Lessons Oksisayz: methods of losing weight, exercise, gymnastics

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12 March 2016
Lessons Oksisayz: methods of losing weight, exercise, gymnastics

Groupie Slimming System Oksisayz claim that after two weeks of hard training, you can lose a few kilos!And you do not need from the grueling training: need to perform breathing and physical exercise for 20 minutes every day.

Breath Oksisayz

During the first two weeks just to unlearn how to breathe correctly.When you can perform breathing exercises Oksisayz automatically, without thinking.- You can start to exercise.

Stand straight.Your knees should be slightly bent.Try to relax your upper body down to the hips.Now retract a belly, but not at full strength, and somewhere in the 30% of what you can.Taz thus expose a little forward, so that the lower back remains flat.Next, pull your shoulder blades toward the spine.
Remember this pose!

It was in this position have to do first breaths, and then - movement.So, take a deep breath through your nose.At the breath put forward the pelvis forward, straining the press and squeeze buttocks.Forcing a smile, you do not accidentally breathe.And then ma

de three more short breaths, trying to strengthen the muscle tension in the buttocks and press.

Once your lungs are filled with air, start to exhale.Lips gather into a tube.Long leisurely exhale should coincide with the relaxation of the buttocks.At the same time gradually return to the place of the pelvis.Finally, make three short sharp exhalation from the lungs to the air finally evaporated.

One approach - a four-inhale-exhale cycle.Newcomers recommend prodelyvat every day for 10-15 approaches.

Gymnastics Oksisayz: basic exercises

1. Squatting near the wall.Turn your back to the wall, lean on it (back - straight!) And slowly squat, sliding back up the wall.When the thighs are parallel semi - folded his hands together in front of chest, and do 4 inhale-exhale cycle.Exercise is repeated three times.

2. Squat.Stand up straight, so that the toes are slightly turned inward, and his knees were sent to each other.Now, slowly, with the power to squat as if you aspire to split the floor at his feet.Lock the position and do 3 breaths, repeat the exercise 4 times.

3. The lateral stretching.Stand in the position for breathing.Raise your right hand up.Tilted to the right, making sure that the body was a basin in the same plane.Freeze in this position and do 4 respiratory cycle.After this exercise is done by the left hand.Repeat 2 more times for each arm.

4. Squeezing the wall.Stand facing a wall, put her palm parallel at chest level.Now, do push-ups on the wall.When you feel the maximum stress - try to straighten up and pull on toes.If everything is done correctly, you will feel how the muscles.4 Do the respiratory cycle.Repeat exercise 3 times.

5. Push-chair.Sit on a chair with a firm seat on the very edge of it.Hands come take the seat.Buttocks slowly move forward.Feel that you rely only on the toes and on the palms.In this position, you need to perform four respiratory cycle.Then repeat the exercise only 3 times.

6. Snake stretching.Lie down on the floor, on his stomach.Hands should be near the chest, lean your palms on the floor.Now straighten your elbows while let the hips do not move, staying on the floor.It is necessary and stretch, and breathe on Oksisayz - simultaneously.As usual, 4 sets of 3 reps.

Slimming Methods on Oksisayz

Along with breathing and physical exercises need to eat right.What does it mean?Following the procedure Oksisayz should eat four times a day, the total number of calories per day - 1500-1700.Your main products should be fruits, vegetables, herbs, fiber.Try to completely abandon sweet as well as fatty and fried foods.

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