Cooked beets, composition, use, boiled properties for weight loss

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06 July 2016
boiled beets

Beetroot belongs to the family of amaranth.Beets were grown in ancient Babylon, Armenia and Iran is still in the second millennium BC.And the first in the course was the beet tops, which was considered a drug.It was only much later began to eat the roots.

In the middle ages beetroot was particularly popular in Eastern Europe, where the plague was raging.Local residents noticed an abundance of beets on the table in the villages of mortality was lower.This love of beets peoples of Eastern Europe and preserved to this day.

In Russia, beets extremely popular because of good taste, availability and simplicity of cultivation.There is, perhaps, no garden or private garden, where there is at least one of the beds with beets.Beetroot - one of the few vegetables that retain their properties during the entire year of storage, up to the new harvest, and do not lose vitamins.

beets often eaten boiled.Sometimes - as juices or crude.

Ingredients boiled beets

100 grams of cooked beets contains about 45 calories.C

alorie beet may vary depending on the variety: the greater the beets contain sugar, the higher the calorie content.86% beet is water, approximately 9% - carbohydrates.Other - proteins (1.5%), fat (0.1%), cellulose.

Beetroot is a good source of minerals and vitamins.It consists of iron, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, fluorine, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur.In large quantities contains vitamins A, C, E, D, PP.

Beetroot contains a large number of biologically active substances, which are due to the beneficial properties of this vegetable.

Useful properties of boiled beets

main advantage of beet - high in fiber, which makes the beet one of the most effective laxatives.Beetroot stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract, improves peristalsis and helps with constipation.

Cooked beets protects the intestines from cancer.Regular consumption of boiled beets reduces the risk of developing cancer of the small intestine half.

Beetroot stimulates the formation of blood due to high content of betaine and folic acid.Betaine, which gives a rich color of beets, improves elasticity of blood vessels, helps to cope with the increased fragility of blood vessels.Cooked beets must have, if there is rosacea, strengthening capillaries improves the appearance of skin.

love of boiled beets leads to an improvement of the entire circulatory system.Beetroot useful hypertensive.It gently and effectively lowers blood pressure, also thanks to the positive effect on blood vessels.

Beets not in vain considered vegetables, beneficial to women's health.Beetroot helps to fill the loss of blood, it always gave women suffering from heavy menstrual period.The beet is rich in iron, so it helps to cope with anemia.

Beets also called male vegetable, as it stimulates the male force.

high fiber content in the beet is not only useful for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.Fiber helps reduce the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, improves in atherosclerosis.

Iodine - an important component in the composition of beet, so it is recommended to eat at any function of the thyroid gland.Useful boiled beets well as the prevention of diffuse goiter, especially those who live in areas with high levels of radiation, or work related to elevated levels of ionizing radiation.Cooked beetroot has antioxidant properties, protects against the effects of fumes heavy metals.

Cooked beets can be considered an excellent immunomodulator.The complex of vitamins and minerals, which are boiled roots, strengthens the immune system, protects against the harmful effects of viruses and microbes.In the period of high incidence of ODS and flu salad of boiled beets would be a great preventive measure.If a salad add garlic and fresh herbs, the salad will be higher efficiency due contained in garlic volatile production.

Beetroot has anti-inflammatory properties.Cooked beets healed gastric ulcers, even ulcers treated.

anti-inflammatory properties of cooked beets used for outdoor applications.Cooked beets is applied to wounds to their early healing.

Cooked beets perfectly cleans the liver.There are several methods of cleansing the liver of toxins by means of boiled beets.

With boiled beets purify the body after drinking bouts.As a hangover means fresh borscht plate - one of the best means: coats the stomach, clears the intestine replenishes the body with vitamins and minerals, ruined by alcohol.

Beetroot - a natural doping.Sports doctors have found that when athletes like boiled beets, it is often used in food, they have higher results than those who do not consume beets.Beetroot enhances endurance and performance.

Cooked beets in cosmetology

In Russia, boiled beets girl "brings beauty," added blush on the cheeks.And in our time use boiled beets, adding a face mask.Masks with boiled beets tone the skin, smooth, reduce age-related changes in the pigmentation, reduces the severity of freckles.

adding boiled beets in the face mask, it should be remembered that beet - an excellent dye, so it can adjust the skin tone.Blondes with fair skin are more sensitive to the masks with the addition of boiled beets, so they should be cautious to make such a mask.

Juice boiled beets previously deduced warts, soften rough skin on the feet.

Cooked beets diet

Cooked beets helps get rid of excess weight.Firstly, due to the high boiled beet laxative properties.Secondly, betaine, a part of the beet regulate fat metabolism, metabolism.There are several methods of losing weight with the help of boiled beets.

Beet dinner

This - the most simple and safe in terms of health to bring their weight back to normal.One of the meals tend dinner comprises only one dish - boiled beets.Beet greens can be diluted, it will not add a lot of calories.Dietary fiber contained in the cooked beets, give a feeling of satiety with minimal calories.In the morning, cleanse the body naturally.

Such food for a month will enable to lose up to 4 kilos, if not change the basic diet.If you enter a limit on other meals, eliminate high-calorie foods, the result will be more impressive.

Diet boiled beets

This diet leads to more visible results.However, it is contraindicated if there is a problem with the intestines, because it can cause bloating, cramps and indigestion by two or three times the use of boiled beets.Sample menu looks like.

Breakfast: porridge on the water without butter, salad of boiled beets, tea or coffee without sugar.Lunch: a portion of boiled or roasted lean meat or fish, a salad of beets.Dinner - salad of beets.With increasing hunger can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Diet quite hard, but this week you can lose up to four kilos.

Contraindications to the use of boiled beets

boiled beets do not have digestive disorders or irritable bowel syndrome.Of course, if you have diarrhea boiled beets is not worth eating.

Beetroot is not recommended for patients with diabetes.Firstly, it contains a lot of sugar, and secondly - a large amount of carbohydrates.

Beet delays the absorption of calcium by the body.Therefore, fans of beet should eat more foods containing calcium.And for osteoporosis should minimize the use of beet.