Learn to make Christmas mask

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20 March 2016
Learn to make Christmas mask

masks New Year , Christmas !Christmas lights and sparkle of fireworks!Circulation of masks and cloaks, little animals and fairy-tale characters!Carnival!Memories of childhood, chanting childhood, childhood as a gift!

We all come from childhood and New Year's Eve carnival like miracles, try on masks. mask - an integral part of the Christmas carnivals and Christmas caroling.Do not forget about the traditions we have.
you remember the feeling that occurs when putting on a costume and a mask?

mysteriously disappears giving way to a routine fabulous atmosphere.Suddenly appears confident gait and hardness if you hussar costume;Snow Maiden costume gives smoother movement, blush cheeks;it seems that the storm swooped if you suit snowflakes.

Again from the history of the word "mask" comes from the Latin "mask."In ancient times, the mask is the epitome of a generic tribal forces, and shamans have used different types of masks with different objectives cult.
from pagan to Christian winter holidays passed custom

maskers - putting on a mask and walking them home.The easiest option mummers - a sheepskin coat turned inside out, and blackening the face with soot - to this day remains popular in rural areas.More complex masks depicting animals (a bull, goat, deer, bear, wolf, sheep, stork, rooster), the demons, the mandatory rider on horseback sham, so-called "mare devils", etc.Filling the streets chaotic fun, antics, incredible noise with cock and cat cries, entertainers tried to dispel evil spirits, to neutralize it.

courtiers costume balls, carnivals and masquerades have emerged as a result of the conversion of national traditions - for Christmas and Carnival clowns farmers shill in the palace rooms, they imitated the highborn gentlemen.

If you still prefer the "human" clothes, but not against the elements of the carnival, the face masks are just right.By the way, than they are comfortable that they can pick up completely to any suit.But the role they can play as any.Find a New Year's mask today there is no difficulty.They exist in all sorts of different on color and taste .Some, perhaps even many, like the world-famous Venetian masks with feathers or porcelain.They look really great, especially when combined with a beautiful woman in long evening dress.

Like masks at home without spending can make any costume.To become a living character, and convincing, when choosing a costume is necessary to consider the character and natural gifts that a person for whom a suit is.It is important that people went into the role, that is, he felt himself to those whom he represents.It is necessary to take into account the age-related features, such as the costumes of animals, birds and flowers are more consistent with younger children. Fancy dress should be bright, colorful and expressive form.
the Home New Year factory for the production of masks should be opened at least one month before the holiday, the more so because it is the most effective and reliable way to create a joyful atmosphere of the pre. Carnival masks are made of different materials: paper, leather, fabric,



Let's learn how to do the simplest model .
1. fashioned from clay the shape of a mask;We work on skid board.

2. Plasticine shape smear Vaseline and plastered with 5-7 layers of paper dipped in paste.
leave blank on the board to dry.Dried

3. Remove the mask with clay.Carefully cut a hole in it for eyes and mouth and drawstrings.The surface of the mask zagruntuem white (or any other - on a plan) gouache, adding to the paint a little white glue.

4. Now you can draw your mask as you want: to paint it in different patterns, stick hair and beard of urine, paper or thread.

How to fix the mask on the head
1. With the help of a hat or a wide linen gum.This mount is better to do heavy masks, for example, made of papier-mache.To do this, pierce a hole on the damage the eye, to strengthen the inside of the hole circles of construction paper, insert a rubber band and tie.Length gum depends on the size of your head.

2. Using a thin gum.To do this, made two shallow incision.One end of a piece of gum wraps mask between the slits and fastened with tape inside.Similarly, on the other hand it is done.Before fastening the ends, make sure the mask is kept on the head.

3. Use the cardboard strips.Cut out the two cardboard strips width of about 3 cm. Fold the ends of 2 cm and attach to each side of the mask from the inside.Wrap around your head, attach a clip desired position, and then glue.
Good to know!On the reverse side of the mask must be a cardboard base, and the slots are not just for the eyes and mouth and nose.Otherwise, it is generally better not to wear.Store the mask in order to again hide them in the next year is not worth it.Shelf life they usually short and reusable, they are not intended.

bright bird feathers
and "glasses" are made of very thin foam or non-woven interlining.Color damp pieces of material in the desired color.To make colorful fabric, thick brush on wet material drip paint the desired color.Dry.Cut feathers (about 2.5 cm in width), and "glasses" (about 8 cm in diameter).Make beak color in the desired color or use cardboard suitable color.To attach the gum-based, then glue the beak, feathers and finally the "points".An owl's beak is shorter and thicker.

Bees on flowers
basis pasted with bright flowers and leaves cut from magazines, cards or wrapping paper, so that the petals and leaves were the edges.From paper to make bees.Take the thin wire 10-15 cm long, one end of the bend and attach them to the tape inside the mask.To attach the other end of the bees harvested.Delays to bend back and forth.Each movement of your bees will wiggle.

There just are not the characters you see in the New Year's holidays !!!This is Snowflake, princes, musketeers, hussars, Indians, aliens, robots, and many other characters.As a rule, at the stage of preparation for the New Year's Ball announce a competition for the best costume.The parade and rewarding the most original fancy dress - established tradition of festive evenings.Of course, in the new year could someone not up to the competition, but to show and win this dress a lot of fun.

When all employment should be remembered that the New Year holiday only once every 12 months.Why not cheer yourself up and meet him like a fairy tale, in order to remember the next time?A corresponding suit and a smile on his face will do everything for you!