Make-up for a photo shoot

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11 March 2016
Make-up for a photo shoot

doing make-up for a photo shoot - General recommendations

When we photographed for memory, we hope to capture the happiest moments of life, and therefore doubly disappointing when received images appears pale face and expressionless eyes.

Remember: if you have to photos, and you want to get the photos beautiful, need to do more contrasting makeup than you used to wear every day.After all, modern photographic equipment "eats" almost half of the paint on your face.

Forget about the pearl blush, lip gloss and powder with light reflecting particles.This is all very nice, but not in the case of the photo session: the photographs succeed bold bright face and a plurality of light glare.

doing make-up for a photo shoot - a foundation

Take or camouflage concealer pencil, gently-treated problem areas on the face. To make it easier to choose, tell me: to camouflage pimples and redness perfect green concealer, but the lavender means leave to hide dark spots and add a yellowish skin warm pink shade.

If you're worried that the picture will be visible on the circles under his eyes - please use beige pencil.

Now Apply to face concealer.For the recommended age of a thin layer of silicon powder, which just will not roll down.Do not forget to cover creams ears and neck, pass a sponge on the hairline.

To make the face a matte, slightly powdered him, and a little lighter powder take its natural hue.It is not necessary to use a transparent or colorless powder: it will make you too pale.

doing make-up for a photo shoot - Eyes

To visually enlarge the eyes, drawn from the outer corner of the temple to the white arrows.The upper eyelid is best to bring a dark pencil or eyeliner, trying to do it as carefully as possible.

choosing the shade, give preference to two or three shades of one color, and then carefully applying the Shade to make a seamless transition.In no case do not take the shade of pink, purple and reddish shades!The best choice - natural shades of beige or peach to dark brown.

upper lashes better to make up in two coats, allowing the first to dry well.If you want to make eyelashes fluffy, powder them first, and then apply mascara.The lower lashes enough to paint once.If you have the opportunity to glue false eyelashes - excellent, their eyes seem to particularly large and expressive.

About form of eyebrows is better to think in advance, at least for a couple of days you need to give them a perfect shape and the remaining time just to keep them tidy.Slightly podkras their shadow or pencil, making sure to match the natural color.It is important not to overdo it, otherwise too thick and dark eyebrows give the look sullen.

doing make-up for a photo shoot - Blush

blush color depends on your image.If the basic makeup palette - cold, suitable pale pink blush or shade of fuchsia, with warm tones harmonize well peach, pale brown and coral blush.In addition to the cheekbones, you should apply a little blush on the forehead.

doing make-up for a photo shoot - Lips

If you plan a photo shoot in black and white colors, with the right makeup is better to abandon the bright lipstick: lips merge in the photographs the color of the face.But for color images gentle shade of lipstick can be a godsend, especially for blondes with fair skin.

If you want to use bright lipstick contour pencil is necessary to select the exact color.

see to it that the saturation and brightness combined with perfect make-up care and that you do not look defiant.

Olga Moses for the women's magazine "The beauty┬╗