Lose weight by the summer and horosheem

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14 March 2016
Lose weight by the summer and horosheem

Fatty foods are known to be tasty, but too much fat in food leads to extra kilos, digestive disorders, and sometimes to acne.Therefore, if you are a fan of healthy eating, or just decided to finally come to his senses and to get thin and graceful figure, smooth skin and simple, normal stool, you should reduce the amount of fat in food.How to do it?There are quite simple, but effective ways.

Some Tricks manufacturers

to not eat foods high in fat, you buy at the store only to low-fat foods?This is without a doubt good.

But at the same time, manufacturers often use cunning and low-fat products was added a large dose of sugar.This is natural.Low-fat foods less tasty than the whole, and thus to attract a buyer flavors, they add to harmful for your figure hidden, fast carbs.

such as sucrose, maltose, corn syrup, molasses.Yet, often these products are labeled: no sugar.

Lose weight by the summer and horosheem

Therefore, making shopping, try to pay attention not only on the content or absence of fat in food, but also for the pres

ence of sugar in it.Otherwise your fight against excess weight while reducing the consumption of fatty foods, will still be in vain.

manufacturers doing a similar trick with cholesterol .Many of them write on the label with vegetable oil: Lose weight by the summer and horosheem not contain cholesterol.However, this is nothing more than a trick.The vegetable oil already had never been.But do not forget that oil the same oil, only vegetable.So, also a high-calorie foods.

Therefore, tucking them salad, stick to the rules - one teaspoon of oil per person.

not in any sausage, the cut where you can not see the pieces of fat, it does not exist in reality.For example, beloved by many "Doctor" hidden fat content can reach 30%.So determine at a glance whether there is fat in the sausage - is unrealistic.

Do not forget to look at food labels.A better - all give up sausage!

Lose Weight correctly.Simple tips for every day

1. When choosing meat in a store, give preference to low-fat and poultry without skin buy or remove it when cooking food.

2. If you love meat in the oven, bake it on the grill or use a special pan, which has grooves to drain the fat.

3. wanted something zhirnenkogo, better prepare fatty fish varieties: salmon, mackerel, herring.In these grades present the essential omega-3 fatty acids.But try to cook a fish without whipping cream, sour cream and mayonnaise.

4. Get a nonstick cookware.It is possible to cook without oil or by adding it quite a bit.

5. Instead of mayonnaise salads dressed with vegetable oil.The salads, which require a different, non-oil filling, Lose weight by the summer and horosheem Use low-fat, unsweetened yogurt.

6. If you are a lover of cheese (and it is quite fat product), take it a rule to buy only the least-calorie varieties with a fat content of up to 45%.Favorite fatty or still unknown to you, try small amounts and infrequently.

7. Seeds and nuts - delicious, useful, and fatty foods.Use them as a last resort as needed snack in the morning, if you can not eat normally.To stave off hunger enough 20-30 grams of nuts.A small packet contains about 120-140 calories.I could not resist and ate 60 grams?Give up the main meal!Also, forget the habit of snapping them front of the TV or at the cinema.It is better to focus on the content of the film.

8. The same applies to chocolate and biscuits.The fat content in them can reach 20%.You favorite chocolate spread - in the basket!

Lose weight by the summer and horosheem Important! just abandon the fat is still not worth it, even in the pursuit of the perfect appearance.The thing is that fats are composed of nerve fibers shell.And they want us to share cells and synthesize important hormones.

Lack of fat can lead to a deficiency of vitamins, disrupt the nervous and hormonal systems.

do you need?

So reduced, but not to bring the reduction of fat in their diets to the point of absurdity!To be healthy and beautiful, try to use the usual dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, etc.), dividing them into two equal parts.That is, one half of the food you eat and drink in the form of skim.And the other half in the form of food eaten by ordinary fat.Thus, you can achieve a balance between the desired and necessary amount of fat in their diets.

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