In order not to break during a diet

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12 March 2016
In order not to break during a diet

Sooner or later it happens to every woman.You see in a shop window stunning dress and was looking forward as it will be stunning to look at the next party.But if you try to try on all the dreams fly ashes - it turns out that you have somehow widened hands up "ears" on the thighs, and your size - not yours!

Horrified you decide to eat a yogurt now.At least as long until the weight becomes normal.Day One - yogurt.Day Two - yogurt, too, albeit with difficulty.Day Three - suddenly comes to visit a friend with a cake and all your good intentions are forgotten ...

familiar?According to statistics, only 20% of dieters are able to pursue the case.The rest - break.How to keep yourself in the hands and prevent the assault of the refrigerator as a schedule of proper nutrition and not deviate from it?

First of all, do not try to be perfect losing weight.Mistakes and errors - those things without which no cost, no one diet.I do not believe her friends, who are proud to talk about their heroism - "Imagin

e, three weeks on the same buckwheat, a single gram of fat!" There is no such.

to say what the main mistake you can avoid?Pull the plug on their diet after the first "failure" - "And now what does it matter ...".Imagine that you slipped and fell on the sidewalk.What, you stay and lie down?Or maybe go up and continued on his way?Just the same, and with the diet.Do not scold yourself last words, and smile, and start all over again!

And now - a few practical tips to help you cope with food temptations.

1. Never eat in front of TV, a book or a computer and do not combine food with a telephone conversation.If you do it - you do not even understand what and how much you ate. brain, busy social networking, the latest gossip or exciting detective will not accept any flavor or taste of the absorbed food, and in such circumstances, you can eat a lot more than planned!And yet - no fun ...

2. During the 15 minutes before a meal drink a glass of clean water - lukewarm or room temperature.Let it be your constant rule.Water will fill part of the stomach, creating the illusion of satiety, and you can not gobble up a lot.

3. Do not forget that the excess water in the body - is also kilograms and centimeters on the waist, hips and other places.To prevent swelling, try to reduce salt intake.Make it easy, it's easier than it might seem at first glance.Nutritionists say that the habit of eating salt - it's just a habit, and you can give it up completely painless.To begin with luggage in cooking less salt than usual.After some time, you can completely abandon salt.If a husband or children are not ready to have a completely unsalted - dosalivat let food into the plates.

4. Get out of the kitchen, all these great soup a la carte dishes and vast bowls!Pour into beautiful poluportsionnye first plates and the second mapped in saucers or dessert plates.Even yourself!You will be surprised, but the feeling of fullness will begin to come faster.You will miss the smaller portions, if any of the smaller dishes.

5. Do not do grocery shopping on an empty stomach!Your hands will be in addition to your will sweep into the cart all you can eat quickly - with minimal preparation or no.Before you know it, as it is necessary to pay for cheese, butter, pate, sausage, biscuits, cheese, chips ... Why do you have this mountain of food, if the house is waiting saucepan of soup and a vegetable ragout?Going to the store, stocks carefully compiling the list, which includes only really essential family products.

6. Stop constantly oven!You have not noticed how everyone in your family put on weight?All of this - because of the endless sharlotok, cakes and pies!Of course, it is very tasty, and the home you are grateful for that.But is it a momentary pleasure a piece of chocolate cake refusal to favorite cards that you do not fit?

7. Do not eat after ... No, not 18, in fact it is all individually and depends on when you go to bed.The best - dinner no later than 19.00 or 19.30, in an ideal - not later than 3 hours before bedtime.At the same time remember, after dinner - no biscuits with tea, chocolates in bed before going to sleep or buterbrodikov!And, of course, highly desirable to have for dinner something low-fat: lean meat or fish, light soup, porridge and the like, and not Olivier, sprats and smoked sausage.

8. If you really want something to throw in the stomach before going to bed - try to deceive him: drink a glass of warm water or milk.There will come a feeling of fullness, and you easily fall asleep.

9. During the "dieting" just try to wear tight clothes: fitted sundress, dress in tight, tight fit jeans ... Firstly, such clothing discipline - you just physically can not eat an extra piece.Second, you're always going to remember that awesome cards that you (gasp!) Not climbed.

not off the diet - easy!

Incentives to stay on a diet - a lot.Here are some of them:

- Diet someday will end, and you can ... Well, of course, does not begin to cakes and steak, but just make a short break and allow yourself a little yummy.

- Diet - a great way to experience the self-respect: for you every day scored a major victory over his own appetite!

- Diet allows your stomach and intestines to relax, and you - feel ease your mind is enlightened and starts to think better.

- As a result of the diet (any!) Weight loss occurs.Though per kilogram or two, and grow thin!

- Diet - a great way to free up a lot of time for something interesting and useful.Because now instead of dinner you can go to the theater or concerts, walks in the park or watch new movies ...

- Diet - an opportunity to demonstrate their resilience and households cause them remorse: "Once again you are eating their terrible fat sausage?Ugh, how disgusting, that's my porridge - charm: and tasty, and useful! ┬╗

still quite a bit - and you can easily vlezesh at the same dress, feeling at the same pride and true happiness!

Author Olga
Moses for the women's magazine "The beauty┬╗