Dukan Diet - Menu for each day

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11 March 2016
Dukan Diet - Menu for each day

to lose weight without pain, try Dukan Diet: Its menu allows you to have as many, though not all in a row, but only some products.But you do not have to go hungry that's for sure!

What is the Dukan Diet?The main features of Dukan Diet

Stage 1 - Attack - lasts an average of 3-4 days, but can be extended up to 10. In the food consumed only protein foods, thus missing elements (glucose, carbohydrates) has successfully synthesized from fat cellsthe organism itself.The result - a rapid reduction in weight, the first step you can lose up to 4 kg.

Stage 2 - Cruise - lasts as many weeks as you need to lose kilos.The diet is formulated such that the body gets a minimum of fat and carbohydrates, but a maximum of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids.

Stage 3 - Securing - needed to lost weight never came back again.The duration is proportional to the number of kilograms lost: for every kg given for 10 days.You can slowly, gradually introduced into the diet of cereals, pasta, cheese,

sweets and other foods.

Stage 4 - Stabilization - should last as long as possible.It is not intended to be limited in the diet, but it requires some rules: daily 20 minute walk once a week to eat as at the 1st stage, and eat every day for 3 tablespoons of oat bran.

Products Dukan Diet

General rules for all stages:

- drink every day 1.5-2 liters of water (this does not include coffee and tea!);

- mandatory inclusion in the diet of oat bran: from the 1st to the 4th stage of the series 1.5 tablespoons 2 tablespoons 2.5 tablespoons and 3 tablespoons, which is washed down with water.

list of products included in the menu of Dukan Diet every day -

Stage 1:

- seafood;

- poultry, except goose and duck without the skin;

- beef and beef tongue;

- lean ham;

- eggs;

- fish;

- milk, cottage cheese, low-fat dairy products 0.

Stage 2:

It is permissible to add the listed products vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, peppers, zucchini, green beans, celery.In addition, feel free to eat canned fish, a few crab sticks per day, allowed a few drops of olive oil, 50 grams of dry wine, and cocoa if you want - you can take a spoonful of low-fat.

Stage 3:

Now you can add to everything mentioned above, 100 grams of fruit daily - all except cherries, grapes, bananas.Can you eat 2 slices of bread a day, and cheese are permitted spices - mustard, vinegar, adjika, soy sauce.2 times a week to eat Ducane allows for one portion of the garnish - rice, potatoes, pasta, beans or peas.Good news: 1 meal once a week are allowed to have any product without its caloric!But - just one.And one day a week you need to eat as at the 1st stage.


Dukan Diet implies that the formation of the menu you have to give up sweets, pastries.In addition, the first three stages eliminate the use of fatty meat, butter, meat, alcohol, and any fast food.

Cereals, cereal products and all kinds of flour can be eaten only in the third stage, and it is very moderate.

Dukan Diet Menu for each day

Stage 1

Breakfast - 2-3 eggs (boiled or omelette), a slice of salted fish or ham, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

Lunch - a cup fat-free yogurt, bran.

lunch - a piece of baked fish with lemon juice or a slice of lean cooked meat or a piece of chicken.

Snack - serving of cooked seafood and spices.

Dinner - a choice piece of boiled beef tongue, grilled fish, a portion of rabbit or lamb.A glass of kefir.

Stage 2

Breakfast - portion of cheesecakes with sour cream, you can season with vanilla or cinnamon.A glass of tea or coffee.

second breakfast - fruits (except cherries, bananas and grapes), a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Lunch - salad, flavored with a few drops of oil, steam chicken cutlets.

Snack - a slice of cheese on a dry loaf or a small serving of cottage cheese with sour cream.

Dinner - serving of cooked seafood with rice.


Dukan Diet can cause complications and exacerbation of those who suffer from certain diseases.It is contraindicated in:

- cardiovascular diseases;

- metabolic disorders;

- under severe mental stress (during exams, for example);

- in diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract;

- during pregnancy and lactation;

- children under 18 years.

All others stick to the menu Dukan Diet can.It is convenient, does not force to suffer from hunger, and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without sacrificing figure.

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