Hedgehogs in the house

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19 March 2016
Hedgehogs in the house

"I love hedgehogs!"Probably each of us in childhood dream to him at a festival presented Hedgehog.This is not surprising, because this little beast can fill a child's life with happiness, which does not replace the expensive toys and sweets.
Who of us in childhood did not like cartoons about hedgehogs?The little hedgehog with uzelochki in the hands of wandering in the fog, defenseless and alone ... is firmly established in the secret soul of every little corner staring.

If you do succumb to the persuasion of his child, and decided to get a pet, you should know exactly what the problem you will begin immediately.
1. Hedgehog can not pat, like a kitten.They pricked, and quite painful!Open it and admire, can only sprinkle it with water from a spray bottle, and then not for long.

2. Hedgehog carrier encephalitic mites.He collects them with their needles and mites live on it for a lifetime.Because the parasite is constantly itchy skin Hedgehog.

3. Hedgehog does not sleep at night!He is active an

d in search of adventure, fyrcha, coughing and stamping, it is unlikely you will sleep throughout the night.That's why he roams at night in the fog, and not because of the invitation to his guests sleep at night bear.

4. And Hedgehog "scat", did not hesitate.On the carpet.And these zamazkoobraznye flip flops are cleaned quite difficult.

5. Hedgehogs bite, though not much, but it's nice for your child from such a dialogue is not enough.

6. Hedgehogs are very unforgiving, so do not yell at them, push.

Where will buy spiny friend?
Buy Hedgehog can be professionals breeders in the zoo, but not on the market, because you run the risk of being infected by a disease such as salmonella, rabies, etc.

If all this trouble you are not scared, then let's see, how to care for Hedgehog in the home?

basic conditions care for another is prickly:
-compliance diet
-Podderzhanie optimum temperature
Clean, soft and comfortable shelter your pet

So Hedgehog - carnivorous animal.Therefore, their main diet is insects, small invertebrates, the mouse.Because they prefer vegetables: carrots, pumpkin, grapes can be.

in the drinkers should always be clean, fresh water to your pet just could quench their thirst.And it is not in any way give him milk (generally accepted that Hedgehogs love to drink milk).From him from the animal to be indigestion: and it is bad, and you will be added worry.Also, you can not give them fish, pork and sweets.Feed the Hedgehog enough twice a day.

In nature, animal sleeps on the leaf litter, curled.At home, you will approach a cell of 25 cm width: 1 meter long, with metal rods and sliding tray or terrarium.

as litter better use of hay, which should be changed as often as possible, cardboard.Sawdust can not be used as they adhere to the hedgehog and can cause inflammation of the penis.

the winter Hedgehogs hibernate.Therefore, with the onset of autumn, cage with him is better to move on to the balcony to the spring.Moreover, the cell would have to pre-warm.Houses in warm hedgehog does not go into hibernation, which could result in disease and death.

Do I need to bathe the Hedgehog?
Bathe it can be, but not often (1 time in 3 months).It is not desirable to use shampoos and soaps.After washing should be carefully wipe it as Hedgehog can catch a cold.

first came to your house, most likely the Hedgehog with the noise and the light will curl up into a ball, spread wide needle.However, over time, with good care, love and care, animal gladly will come to your hands and bring a lot of joy to children.

Sarmaeva Natalia
for the women's magazine "beauty"