Salt-free and low-salt diet

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13 March 2016
Salt-free and low-salt diet

Despite the protracted winter, the sun warms the already very spring-like, well after dark, and life becomes more and more vivid colors.Soon it will be quite warm and you can throw off the cloak.

However, freed from the coats and jackets, we bare the fact that managed to accumulate over the winter - namely, the extra weight.And in front of us acutely the question arises - how to quickly and easier to get rid of them.

We dieters have to be two-fold: to lose too much, but it does not hurt your body.Only then the diet will maximize the effectiveness and usefulness.salt-free diet

And one of these diets can be called salt-free .As you know, we are talking about the complete elimination of salt from the diet for a certain period.

general table salt (sodium chloride) is useful and necessary for the human body.It is part of the blood, lymph, intercellular space and all cells.With the salt creates a so-called isotonic body fluids, which makes the life of cells possible.

The day should consume 5-8 grams of salt,

amount, balancing the loss of sodium chloride, excreted in urine and sweat.However, unfortunately, we eat much more salt than necessary.Sometimes up to 30-40 grams per day.

Admit how sometimes you want to be pampered tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, herring, smoked sausage.Well, when it does happen sometimes.But when all these pickles and smoked products are included in our diet has consistently, then the problems begin: there are extra weight, edema, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, skin spoils ...

salt-free diet not only helps to lose weight , butand rid the body of excess salt, and thus improve the overall physical condition.This diet eliminates the addition of salt to food.Salt enters the body only with food - meat, fish, vegetables.Salt perfectly replaced onions, garlic, herbs, lemon juice.

Menu salt-free diet, designed for 15 days (for those who can not wait to see fast results):
• 1-3 day: chicken without skin and fat (up to 500 grams per day)
salt-free diet • 3-6 day: any lean fish (up to 500 grams per day)
• 7-9 day: porridge on the water (preferably oatmeal, buckwheat or barley), you can add milk 1.5% -s' fat, lemon juice, honey (up to 250 gramsday)
• 10-12 day: any vegetables, except potatoes (up to 2 kg per day)
• 13-15 day: any fruit except bananas and grapes (up to 2 kg per day)

It is also important to observe the following conditions salt-free diet :
• All dishes are prepared and consumed without salt
• meal - at least 5 times a day, small portions of food cooked
• Only a couple
• completely eliminated fried
• oil is added to the ready-made meals

According to reviewsThis diet takes place without any problems.Not a feeling of hunger.The average weight loss of 8 kg, subject to strict dieting.Disappear swelling and decreases the amount.

Remember that more than 15 days to keep such a diet is not necessary, because the complete absence of salt is harmful.The specified time is enough to cleanse the body and normalize metabolism.Then you need to maintain the results you achieved - namely, not to abuse salted, smoked, grilled and it is advisable not to eat after 18-00, and if unbearable, then stop your choice on something light and low-calorie (preferably apple or a glasslow-fat yogurt).

If you need to throw more than 10 kg, or are you, on the contrary, want to get rid of all of the two or three pounds, then you more appropriate low-salt diet .It is very effective in obesity (because it can stick to the time) and it is aimed at the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.Using it, any pyshechka slowly but surely salt-free diet achieve excellent results and wishes to throw quite a bit, just to get to work your body as a watch.

So, what can and what can not be in malosolevoy diet?

Acceptable products : rye and wheat bread (no more than 200 grams per day), soups on weak fish or vegetable broth, meat and fish of low-fat varieties of vegetables: cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, beans, tomatoes - without restriction;potatoes, carrots, beets, fruits, berries;milk products, low fat cottage cheese, eggs, mild cheese, butter (not more than 10 grams a day);fruit drinks, tea and coffee beverage.

Particularly useful foods rich in potassium salts: raisins, dried apricots, dried apricots, figs, cabbage juice.

When malosolevoy diet completely excluded : cereals, pasta, pastries, sugar, jam, grapes, watermelon, bananas, spices, smoked, salted, spicy and sour dishes.

And just as in a salt-free, an important condition - there are small portions of at least 5 times a day.A table salt should be used very little and well!

Note : broth needed a little salt for 20 minutes before end of cooking, add the fish stock in the salt immediately after descaling.Salted vegetables for 5-7 minutes until tender.Beans, peas bad boiled soft in salt water, so they prisalivaem almost ready, 5 minutes before removing from heat.Chips salt at the end of cooking.The raw meat and fish mince add salt before cooking.

choose which diet you like, and remember that the main thing on the way to ease - this is your attitude and your desire!

Zhuravleva Natalia
for the women's magazine "beauty"