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21 March 2016
Aquarium Home

aquarium Sometimes you want to diversify the interior mini-landscape of the underwater world, with its riot of colors, shoals of fish, busy life ... but many scares complexity of the content of the aquarium and its inhabitants.And someone give an aquarium, and he will not have to choose.Let's try to figure out whether the aquarium is difficult to contain and whether this becomes a mermaid.

aquarium to help us come Natalia Romanovich , better known online as nata_boa ( - known aquarist and akvaskeyper.

Natalia, you are dealing with many aquarists of both Russia and the CIS and foreign stran.Skazhite, many among them are female?Woman addicting aquarium - it is some nonsense mermaid?
I do not think it is such a nonsense.I know many women seriously, and even enthusiastically fond of aquariums.Another thing that is stable for a long time to keep this enthusiasm at a high level, ie,to participate in international competitions, grow, aquarium develop, explore and use a variety of technical

devices, to be seen, to compete, etc.- It's more like a man's passion (smiles), Woman, it seems to me, I prefer the process of caring for fish and plants.We often throw a pity a beautiful blade of grass, for example, or rigidly cut overgrown fern bush to hold the composition, we are inclined to compromise, traditions, iesmooth flow of life.Experiments and feats - this is definitely the choice of men.But in the aquarium, and there are many female names: Christel Casselman - an expert on aquatic plants and editor of the International Journal of famous aquatic plants, "Aqua-Planta", the author of 150 articles and books on aquarium plants;American Diana Valshtadt, about 10 years ago and was surprised to stir up a balanced plant-public aquarium your book "The Ecology of Planted Aquarium" (Ecology of aquarium plant).She offered the world a new science-based technology to conduct so-called natural aquarium (aquarium in the balance: the fish-plant).

Argued that the contents of the tank is extremely difficult.It is necessary to constantly change the water: it is cloudy, the fish die, etc.Is it really difficult to create a piece of nature at home, so a variety of home garden indoor plants?
maintain a beautiful aquarium is not harder than the well-groomed alpine slide or varietal collection of violets or orchids.Have you noticed that I'm not talking about the type of conditional self-sufficient plants Dieffenbachia and sansevery (smiles).And alpine slide, and a garden of orchids need regular care and quality: trimming, replacing the substrate, timely rejuvenation, etc.And planted aquarium.aquarium It is easy to keep in perfect condition, just have to give him just a few minutes a day and 20 minutes - once a week (for a substitution of the water).Well, a little bit aware of their needs and characteristics.After all, the aquarium can be compared with the thin mechanism, composed of living cells.And before the first use of any mechanism, it is desirable to read the instructions, so at least he did not break (smiles).

aquascape - what is it?New fashion among aquarists or something completely new?
Once thought, what is the aquascape, it occurred to me one comparison, or rather, his head came up a certain image of the unknown musical instrument.For me aquascape - it's a great tool, sounding in unison with nature, but the voice of its author - creator.Generally, Aquascape, or akvapeyzazh - it is a living object that has a certain artistic value, created and maintained by man, but the main character here - Nature.Man only emphasized her own thoughts.Using natural, in the truest sense of the word, paint: plants, moss, driftwood, stones - akvaskeyper create an underwater landscape image.Does this new fashion?I do not know, but what aquascaping hobby progresses, definitely.That even interview me about this charge (laughs).

aquarium undergo periodic world tours, competitions aquascape.Do you participate in them?Could you describe in more detail what this competition and what prizes are there.And how can we mere mortals to participate in these contests?
World contest aquascape - The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, abbreviated IAPLC, first held in 2001.This online competition, ieparticipation in it can take anyone.It is enough to send over the Internet photo akvapeyzazha description.Ie8 years of aquarium plant lovers are sick (in all senses of the word) aquascaping - Create, conduct methodical and photographing their offspring.Generally, there should probably talk a little bit about the founder of this competition - Mr. Takashi Amano.He created almost 20 years ago, the style of "natural aquarium" made a huge impact in the world.Today books Amano published in millions of copies and translated into almost all languages ​​of the world.In many countries, there were his followers - craftsmen working in the style of NA.To enhance interest in the lagoon planted aquarium, Amano and created this contest.Today IAPLC - the most prestigious annual competition for artists and lovers of aquascape.Last year it was attended by more than 1,000 applicants from 47 countries.The prize fund amounts to tens of thousands of dollars.The results of the world rankings, iephotos of underwater scenery, publishes an annual directory.Also IAPLC competition is held annually and competition Aquatic Gardeners (Aquatic Gardeners Association, abbreviated AGA).Participation in it is also a virtual, but for sending the application you must pay the symbolic sum of $ 5.Generally, akvakonkursov now a lot of Dutch Veni Vidi Vissie, European, Russian and Ukrainian aquarium forums and portals periodically competitions.
I try to participate in a competition, of course.While my result - 480 place world ranking in 2008 IAPLC here with this work.

To create a similar submarine landscapes must be honed skills, shaman spells, talent or both?
aquarium aquarium All together :).But more - diligence, self-control and patience.Skill comes with experience, talent - all relative thing, shaman spells also sometimes help (in a whisper).

What advice would you give to our readers?Some already have an aquarium, others still just planning to start it.From what they need to start?And why is preparing to be disappointed if something goes wrong?
beautiful plant aquarium is born in the heart.This is not a pretentious word.If you see such an aquarium and want something like that to do at home, you do, because ... otherwise it can not be.But your desire to be carried out without problems and disappointments, prepare, read authoritative sources, check out the aquarium forums, do not skimp on the equipment ground and take the time to do everything in one day.Decide what you want to see at home - an aquarium or zoo garden.If the former, deliberately choosing Treat tenants (Astronotus, large cichlids and catfish are not large aquarium neighbors delicate plants), place a system for CO2 supply, improve staffing aquarium lighting, if the second - to buy more tanks and build quality biofiltration.If you still want a beautiful aquarium, but it absolutely is not the time to contact experts.Words, actions.Aquaria - a stubborn thing, and gambling, and the forces on the road to the dream, as we know, come to us with the desire to implement them.

aquarium Now the crisis and I, we can not ask the question: Do you need a lot of money to start?Make a small aquarium herbalist-krevetochnik, aquascape?What you need to build a piece of the underwater world?Is it possible to create the underwater world in the bank?
It all depends on what you have in mind, and on personal preferences.Someone might start an aquarium as a small corner of nature, without claiming to aquascape herbalist or properly, then it is possible to keep a small amount available to everyone.If you plan to do aquascape or herbalist, then there is no good investments in the ground (ADA, Dennerle, etc.) in the equipment (filters, CO2) and the scenery can not do, it all costs money, and the conversation will be quite aother amounts.
most simple and cheap:
1. Buy tank (preferably not less than 100 liters. aquarium - it is easier to maintain than the 10-40 liter).It is desirable to have a light (not tinkering later) can be laid in the 3-10 thousand. Rub.- It depends on the brand
2. Go to the river to pan for soil (fraction 3-5 mm) - it's free
3. Buy an internal filter, heater (can meet the 1.5 thousand. Rub.)
That's all proper.iein 4,5-11,5 thousand. rub.You can be completely stowed.Everything else is spending on plants and fish.But this is the least you can, of course, is even cheaper: in the regions (and in Moscow), some craftsmen do their tanks, their cost is generally in the range of 1-2 thousand. aquarium rubles.for 100l.Aquarium.So even in a crisis Practically anyone can afford to have an aquarium at home.

now fairly widespread hobby krevetochnikami received.Is it difficult to contain the shrimp and a small garden in the aquarium?
Shrimp and plants a great clear coat neighbors.The most common and unpretentious - neokaridiny, they are ideal for keeping in plant aquariums.They can be kept in a tank with small non-predatory fish schooling: perfect neon, zebrafish, guppy, rodostomo tetra.For aquarium Fine open nanoakvariumov (less than 40 liters) neokaridiny simply irreplaceable.Larger shrimp - shrimp Amano (CARIDIN japonica) - of these jars may escape, they do not like "cramped" conditions.Generally aquarium CARIDIN desirable to close.Krevetochniki - a new craze and gathering strength.With a variety of color and small shrimp Stem, ground cover, small ferns, moss attached to koryazhkah, you can create amazing underwater composition.If in this world there are Nana-fish, such as the family of Formosa (the smallest of live-bearing fish aquarium) or flock rasbora galaxy, something extra to feed the shrimp do not need: they have enough of the pieces of food that will go on feeding fish.

For starters (and sometimes the guru) often have questions such as "what kind of grass", "why I did not grow a plant," etc.Surely there are sites where you can discuss these issues and find a solution?
Of course, such sites have:,,, namely vegetable forum

Thank you, Natalia, for interesting conversation, which helped us a new look at home aquarium.We wish you victory in future competitions, we'll all be rooting for you!

«creating and maintaining beautiful aquariums, people again and again exploring the complex relationships between different forms of life: plants, fish, micro-organisms and humans.The richness of nature creates beauty and harmony.Aquariums - the great teacher of the truth » Takashi Amano



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