecules, which are the basis of muscle tissue and is responsible for the metabolic processes in the body.According to the importance and the number of amino acids in the human body take the second place after the water, so do not underestimate them.To avoid unwanted effects, it is necessary regularly replenish amino acids in the body and to promote their development, depending on species.

Types of amino acids

all currently known amino acids can be divided into two main types: essential and nonessential.As you have probably guessed, the essential amino acids - those substances that can not be synthesized by the body and does not replace any other substances.T

hat is why the need to be concerned about the fact that they regularly enter the body with food.As for the essential amino acids, they may be prepared by the synthesis of other nutrients during the course of internal processes.Therefore their use in its pure form is not required.However, those and other amino acids are equally important for the body, so we can not give preference to any one of the species.

essential amino acids

As mentioned earlier, the essential amino acids are synthesized by the body during the metabolism, remove a sufficient number of other organic substances.When the need arises, ie, when depletion of amino acids, the body automatically switches to the creation of the necessary amino acids.By nonessential amino acids include arginine, alanine, glutamine, glycine, tyrosine, proline, asparagine, serine, and cysteine.Let us consider some of them and their impact on our body.


This amino acid is produced by the body as a result of being hit by the meat, dairy products, fish, poultry, eggs, and some plant foods such as avocados.Alanine is an excellent source of energy that provides the body with the power for a long period.It helps to accelerate the processing and glucose uptake and excretion of toxins from the liver.Besides alanine prevents muscle breakdown that occurs especially during intense exercise.In some cases alanine acts as a prophylactic agent in an enlarged prostate.


This amino acid, arginine, was very important for a person and is considered one of the most important in the body.It takes part in maintaining the health of the joints, muscles, skin, and liver.It has restorative properties, so often promotes tissue regeneration in arthritis and other diseases of the joints.Arginine is directly involved in the process of strengthening the immune system is involved in the synthesis of creatine, but also reduces the amount of fat that would be very helpful for those who are involved in sports to lose weight.Despite the fact that arginine produced by the body, humans with burns on the skin and those who want to rapidly build muscle further receive recommended given amino acid as a food additive.Natural sources of arginine are dairy products, meat, chocolate, some nuts, oats and wheat.


Get it essential amino acids can be of many products, especially the greens.However, it should be borne in mind that glutamine is rapidly destroyed by heat treatment, so it is best to use the resources in their raw form.This amino acid is involved in the establishment and maintenance of muscle condition.It acts as a source of food for the brain, as well as a source of energy for the nervous system, normalizing its condition and relieving tension.In addition, glutamine is able to rid the liver of toxic substances to prevent unwanted muscle breakdown, strengthen the immune system and helps with arthritis and chronic fatigue.In short, this nonessential amino acid must be present in the diet of those who worry about their health.

Essential amino acids Essential

, or as they are called essential amino acids can not be synthesized by our body, so virtually their only source is the food that we eat every day.In case of shortage of these amino acids, the body consumes them from the muscle tissue, which negatively affects the state of the muscles.Among the essential amino acids include leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, histidine, valine, threonine and tryptophan.


This amino acid is classified as the BCAA, because it has a branched chain and plays a very important role in the recovery of muscles, so incredibly popular among people who exercise regularly.Leucine is much faster than other essential amino acids into glucose, so that helps stop muscle tissue in catabolic processes occurring during grueling workouts.In addition, leucine controls the level of sugar in the blood, increases the production of growth hormone and helps to burn fat, which is sure to please those who joined the sport to lose weight.Sources of leucine include meat, nuts, legumes, rice, whole wheat, and soy flour.


isoleucine, like the previous one amino acid, is one of the most important amino acids BCAA, which are often used in professional bodybuilding.Regular consumption of isoleucine increases stamina and productivity training, accelerates recovery and muscle growth, stimulates the replenishment of energy naturally, eliminating muscle breakdown.Because of isoleucine in the shortest time possible to improve their athletic performance and achieve the desired shape.Get this essential amino acid can of meat, fish, nuts, eggs, peas, soybeans and seeds.


This amino acid is often added to sports nutrition, as its main function - is strengthening the immune system that is weakened with a lack of nutrients, and excessive strain on the body.Lysine has antiviral properties, it regulates the processes of bone turnover, prevents the development of common colds and stimulates collagen and muscle protein, which facilitates the rapid recovery of the body and muscles in particular.In order to replenish stocks of lysine, it is necessary to consume red meat, fish, milk, eggs, cheese, potatoes and yeast.


Among the essential amino acids that our body needs include methionine, with unique properties.He participates in the recycling and disposal of fats, so often helps in weight loss and in demand by those who wish to lose weight.This amino acid is involved in the formation of taurine and cysteine ​​which, in turn, excrete toxic substances, cleansing and updating it.With the synthesis of methionine, creatine, improves performance and endurance.Without it not possible the synthesis of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, as well as the health of nails.Methionine should be an integral part of the diet for people suffering from arthritis and allergies.It can be obtained from meat, fish, legumes, onions, garlic and soy.