Makeup for brown eyes

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11 March 2016
Makeup for brown eyes

Black Eyes - passionate eyes!Undoubtedly holders brown eyes got as a gift a priceless gift - the eyes, which is suitable for almost the whole palette of colors.Let us examine this more carefully ...

As a rule, the girl with dark eyes have a swarthy complexion, which is why to create beautiful makeup brown eyes should first pay attention to the choice of tonal framework.The fact that dark skin makeup brown eyes look more expressive, and to help highlight its warm shades of blush.It is better to choose the color of dark walnut or chocolate, they are truly a row hypnotic effect your look.Refresh face pink and peach blush.

If you are the owner of brown eyes, you'd better focus on the look and the lips should be left alone, the maximum that they may need - a gentle sheen subdued colors.Paint them in bright casual makeup is recommended only in special cases.

dark eyes - the perfect base for all kinds of experiments.You can try to create a mysterious look oriental beauty, drawing arrows black or ch

ocolate brown.In general, eastern makeup involves multi-level application of several shades of shadows and necessarily defined contours eyes.Typically, such a makeup brown eyes fits all dark-eyed girls, most importantly, do not forget that the skin tone in this case have to be dark-skinned (after all, in the east there are no girls with a snow-white skin).

If you are a brunette, then your makeup shades of dark eyes - purple, blue, silver.You can make a beautiful make-up, resorting to beige and golden tones: on the upper eyelid cause shade of color creme brulee, near the lash line draw a line bronze pencil or eyeliner.Haired ideal blue, gray, and all neutral shades.Black-eyed blonde is quite a rare phenomenon, but they always know what the contrast of dark eyes and blonde hair - it's a huge advantage.This type is perfectly able to emphasize the usual black arrows, you can select the color of dark brown eye shadow or use a shade of blue, as well as any bright colors, they allocate natural eye color and emphasize the natural.

In choosing mascara be impartial - your color black.You can try to play on contrasts by a purple or green ink, but you risk to divert attention away from your dark eyes.Therefore, brown-eyed girls make-up artists are advised to choose the black ink with a double effect: elongation and volume.Fluffy lashes will make your brown eyes look more expressive!

add radiant look competent lightening.On the upper eyelid apply a slightly darker tone natural color of your skin, and brighten the mid-century, a lighter shade of pearl.The result will amaze you!If you want, on the contrary, give a look of mystery, look at a greenish tint and find the one that suits you.

Actually makeup brown eyes, or is intended to be very expressive, or almost imperceptible.The main thing that he was careful and be sure to match the style and time of day.

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