Cooked carrots, composition, use, boiled carrot diet

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06 July 2016
boiled carrots

Carrot belongs to the family umbrella.It is considered the birthplace of Afghanistan and Europe carrots came only at the beginning of the last millennium."Grandma" all the familiar orange carrot was purple.Bright colored root vegetables gave a positive farmers in the Netherlands in the XVII century, moving the new variety.Since then, it has gained such popularity carrots.However, in China willing to eat roots and purple.

Initially carrots grown for scented foliage, enriching greens meager diet.A juicy roots tasted much later.Nowadays cultivated dozens of varieties of carrots, which can be divided into the dining room, which we eat and feed, which is fed to livestock, or a raw material for sugar production.

In the food consumed as a raw carrots and boiled.And it is dried, pickled, fried and salted.As a result of the heat treatment carrots acquires new properties, wherein the vitamins lost.

Ingredients cooked carrots

Calorie boiled carrots does not exceed 35 calories, most of which is accounted for c

arbohydrates, protein and fat in the cooked carrots minimum.The boiled roots grow carbohydrate content of about 30 percent compared with raw carrots.

Cooking destroys almost to the base of ascorbic acid, which is contained in raw carrots, but it does not reduce the content of pro-vitamin A - the main advantages of carrots.According to the content of provitamin boiled carrots is no different from the crude.

100 grams of carrot contains 7-11 mg of provitamin A, some varieties have a significant content.Such varieties are called vysokokarotinovymi.Enough to eat 10 grams of carrots a day to replenish the body's need vitamin A. 30 grams of cooked carrots conventional varieties provide the daily requirement of vitamin A. In addition

provitamin A boiled carrots contains vitamins B1, B2, B9, K, PP and a minorthe amount of vitamin C. Among the minerals should be noted the high content of calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron.

Value boiled carrots impart essential oils and volatile, which are not destroyed by cooking.Boiled carrots - the source of alkaline substances that the body neutralize the destructive effects of acid.

boiled carrots, as well as in damp, high sugar content.Some varieties of sugar content in the dry matter can be up to 15%.Stored in the cooked carrots and fiber, but its content is lower than in raw carrots.

Benefits of cooked carrots

entire community "club of carrots," representatives of the world of which a great many, is divided into two camps.Some claim that raw carrots useful than boiled.Others advocate a different view: the boiled root useful than raw carrots.Rights and those and others.After the heat treatment of carrot loses some of its vitamins, but gets a number of useful properties.

Thus, the antioxidant properties of cooked carrots is higher than that of crude.The value of antioxidants for the body can not be overestimated.Antioxidants - a watchman on guard our health, fighters with atypical cells, which, by sharing, to expand cancer.Antioxidants prevent premature aging, protect against viruses and bacteria.

general opinion of gastroenterologists: boiled carrots better and better absorbed by the body than raw, without downloading the digestive tract without irritating the mucous membranes.Raw carrots can be contraindicated in some diseases of the digestive tract, boiled solved even gastric ulcer during the exacerbation.

boiled carrots is considered a "cleaner" of the blood vessels.Effectively reduces the size and number of cholesterol, gently cleanse the blood vessels, reducing bad cholesterol in the blood.Therefore, boiled carrots is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart failure and hypertension.

Boiled carrots must be present in the diet of older people as it helps prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease or simply - senile dementia.The recommendation to enter into the diet of boiled carrots in old age categorical, if there is a genetic predisposition to senile dementia.

Carrot after cooking retains most of its vitamins, so it can be recommended as a means of multivitamin for beriberi.Vitamins and minerals are destroyed carrots little for a long time after harvest.Therefore, boiled carrots in the diet in the spring, when many vegetables and fruits last year's harvest lose most of its beneficial properties, can replace a whole list of vegetables, supplying the body vitamins and minerals.

cooked carrots contains iron and iodine, so it can become a tool in the treatment of anemia.However, to exaggerate the importance of carrots as a supplier of iron is not necessary, it is only good in the complex therapy.Her "glandular" properties can be lifted if eaten in combination with boiled beets, composed salad, for example.

Boiled carrots beauty

Boiled carrots used in home cosmetics less than crude, however, and it has its fans.Typically, the mask with boiled carrots are used to give the skin a light shade of tan.

Boiled carrots, as raw, contains a large amount of yellow pigment.The small amount that the pigment does not have any effect on the body.If the carrots have continuously in large quantities, it can stain skin and whites of the eyeballs, to give a yellowish tint nails.For this reason, to cooked carrots teach their exhibition ginger cat owners.With boiled carrot color saturation and becomes resistant.

About the same effect gives the external application of cooked carrots.It is added to many of the mask.In addition to the light pigmentation of the skin, such mask nourishes, tones and rejuvenates the skin, because in addition to the pigment, carrots contains other useful components.

mask with boiled carrots

Half boiled carrots knead, add fat cottage cheese, half a teaspoon of olive oil.All carefully stir.Apply mask on the face with a thick layer, after 20 minutes, remove the cloth, then rinse with warm water.

Boiled carrots diet

Calorie raw carrots can be up to 55 calories.With cooking carrots loses its nutritional value - the roots are saturated with water, which boiled, and the water does not cost anything, "calorie."However, losing calorie, boiled carrots increases the carbohydrate content.The raw carrots 35% of carbohydrates in cooked - up to 55%.And having eaten as a side dish for dinner 200 grams of boiled carrots, you can exceed the daily rate of carbohydrates in the body receipt.

Boiled carrots categorically contraindicated in protein diet, when the content of carbohydrates in the diet is minimized.

In other cases, cooked carrots can be added to the diet if you want to lose weight.But given the high glycemic index of cooked carrots, it should not be there in the evening and at night, moving the dish with cooked carrots in the first half of the day.Then eaten cooked carrots will be a source of slow carbohydrates, source of energy for a long time.

In the evening, boiled carrots may be present on the table as a side dish to the main toppings in small quantities.It is well nourishes, gives dishes a bright color and uplifting.

Contraindications to the use of cooked carrots

main negative quality of cooked carrots - a high glycemic index.Therefore, boiled carrots - junk foods on the table for people suffering from diabetes.