Makeup in the style of Nude (nude) - Trend-Autumn 2014

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10 March 2016
Makeup in the style of Nude (nude) - Trend-Autumn 2014

nude word means "naked", therefore, makeup style nude (Nude) includes the effect of the lack of makeup - "naked face."

But how wrong girl, decided that such a make-up is quick and easy!In fact, properly done nude look must meet two main requirements:

1. Emphasize dignity.

2. hide flaws.

Run this challenge - so give yourself the form of fresh, well-rested, healthy and beautiful natural beauty girl.

But how to do it - this is the second question.

makeup style Nude (nude) - Selection of colors

Light-skinned ladies can stay in the cosmetics in a light peach, pinkish and beige and brown colors.If your skin is dark, choose a dark pink blush and pastel shades of copper.Medium skin tone requires a yellowish brown and khaki tones.

Generally, stylists advise to choose a warm tone and abandon the cold - then make will really natural.

Instead brilliant cosmetics choose matt, satin, semi-transparent.

Shadow better to take a dry - creamy and liquid can destroy the entire natural way, they give a

very deep color.

makeup style Nude (nude) - Perfect skin

It is - important, because makeup style Nude assumes a flat, smooth skin without flaws.Before embarking on a make-up, moisten the face with a cream or even make a hydrating mask.

basic equipment must be composed of reflective particles: it is necessary to achieve a matte, sculpture shade.All redness, dots and bumps Mask concealer and foundation.

Speakers of the face better handle highlighter: pick up vehicle, equipped with a special brush.

Take blush of warm natural color and slightly Shade on their cheekbones protruding part.

Finally a little face powder.To achieve the most natural effect of loose powder is needed, and it should be a little bit.

makeup style Nude (nude) - Expressive eyes

you need the shade of various textures.Mobile eyelid better to cover the shadows with satin effect, the outer corner of the eye is better to put the shadows with light reflections, and finally, apply a top bit of matte shadows.Eyelashes enough to cover a thin layer of lengthening mascara, it is desirable - not black, and brown, if it is more suitable to you.If you really want to give expressive look - neatly held on the lash line with a pencil light shade.

makeup style Nude (nude) - Natural lip

best choice for a make-up in the style of Nude lipstick is soft creamy texture, does not aspire to stability.Choose as close to your natural lip color shade, it can slightly intensify the color.The main advantage of your lipstick should not be to the brightness, and the ability to moisturize the skin and nourish her lips.

Depending on your tsvetotipa choose lipstick shade from pale pink to beige and brown.

Perhaps your first attempts will fail.Do not give up, try different shades, and very soon you will be able to achieve the desired result: the mirror on you will look fresh and well-groomed face, glowing own natural beauty.Almost without makeup ...

Olga Moses for the women's magazine "The beauty┬╗