New Year's on the doorstep!

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19 March 2016
New Year

New Year on the doorstep, and you do not have the most important attribute favorite holiday - Christmas tree?No problem!A little wit, par-three things that exist in any home, our humble advice and your interior from the usual turn into a bright and brilliant as the New Year holiday itself !

Fruits - fragrant decoration Christmas Interior

Christmas decorations What are you doing buying a conventional plastic basket with oranges and tangerines?That's right - take them out, wash and happily devour!Cart thus goes in the trash or high on a mezzanine, to wait further for their fate.At this time, to do otherwise!Withdraw from her fruit, thread the hole in the whole area of ​​the basket, except for the bottom, shiny tinsel Christmas or volume "rain."You'll see - it will be completely different basket!Put novgodnie decoration to Christmas decorations, were out of work.If there is a garland, and their use, paving the wire with lights between toys.When the garland of such basket magically glows and sparkles!There can be several baskets.

Think of the European tradition of decorating the Christmas and New Year interior Pomander - Oranges studded with sharp ends stick cloves in a random order or make up one of any figure, for example, spiral or a snowflake.Lay finished Pomander on beautiful dishes.If before you put cloves in an orange, orange fruit to tie satin ribbon, this ornament can be hung in different places of the house.New Interior Pomander long will exude a pleasant aroma, and create a cozy atmosphere in the house.

also Christmas balls interspersed with pine cones, nuts, fruits and sweets in golden and silver wrappers, place in a beautiful glass vase on a wide flat dish or a beautiful tray.If the winter cold in transparent flower vases are no fresh flowers, and fish in a fishbowl long been extinct, these vessels can be used for the same purpose.

soft candlelight

Christmas candles Candles create not only a holiday, but also a fabulous interior.This is exactly what is needed in the New Year's Eve!Put these magical gizmos wherever possible and in any suitable containers - glass, transparent cups, large and small vases, dishes and saucers.Do not forget to decorate with candles New Year's table, window sills, shelves by the fireplace.Set of candles in the mirror will increase the feeling of mystery.And most importantly, in the festive turmoil do not forget to ignite!But also do not forget about caution!

the world for snowflakes

snowflakes While the mistress casts a spell over the New Year table, men, children and pets are cut from different materials all your favorite snowflakes.Besides the white paper, use paper and other colors, foil, bright paper for gift wrapping.Imperceptibly thin strips of adhesive tape, attach the finished snowflakes on the windows, walls and furniture.
snowflakes Instead of snowflakes can be cut to remove the light of day crocheted napkins - they look so much like winter snowflakes!Just hang on a well-starched napkin stretched "rain", tinsel or arrange the hand-made products on the shelves and tables, substituting anything as a support for them.

plants as the center of the Christmas composition

Christmas flower Pay attention to indoor plants!If your house is not the traditional Christmas flower - poinsettia, it easily replaced with other flowering at this time of year, the plants - violets, geraniums, begonias, hippeastrum, room rose.In conjunction with candles, Christmas decorations, chocolates and fruit make up a harmonious composition beautiful Christmas tray, located in pots with flowering houseplants.Some Christmas decorations, putting on wooden skewers or other sticks to slide right into the ground with a flower.
flowers If the home not one plant, blooming bright colors, use any other indoor flower pots tinsel wound him and put in a prominent place.

gifts as Christmas decorations

new Year gifts you already gave each other gifts?Or is this pleasant moment is yet to come?In any case, gift box can be used as an additional decoration in the New Year's interior.Place the gift boxes and bags in different parts of the house - can be installed on large shelves and cabinets, a small box with gifts to decorate the Christmas table, putting them on a serving dish.Similarly, use a beautiful container from the sweet baby gifts - except for sweets in them perfectly fit the same New Year's attributes: toys, tinsel, pine cones and nuts!
Gifts for the New Year If your family is preserved sweet tradition receive Christmas greetings from relatives and friends as holiday cards, then use and to create a New Year's interior - double can also hang on the "rain" and you get a kind of garland usual to place on the shelves, the smallestdecorate the table.

Christmas table setting

Christmas table setting Since all actions in the New Year's Eve will somehow revolve around the festively laid table - use only the most beautiful dishes, highly polished cutlery, tablecloths and napkins bright!Besides the dishes, place on New Year's table under the plates carved or related openwork napkins.Casually scatter small Christmas ornaments: beads, gilded cones, nuts small Christmas gifts, zodiac charms of the outgoing and future years.

All decorations are ready and placed on the sites?It's time to pour the champagne!Holiday greetings!

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