Dairy cream, composition, benefits and harms, domestic cream

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06 July 2016
dairy creamer

cream - a product of milk separation.Product name - "cream" - derived from the verb "to merge".The cream can be removed easily from the surface of the supernatant of milk and pour into another bowl.The cream has a smooth consistency, taste sweet, gentle color and should not have flakes, lumps or other impurities.

Cream distinguished by the fat content and the method of processing of raw materials.Depending on the method of processing distinguished pasteurized and sterilized.Pasteurized cream can be stored for no more than a week, the shelf life of sterilized up to four months.

composition cream

In the sale received the cream of varying fat content of 8 to 35%.From fat depends calorie cream.Calorie 10% cream - 120 calories, with 35% fat calorie cream reaches 350 kilocalories.Dry cream of 40% fat calorie has about 600 calories.Most of the nutritive value falls on fats, balance - proteins and carbohydrates.About 70% - water.

The cream has both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.In 100 ml of 25% fat

cream contains about 11 grams of saturated fatty acids, 87 mg of cholesterol, about 0.5 grams of ash a little less than one gram - organic acids.

Vitamin and mineral composition similar to milk cream, which is not surprising: the cream - it is a very fat milk.In 100 ml of cream contains: 124 mg of choline, vitamin PP - 0.6 mg Vitamin E - 0.4 mg, vitamin D - 0.1 g ascorbic acid - 0.3 mg, vitamin B12 - 0.4 mcgfolic acid - 8.5 mcg Vitamin B2 - 0.11 mg, vitamin B1 - 0.03 mg vitamin A - 160 micrograms.

In 100 ml cream accounts: Mo - 5 g, fluorine - 14 micrograms of selenium - 0.3 micrograms of manganese - 0.3 g, copper - 20 micrograms of iodine - 7 mcg Zinc - 0.25 mg iron- 0.22 mg of chlorine - 61 mg, phosphorus - 60 mg, potassium - 109 mg of sodium - 35 mg Magnesium - 8 mg Calcium - 86 mg.

Milk fat cream consists of a round fractions - balls.1 ml of cream contains about 3 billion of these balls.Balls do not merge with each other, as they have a fat envelope which enclosed lecithin, which binds to the protein.

main advantage of the cream can be called a high content of phosphatides that are similar in composition to fats, but having a nitrogenous base and phosphoric acid in the composition.The heating process destroys fat cream shell fractions and lecithin enters buttermilk.In the same way on impact cream whipping cream.Phosphatides in this case, too, are destroyed.

therefore natural cream more useful than butter or heated almost to the boiling point.Cold cream is replaced butter in cereals, desserts, sauces.Since the product is not only lower in calories and more useful.

Use cream

cream - tasty and healthy product with high nutritional value.It can and should eat everything, except infants, even elderly people whose diet is more restrictive in terms of calories and fat, but in small quantities.

Phosphatides (phospholipids) is a structural component of almost all body cells.The use of cream in the elderly avoids senile dementia, phospholipids play an important role in the functioning of the nervous system.

Since fats are a source of energy, the cream can be considered one of the best engineers.They should satisfy the hunger at high physical exertion.Athletes administered in the diet of fatty cream: they are a source of energy and protein.

Another reason why athletes like cream - a high content of casein, hard-fusion protein.Casein is valuable not only as a source of protein, but also as a substance that helps curb appetite.

fraction fat cream has such a size that the maximum fine and fully digested.The body does not have to spend extra energy to digest cream.

fats found in cream, envelop the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, so the cream - a necessary product for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.The cream will help with food poisoning, slow down the process of absorption of toxins and poisons make this incomplete absorption, and the output from the body faster.The cream is recommended to drink during chemical poisoning, even when the paint on the walls or floors during renovation work recommended after drinking a glass of cream, which neutralize the harmful effects of chemicals.

Cream - a source of amino acid L-tryptophan, which is synthesized in the body serotonin.Serotonin increases efficiency, improves mood, helps to cope with depression and insomnia.L-tryptophan reduces cravings for sugar, a simple carbohydrate.So, despite its high caloric content, a small amount of cream in helping to lose weight.

cream added to coffee or tea, caffeine reduces the irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.In the same way affect protective cream on tooth enamel to protect against the risk of fixing plaque on the enamel.

Cream as a source of lecithin can help lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, reduce the size and number of existing cholesterol plaques, protect blood vessels from the emergence of new ones.

Cream - a source of calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth.The cream should be drunk in the period of intensive growth of a teenager, for the formation of healthy bone tissue.Cream useful in violation of posture, phosphorus, a part of the cream increases the effects of calcium.

Cream - the best "neighbor" for the fat-soluble vitamins A and E, so the cream is recommended to add in carrot juice.So there is complete absorption of vitamins A and E. The combination of vitamins A, E and D in the cream is ideal for mastering, so the cream is like an infant who need vitamin D.

Cream Beauty Cream

to maintain the beauty used since the timesCleopatra.Famous milk bath - nothing but water with the addition of cream.Such milk bath smoothes the skin, rejuvenate it, bleach.Cleopatra owes her beauty, not least, baths and cream.

Cream is used for making household masks.They soften the skin, nourish it, smooth out fine wrinkles.

How to make homemade cream

not all stores cream useful: sterilized, with a long shelf life, they are deprived of many valuable components.Therefore, you should give preference cream with a small shelf life.Alternatively, the cream can be done at home by yourself, to be absolutely sure of their usefulness.

milk for the cream should be a natural to buy fresh, not shop.The milk is poured into a flat container, tray, for example, and allowed to cool.After a day on the surface of the cream will.They carefully collect the spoon and shift into a separate bowl.The thickness of the layer of cream and fat depends on the initial fat content of milk.

harm cream

cream, especially high fat content - a very high-calorie product, so it should be consumed in limited quantities.If there is no weight problem, then 100 grams per day - maximum.With obesity cream should be excluded from the diet.

Cream, like milk, you can not drink while lactose intolerance.Children up to three years should not give cream because of the high fat content and difficulty digesting.In diseases of the liver from the cream should be abandoned.