Useful desserts

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06 July 2016
useful desserts

As acknowledged by the majority of people who follow a particular diet aimed at weight loss, the most complex in the diet is to avoid sweets.Indeed, reasonable and effective diets contain a ban sweet.It is perfectly appropriate: sugar - the main enemy of the waistline, is involved in the complex biochemical processes that lead to the accumulation of fat.However

completely abandon sweet is extremely difficult, and is not necessary.Sugar, among other things, nourishes the brain produces endorphins, gives joy.Complete rejection of sweets leads to inevitable failures, especially if the diet sticks sweet tooth.Therefore sensible to enter into the diet desserts, containing the minimum calories and carbohydrates, rich in vitamins, pectin and fiber, and are therefore useful.

useful and tasty sweets there.But they should not be there all the time, because in large quantities it can also be harmful to the figures as full cream cream cake.

Rules sweets

By and large, without harm to the figures can have any s

weets, including banned nutritionists pastries and sweets.The benefit will not bring such sweets, but the pleasure will bring.It is important to know when to stop.As for desserts beneficial, then their ingestion should be regulated, or even healthy dessert in a lot of ways to hurt.

Caloric sweet during the day should not exceed ten percent of the total daily calories.

From daily use, even useful desserts should be possible to refuse.To remove the acute cravings and make up the body's need for sugar, enough to eat sweets in a day.

As part of the sweets should not be artificial sweeteners because they increase cravings for sweets.

sweets can be found only in the morning.So they serve as a source of energy that is consumed during the day.Evening sweets are unacceptable, they are stored as fat.

When preparing home-baked wheat flour should be replaced linen.Her lower caloric value and the glycemic index, fiber content is higher and the taste is very close to the taste of wheat.


useful desserts

bitter or dark chocolate with cocoa beans for at least 76 per cent - a great dessert.Such chocolate has a minimum sugars.Chocolate has a positive effect on the body in hormone levels, stimulates endorofinov, the so-called hormone of joy.Therefore, a piece or two of dark chocolate carries a huge psychological effect.Most dieters feel a great discomfort because of dietary restrictions.Chocolate eliminates this discomfort, improves mood and makes any diet more comfortable.

addition, dark chocolate contains monounsaturated fats, which are involved in the process of lipid metabolism and help to lose weight.


Fruits - a source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.This is a big plus in favor of fruit consumption.A huge drawback is that fruits contain sugars, mostly on decaying fast carbs, so their use in the diet causes a lot of disputes, including in the professional environment nutritionists.

While scientists argue minds can be guided by common sense and allow yourself sometimes fruit, bringing in a minimum consumption of high carbohydrate, such as grapes and bananas.Apples, lemons, plums, berries, most - those fruits are not only possible, but you need to eat.In the morning and in limited quantities.


all the beneficial properties of fresh fruits and dried fruits have a sweet, fragrant.They - a concentrate of minerals and vitamins, and concentrate even more calories, more nutritional value of which is accounted for carbohydrates.Therefore, dried fruits are good not only as a useful dessert as a sweetener other healthy dishes.

dried fruit can be diluted with fresh cereal or low fat cottage cheese, and these dishes are not only cease to be boring, but it will be even more useful due to the enrichment with vitamins and essential sugars.

daily norm consumption of dried fruits:
dried apples - 100 grams per day;
dried pears - 60 grams;
plums - 3-4 pieces;
apricots - 3-4 pieces;
figs - 2 pcs.

Dried fruit - an excellent basis for compotes.Stewed fruit without sugar can drink without fear of the figure.


cream called persona non grata on the desk of a man who adheres to the norms of a healthy diet.With this we can agree, if we are talking about ice cream manufacturing.Anyone who has ever read the label carefully the composition of the ice cream, agree that even expensive high-quality varieties contain in its composition is much that hurts not only figure, but also throughout the body as a whole: vegetable oils, stabilizers, flavorings, colorings.

useful ice cream dessert can be cooked alone.After the ice cream - it's frozen milk with different fillers.Eliminating harmful components, this product can be not only delicious, but also useful.

Sugar can be replaced with berries or fruit, milk take a minimum fat content.And calorie favorite dessert significantly reduced.

in favor of ice cream as a useful product for weight loss and said its low temperature.The organism will spend more energy to heat the cream to body temperature before it begins to digest.From the center of thermoregulation for this purpose the release of additional energy, the ice will have to burn a certain amount of extra calories.


useful desserts

Zephyr - another dessert that is possible in limited quantities is, without fear of the figure.This marshmallows prepared from egg proteins, gelatin and sugar.Egg whites themselves contain a minimum of calories and almost zero carbohydrates, gelatin is useful for skin and nails.The danger is marshmallow sugar.You can cook your own marshmallows, replacing harmful useful sugar berries.

Another option marshmallow dessert - yogurt zephyr .This dessert is sweet, removes abnormal cravings and thus has a minimum of calories.

Ingredients: 125 g low-fat yogurt, 150 g of white marshmallows, 1 liter of skim milk, 15 g vanilla sugar and 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar.

Preparation.Mix all ingredients in a blender, heated to 38-42 degrees and put in yogurt for 5-6 hours.Then pour into cups and leave to cool.One serving of the dessert does not contain more than 150 calories.In addition, yogurt can replace a full breakfast.


Marmalade - another allowable when diets sweetness.This marmalade is made from natural ingredients, but this is difficult to buy in the store.By purchasing the finished product in the store, you should carefully read the composition.And, of course, do not buy even a natural candy, generously sprinkled with sugar.The extra calories to anything.

Natural marmalade can be prepared at home, is reduced to zero harm of sugar in the recipe by replacing the sugar maple syrup or juice of fresh berries.

orange marmalade .Ingredients: 1 kg of oranges, 2 lemons pieces, 2 kg of sugar.

Preparation.Clear citrus (do not throw away the peel), cut into small pieces.Separately, chop the zest, add the pulp of the fruit.Mix fruit peel with three liters of water, stir and leave to infuse for about a day.A day later the mixture was stirred, put on a slow fire under the hood.Cook, stirring occasionally until the peel softens, for about a half hour.Then drained through a colander, mix with two pounds of sugar and boil until cooked.Sugar can be replaced with maple syrup.Marmalade is spread on the banks, harbor construction paper or film.


excellent useful and low-calorie dessert is a jelly.And here, as in the case of marmalade, do not be lazy to prepare their own meals.

Useful low-calorie pastries

Anyone, even the most exquisite dessert, can be optimized to suit your needs, replace high-calorie foods in the diet.We already wrote about the possibility of replacing flax flour.Sugar can be replaced by plant stevia.Instead of sugary fatty creams stuff fruit filling cakes or sweet vegetables.

Oatmeal cookies dietary .Ingredients.According to Article 4.tablespoons of oat and wheat bran, low-fat cottage cheese, 4 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Preparation.Beat yolks with baking powder and maple syrup, add the remaining ingredients, stir.From the mass of molded liver, put on a baking sheet and bake.