Effective express diet for summer

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10 March 2016
Effective express diet for summer

Summer - time when you want to look like the most beautiful, slim and toned.If you're going to go soon to the sea or you have planned "novel of the century" with your dream man - drew attention to the rapid diet for the summer: they will help you quickly recover excellent physical shape.


Protein diet

With this diet you can lose weight in a short time - for example, for 5 days - a few kilograms, from 4 to 6. What do you need?Just abandon carbohydrates, completely switching to protein diet.Do not stay hungry - that's for sure!

can eat chicken boiled or baked form, as well as fruits and vegetables (not sweet!).The food is better not to salt in general.To flavor the dish can sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with herbs.

From vegetables make for yourself salads, drizzle with olive oil.But you can drink without any restrictions, preferably - clean water and unsweetened green tea.

recommended to limit the number of meals per day to 4.

Curd diet

If you love all kinds of dairy products,

this diet - for you."Sit" on it can be 3 days, during which time easily you lose 3 kg.

per day are allowed to eat 450 grams of low fat cottage cheese, a little flavoring it with honey.To wash down this dish should be yogurt - half a liter a day, of course, also low fat.Without prejudice to drink water, and meals per day may be as long as you see fit - better than 4-5.

Strawberry diet

In just 3 days you can lose 4 kg weight while eating a strawberry - a real pleasure!For those of course who love this berry, and who do not have allergy to it ...

Quite simply allowed to eat a kilogram of strawberries every day.Without sugar and cream, naturally.Plus, you can drink the water.Strawberry saturate your body with vitamins, it helps to lose weight and reduce the appearance of cellulite in problem areas.

not "sit" on the strawberry diet for more than three to five days!

Smoothies Diet

Instead of eating drink smoothies - 5 times a day for 4 days.At the same time for breakfast, you can make a fruit smoothie, and the other tricks "food" should consist of a mixture of vegetable juices and cereals.After 4 days, you will find that began on 4 kilograms slimmer.

This diet will suit those who love fruits and vegetables.In addition to slimming, it will give you and health: in four days the body get rid of toxins, and the skin will become velvety and radiant.

Finally, do not forget to consult with your doctor before resorting to such a rapid diet.The sharp restriction in food can damage the body in certain diseases, so it is not worth the risk.

Olga Moses for the women's magazine "beauty"